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What is health: Definition and 58 Discussions

  1. DebPC

    Good to Know: Health & Wellness Tips

    Good to know...
  2. PCCHeather0506

    Health and Wellness Open House What to Make??

    I am doing a very informal health and wellness open house tonight with my cousin who sells shaklee. She asked me to bring Pampered Chef so I'm setting up. There isn't going to be a big demo or anything but any suggestions on what to make/serve? I was thinking I could show off the chip...
  3. kreaser

    Pics From My Health Fair Booth Yesterday

    hopefully I can upload these...I had to do a booth where I could educate employees coming through on healthy ways to use our products etc..here is what I did..I am now making these little signs for our new products for our county fair starting on monday..they are 4x6 picture frames I got at the...
  4. K

    Pampered Chef Health Insurance!?

    Hi everyone. Where can I find information about the health insurance that is offered through PC? I might be changing jobs soon and will be without insurance for 2 months while I'm waiting for insurance to kick in. Any help would be welcome! Thanks! :)
  5. Sheila

    Saying 'No' to Japan: Hot Particles in Air Put Health at Risk

    John just asked if the kids & I are returning to Japan. The answer is no. Hubby and I have agreed that it's better for us to stay stateside vs. worrying about the long-term effects that they might suffer by living in Tokyo. He's started the paperwork to make it final, but then got sent out of...
  6. kreaser

    Health Fair...need a Little Help

    Hi everyone I am invited to set up at an Educational Center Health Fair this friday morning. Set up is at 7am and the event starts at 7:30am only til 9am Teachers, and staff from the area will browse the booths for the 1 1/2 hours before going into their meeting. We are pretty much welcome to...
  7. esavvymom

    Does Your Kitchen Meet Health Codes?

    There was an interesting local news segment on tonight about what would happen if a Food/Restaurant inspector were to come into your HOME Kitchen...what would you score?A couple of good tips that you may not have realized (a few I didn't).Does your kitchen meet health codes? :: WRAL.com
  8. U

    Weight Loss Journey: My Thoughts and Progress

    I just want some fellow cheffers thoughts and opinions! I am on a weight loss journey. Down 19.4 pounds since June. I have REALLY kicked up my working out. Went from exercising one or two days a week to walking 8 miles a day for the past 3 weeks! Since starting the walking I...
  9. etteluap70PC

    Is Anyone Using the Health Ins. Through Pampered Chef?

    I may need to do this for myself since DH is out of work. I want to know if anyone is using it and find it of value?
  10. S

    Have You Tried Pampered Chef's Health Insurance Plan?

    Does anyone use the health insurance plan that is offered through Pampered Chef for people that do not have health insurance? If so please let me know what you think of it. I am in the situation where my family needs health insurance and am trying to weigh out my options. Thanks Sarah
  11. P

    Health Fair Opportunity: Seeking Ideas for 250 Food Samples

    I have an opportunity to do a Health Fair at the end of the month. The table fee is $95 (noon-4pm) which seems to be a bit high to me. I contacted the organizer and voiced my concern over the fee amount for an independent seller. She offered me the opportunity to supply 250 food samples in...
  12. S

    Boost Your Health with Women's Health Fair: Tips, Resources, and Giveaways

    Has anyone participated in a women's health fair recently? I will have a booth in a couple weeks at our local health fair. However, we cannot sell products just promote general good health. This is so different from my "regular" booths since I cannot take cash & carry or "sell" the products...
  13. susanr613

    Happy New Year 5077: Wishing Health & Prosperity

    May you be inscribed for a healthy and prosperous 5077!
  14. PCCHeather0506

    I Need to Know More About the Health Insurance

    Does anyone here have or know anyone who has the Health Insurance through Pampered Chef? I have a friend who is interested in the business...she's working JUSt for her insurance. It's sooo sad! I was just hoping someone could tell me about it, so I can tell her! She's interested in the...
  15. I

    Director Discover Health Insurance Perks for Recruitment & Consultants

    I've been looking into the insurance via our perks and they look very good. This might be helpful for recruitment of new recruits. Ihave a consultnat who I just found out didn't have insurance and she is back on board as a consultant so she and her family can get insurance. I just wanted to...
  16. T

    Urgent Affordable Health Insurance for Trish in Texas

    I am looking to change my health insurance to a cheaper plan. The ones on CC aren't as low as I'd like. I heard about Cinergyhealth.com. Has anyone heard of them? Or used them? Their rates look really good and the benefits are okay. They have a promo for Free RX and Dental Coverage right...
  17. P

    PC Health Insurance: HSA Policy and Pricing Options

    I am wondering if anyone has health insurance through PC. We have an HSA policy and wonder if we could get a better deal going with PC. We have to pay for our oen health insurance. Anyone know anything about it, or has ever checked the prices out. Is the insurance available to anyone in PC?
  18. pampchefrhondab

    Stress and Sadness: Dealing with Pampered Chef, Water Damage, and Health Issues

    Just when they change the rules I could really use a leave from PC! I've been a consultant for almost 5 years and have never taken time off. Now I could really use a few months and can't apply for a waiver anymore:cry:! I'm so stressed right now I don't want to call anyone for a show...
  19. M

    Prayers for Family Struggling with 10 Year Old's Health

    There is this family that we go to church with and are like family to us. the 10 year old helps us alot and also the 16 year old. they also have a 4 year old. They watch my 2 year old a lot. So that family is like family to us. They have a 10 year old that has ben having problems with...
  20. W

    What are some ideas for a successful Health Fair booth?

    Our local chamber of commerce is sponsoring its first Health Fair at the end of March. My recruiter and I have a booth space reserved. I know we have the Good for YOu cookbook and some of the new products will be applicable. Has anyone else setup for something like this? Any ideas would be...
  21. raebates

    Personal Take Responsibility for Your Health: A Lesson from My Friend's Story

    I want to make one thing clear. This is not just for women. If you've read this thread http://www.chefsuccess.com/f48/please-pray-my-buddy-49233/ you know that my friend is nearing the end of her journey in this life. She is dying of ovarian cancer. I'm hoping her story can help others. Again...
  22. whiteyteresa

    Healthy Runners: Ideas for Swag Bags and Prizes at Your Health Club Event

    I have a friend that is a member of a health club and in charge of the upcoming 'run' they are having She wants some ideas of what she could put into bags for the runners that would be small And she wants to know if we have anything to give as rewards for the winners. (like water...
  23. P

    Life Updates: Refocusing Priorities and Dad's Health Journey

    Hi to all! I haven't been on here or CS in ages as I have just had to really refocus my priorities and spending time on the computer ranked down on the list! I wanted to let you all know how things have been going both PC and life wise~you have all been so supportive of me this past year...
  24. aried

    What is the Treatment Plan for Colon/Rectal Cancer?

    Hello, I asked for prayers several weeks ago. I had surgery on the 5th for colon/rectal cancer. Surgery went well. One lymph node was found with cancer cells. I will need radiation and then chemo therapy. I will find out tomorrow when I will be starting the radiation therapy but it will...
  25. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Hawaii Drops Universal Child Health Care

    Fans of nationalized health care - pay attention to this. The Hawaii experiment is a microcosm of what will happen to health care if it is turned over to the government. Be careful what you wish for! Link: Hawaii drops universal child health care
  26. Intrepid_Chef

    What Are Your Thoughts on Health Care in the South and Canada?

    Health care has become an issue in the election in the states in the south ... As fellow North Americans ... can you please post your thoughts on what you think of your health care system? Tell us your stories on both sides of the issue. Those from the U.S. ...please don't crash this...
  27. A

    Health Fairs in Socal - I Need Help

    I have been invited into company health and wellness events for the next 2 months. basically the location is a company's cafeteria and during the lunch time period employees come to the lunch room / cafeteria and check out the vendors. So there is a guaranteed 500+ people No selling is...
  28. Koolotus

    Health Fair Available 8/14 Lillington, Nc

    Anyone around or have downline in Lillington, NC? I met a nice couple at the fair that has a spot for 8/14. I would love to pass the lead along. Short notice, but I think it would be worth it! Thanks
  29. Koolotus

    Health Fair Available 8/14 Lillington, Nc

    Anyone around or have downline in Lillington, NC? I met a nice couple at the fair that has a spot for 8/14. I would love to pass the lead along. Short notice, but I think it would be worth it! Thanks
  30. E

    Ideas for Vendor Fair at Health Club

    I have been invited to host a table at my health clubs vendor fair at the end of August. I want to provide a small, some-what nutritious snack to hand out (something with the mini muffin pan perhaps?) but I am at a loss on what to make. Any suggestions? I have one rectangle chillzanne, but...