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What is club: Definition and 146 Discussions

  1. Roadtripray

    Coupon Club or Group for Marketing?

    I know some areas have coupon clubs where people get together and swap coupons, maybe someone speaks on tips for couponing/where to go, tips on how to maximize your coupons, etc. I was thinking about joining such a group, and if one isn't already started in my area, to start one. I wouldn't...
  2. scottcooks

    Freezer Club May Be More Work at First for Less Effort Eventually

    I'm eager to hear about anyone's success with Freezer Club shows for guests. I'm anxious about the outlay for guests in product (which gives the consultant the "show orders") plus foodstuffs to make their recipes. I'm sure there is a market out there for this, though!a
  3. D

    Sold Wahoo! Recruiting Club Member Playing Cards

    Wahoo! Recruiting Club Member Playing Cards The deck has been opened, but not used. Cards are still in the box and the box still has half the plastic still on it. List Date: 5/24/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Wahoo! Recruiting Club Member Playing Cards...
  4. pampchef.angel

    Host of the Month Club: Maximize Your Earnings with a 12-Month Commitment

    Has anyone ever tried this? I was thinking about a 12-month commitment of $20/month from 12 people. One person will host a show each month, where they can collect other orders and invite other people, but are guaranteed at least a $220 show just from the Club members. Shoot holes in my...
  5. DebPC

    Who Achieved a $1,000 Show in the Pampered Chef Community This Month?

    Who's had a $1,000 show already this month??? Kudos to you!
  6. DebPC

    Join the June/July 1K Club: Celebrating $1,000+ Shows! Share Your Success Now!

    Who's had a $1,000 or more show? Toot your horn!
  7. AJPratt

    Need a Suggestion for Dish to Take to Book Club

    I have book club on Friday and they are doing a pot luck this month. Of course, I want to show off one of our recipes. I was thinking of taking everything to make the lava cake in the microwave as something fast. Is there something else I should take? I work that day and will be leaving for...
  8. T

    Join the 2 Week Sales Club and Help Struggling Consultants!

    What if we tried to do a 2 week sales club. Those that are signed up we would choose a consultant every 2 weeks. With in that two weeks everyone that is signed up would order from that consultant. This can help that consultant with struggling sales as well. You would be committed to buying...
  9. C

    Fall Pantry Club: Delicious Fall Recipes

    here is the fall pantry club book
  10. babywings76

    Need Dessert Idea for My Book Club Tonight

    So it's my turn to host our Book Club. We read a book called "The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie." I'm trying to decide what I want to make for dessert. I thought maybe I should make some sort of pie. But I really don't like pie. I'm not a big cooked fruit lover and I don't like a lot...
  11. A

    Cooking Club/Host of the Month Club Question

    I am considering starting a Cooking Club or Host Of The Month Club, whatever you would like to call it, and have a few questions. For those of you who have experience with the Cooking Clubs what, in your opinion, is the better way to do it? I've seen it done two different ways, one where every...
  12. morgieloo88

    Have you tried using spaghetti squash for your cooking club recipes?

    I just booked a show with a cooking club and am wondering if anyone else has experience with this? I would think that a more complex recipe would be best instead of the standard dinner in 30 minutes show? Any tips?
  13. R

    Director Club That Is! Yippee! Now to Get Them Babies Qualified!

    CLUB that is! Yippee! Now to get them babies qualified!
  14. P

    Director Congrats on Leveling Up! - Wahoo Recruiting Club

    Please cheer me on.. I am one recruit away from leveling up to the emerald level in the Wahoo Recruiting Club!!
  15. higoobs

    Choosing Between Sam's Club & Costco for Business Shopping

    What is your prefrence as a consumer to shop at a wholesale retailer. We have always had a Sam's Club here in the Rio Grande Valley but today is the Grand Opening for a Costco. I am going to buy a membership as a business and I am interested in either renewing my Sam's Club or trying out Costco...
  16. Bren706

    10,000 Points Club for February! Who's In?

    My hospitality director sent an e-mail a few days ago: What is Your February Vision for Success? Is it your desire to TRAVEL with Pampered Chef in 2012 or 2013? Do you desire to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL for more income, a promotion or more rewards?? Well, earning 10,000...
  17. K

    Jillian Grant's Recruiting Club Handouts

    Does anyone have the handouts that Jillian mentioned in her Recruiting Club call specifically the letter she uses to help qualify new consultants, I think it's about contacting their out of town friends to do catalog shows. Also, she mentioned an outline she uses for her weekly recorded...
  18. NooraK

    Maximize Your Facebook Reach with These Tips | Join Our FB Liking Club!

    So, since this latest update on FB, my impressions* have gone from 150-200+ to 20-30 per post. Very frustrating. I know I don't have that many fans, but I also know that I'm personally frustrated with "Top Stories" and constantly only seeing the same thing over and over again. And I know I'm...
  19. L

    Monthly Dinner Club Success - Want to Join in on the Fun?

    Just wanted to update after the first dinner club meeting. I had asked for advise/suggestions in the summer. I did get 12/13 people to sign up and they have all picked a month. I held it last night and didn't have to hound much as far as those unable to attend to give me their order. with 12...
  20. M

    Can I Precook the Crust for Club House Chicken Squares?

    I am making Club House Chicken Squares for a bridal shower tomorrow. Would the crust (crescent roll) be all right if I cooked tonight? I'm just doing a small demo and don't want to spend time cooking a crust. I am also making Tuxedo Brownie Cups, which I have already made and will put...
  21. tinawhite07

    Join Our Monthly Cooking Club | Tips and Ideas for Starting One

    I am thinking about starting a monthly cooking club and was wondering if anyone else does one? If so how do you go about yours? Thanks for any information.:)
  22. P

    Uncovering the Mystery Recipe: A Search for Answers

    A past host just asked me about this recipe. I have done a search and found nothing so I am presuming it is called something else. Any guesses?
  23. C

    Joining Conference Club - Can You Use Funds for Vendors?

    I was going to join conference club to help defray the cost. When I went in there to sign up they said the maixmum you could put in conference club is $900.....my lord, I thought it was $200??? What else would could you use the money toward?? I know there are vendors there, but can you use...
  24. loreo

    Wahoo Club: October's Top Recruiters and Team Additions

    I know that in the big scheme of things that this is very trivial. However, somehow my team has been overlooked for the month of October! We got the gift but we were not listed under people who have recruited from our cluster. I checked every day in Oct and now the Nov message says that noone...
  25. O

    Organizing a Host Club: Benefits & Challenges

    Hi Has anyone ever organized a Host club? One of my regular hosts suggested that. She belongs to a Stamping Group and they do that on a regular basis. She suggested that I find 12 hosts - or send an email out and ask for a volunteer for each month who would be committed to holding a show...
  26. D

    Fundraiser for High School Club: Can Orders Be Submitted Early?

    Hello, My name is Coleen and I am a newbie. For my second show I am helping my daughters club in high school to raise some funds. We will have the fundraiser for a month but planning to turn in orders on two different dates Oct 7 and Oct 28 so that the customers who ordered don't have to wait...
  27. P

    Join the Wahoo Recruiting Club and Unlock Exclusive Benefits!

    anyone have any guesses what we are getting for being a part of the club?
  28. O

    PV Newswire: Conference Club Subscriber Seeks Answers

    I subscribed to Conference Club for the last year and that helped me be able to fund my attendance. I signed up last August 2009 for this past Conference. It is now Sept. 9th, I contacted HO and they told me that nothing has been planned as of now....Not a good feeling. I got a response from the...
  29. M

    Kitchen Tool Upgrade & Pampered Chef Show - Mom's Club Members Welcome!

    I am a new consultant and a member of the Mom's Club in my area. I am going to host a show at my house and invite the Mom's Club members to bring their old or used kitchen tools that they want to upgrade and we can donate the old things to a local shelter or soup kitchen, and they can buy new PC...
  30. C

    Creating a 12 Month Cooking Club: Experiences & Advice

    Has anyone done a 12 month cooking club? What worked? What didn't? Did you make them sign a contract?? I'm considering starting one...but want to have all the details worked out before I start organizing it... Thanks in advance.