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What is sales: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. sculbertson2010

    Has Anyone Used Rockstar Direct Sales?

    Hello! Has anyone bought into Rockstar Direct Sales? Seems expensive, I just want to know if its actually worth the money! I need help with Facebook parties and Host Packet Letter!! Thanks in advance !
  2. A

    Iso the Flexible Cutting Mats Set for Sales Rewards This Month

    I am not going to meet my goal this month but really want the cutting mat set. If you have one and aren't going to use it,can I buy it from you? Please and thank you! 76036 is zip.
  3. L

    Overcoming Challenges as a Direct Sales Consultant: My Journey

    I started in May. The first month I did 3 shows but couldn't get anyone from the shows to book a party. The reasons they gave were valid and they all were open to doing it in the future but not now because of situations with their houses (remodeling, adult child and large family moved back in...
  4. DebPC

    Are Your December Sales Reaching New Heights?

    I closed 2 book shows and have 5 outside orders for $1053 in sales. Hoping for a couple more online orders.
  5. N

    Maximizing Sales: Tips for a Successful Direct Selling Experience

    Hi everyone. I just had to share. I joined October 30th and I ended up with 2200 in sales by the 15th of November! I am so excited about how easy it was and how much fun! Here's my problem, I had to hold 8 shows averaging only about $275 in orders. I won't always be able to hold that many shows...
  6. mrslulu2012

    Question on Who and How Payment Is Submitted for Sales

    Hi,I am someone who is inquiring about signing up as a Pampered Chef Consultant and I have a question about submitting payment for the sales. When you have a show whether it is a cooking show, or catalog show etc. how is the payment submitted. Would I have to collect payment and deposit in my...
  7. julsradford

    Not Enough Sales to Make a Show??

    I am a new consultant and my director is out of town and PC is closed....lol.I started a catalog show for my cousin and I only got $55 in sales. I went to submit the show and it says, uh oh, not $200. so I guess my question is:How do I take the order from the lady who actually ordered something...
  8. DebPC

    How Are Everyone's Sales for September so Far?

    I'll have 2 book shows totaling $750 so far. I have 2 shows this weekend.
  9. byrd1956

    Minimum Sales Per Month: Has It Changed to $200?

    Someone asked what the minimum sales per month is to stay active. When I look through all the pdf info online at PC it lists $150 minimum sales each month to stay active. Has this actually changed to $200 and the pdfs not updated?
  10. esavvymom

    Direct Sales Training Webinars (Free)- August

    I wanted to pass along the info for an upcoming series of Interviews with 24 different people- from direct sales folks, to CEOs, etc. There can be LOTS of valuable business training and information in these. The show airs EVERY MONDAY - SATURDAY … Dates: Beginning August 4, 2014...
  11. DebPC

    Success With Discontinued Product Sales

    Who's sold some due to FB, phone or newsletter promos?
  12. P

    I Can't Seem to Get Any Bookings or Sales

    I have been doing this since Novemeber 2013. I usually get at least 2 shows a month and last month I only got one and this month (July) NONE! I have people that ask for the catalogs and want to book and I never hear anything back and they totally ingnore my return calls or contact. I am...
  13. DebPC

    How Were Your Sales of Pink Items This Month?

    Were they higher or lower than previous years? Did you sell way more of one then the other?
  14. leshelman

    Want to Increase Bookings and Sales? Try the Baby Purse Game!

    I have not had the chance to use these yet, but my director (Sally Schubert) showed these to us at a meeting in February. They are called "baby purses" and you can use them to increase bookings at shows. I plan to use them like "Deal or No Deal". I will pass 10-20 of them out (depending on...
  15. leshelman

    How can 'baby purses' help increase bookings and sales at your shows?

    I have not had the chance to use these yet, but my director (Sally Schubert) showed these to us at a meeting in February. They are called "baby purses" and you can use them to increase bookings at shows. I plan to use them like "Deal or No Deal". I will pass 10-20 of them out (depending on...
  16. DebPC

    Who's Earning the 5% in Pampered Chef $$ for December Sales?

    I am at almost $2k so some pc $$ coming my way!
  17. DebPC

    December Sales Update: 2 Book Shows and More to Come!

    I have 2 book shows in and 2 more closing soon. Plus some misc. online orders.
  18. DebPC

    What Are the Best Finds in Cyber Monday Sales?

    I promoted it like crazy and still will during the day. Let us know what you get and what you did! Home Office emails or checking shipping status are probably the quickest way to find out.
  19. C

    Streamlining Direct Sales Checkouts: Beta User Experiences

    I see this used by consultants of other direct sales companies at festivals. It seems to speed up the check outs. I know it costs to use it. Since it would go into my bank account,I would have to enter it on the show as cash. I am not on the beta site. If you use it, how does it work for...
  20. N

    Boost Your Sales: Proven Tips for New Consultants to Reach $1500 Goal

    Okay, so I am a new consultant (started April 30). In May I made over $1500 in sales... the next month I did almost $1000, and so far this month have somewhere around $800. I feel like I've hit a slump. I have exhausted all my contacts (but have only submitted 5 shows), and can't seem to get my...
  21. DebPC

    Who's Scoring Deals at the Sidewalk Sale? Pizza Cutter Now Available!

    Not me yet- but I'm optimistic!
  22. B

    Help With Getting Sales for Fb On-Line Shows

    I've had 3 FB on-line shows this month (one was a fundraiser). None of them had enough sales to qualify for a show, and one of them only had one order for $8.00. The host that was active and posted on her event wall is the one that got the $8 order, the other hosts didn't post anything. I...
  23. B

    Do You Charge Sales Tax for Products Sold at a Vendor Booth?

    Hi everyone, I am a new consultant and I am doing my first vendor booth on Saturday. I will offer free shipping for local orders, but was wondering if you charge sales tax on products sold at the event. TIA for your input.
  24. chefjeanine

    Find Consultants in Berrien County, MI to Increase Sales & Earn $3.50/Hr

    I am searching for Consultants living in or near Berrien County, Michigan who would like to increase their sales and expand their business. Each year, I have a booth at the local youth fair and I’m in need of a few good people to help staff this site. This year the fair runs from August...
  25. DebPC

    Celebrate $1K+ Success: Share Your Sales Story with Us!

    Let us know of your success this month with shows of $1K or more in sales!
  26. DebPC

    Increase Your Customers' Order Total: Reccomended Add On Sales

    A great way to increase your customers order total is add on sales. Please share a couple of your most reccomended add on sales. Mine are: Micro Chip Maker- Simple Slicer Deep Covered Baker- DCB Cookbook Stainless Steel Cookware- Stainless Cleaner
  27. kristanmary

    Help With an Idea for Sales and Partys!

    I've been struggling to get sales and parties so I'm thinking of having a facebook event showcasing spring products giving things away for first orders booked, first shows booked, has anyone done something like this? Or have any idea's!
  28. Intrepid_Chef

    Securing Career Sales: Should My Show Fall Through?

    So I thought I was poised to have a show this month. It didn't arrive until last night (no payment til today) and it turned out not to be a show, just an order. For$60. I was active in January and won't lose career sales unless my March show falls through. Or rather, unless it is turned in in...
  29. P

    Power of Mobile Helps Increase Sales

    See attachment I use mobile to help with sales. I just sent out a mobile message about the new products and Coupon offer. I have two bookings after sending out the text message and three that will be ordering soon. Since I can put the contacts in groups, I can send different messages to...
  30. chefjeanine

    It's Now $200 in Show Sales (No Longer $150). . .

    to qualify for these consultant promotions Note: To receive the crossbody bag free, at least TWO Cooking Shows, Catalog Shows, Fundraiser Shows and/or Wedding Showers of at least $200 in guest sales (before tax and shipping) must be submitted Feb. 1 through midnight CT on Feb. 28, 2013. To...