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What is cutting: Definition and 55 Discussions

  1. A

    Iso the Flexible Cutting Mats Set for Sales Rewards This Month

    I am not going to meet my goal this month but really want the cutting mat set. If you have one and aren't going to use it,can I buy it from you? Please and thank you! 76036 is zip.
  2. gailz2

    Be Sure to Always Use Our Pampered Chef Cutting Boards!

    Practice what your preach, right? I was trying to get the pit out of my avocado, and instead of taking out one of my 8 various PC cutting boards, I tried stabbing the pit with a paring knife while holding the avocado in my hand. Dumb. The knife didn't go into the pit the first time, so I...
  3. DebPC

    Discover the Easiest Way to Cut Grape Tomatoes - Tips and Tricks

    Has anyone tried this?
  4. A

    Get Your Hands on a Top-of-the-Line Cutting Item - Only $66 with $9 Shipping!

    I know we cant say the name of current items for sale on here so ill call this cutting item an "ULTIMATE" cutting item ;-) Its only been used twice. It is the current model and retail is $66. Itll cost around $9 to ship to anywhere in the US. Shoot me an offer because im not sure what to sell it...
  5. byrd1956

    Help Finding the Perfect Pastry Mat for Cutting Even Pie Crusts

    I have a host asking a question about the pastry mat for a friend. The friend wants the mat to have places that will help her cut her pie crust evenly. When I look at the pic to me it looks like she should be able to do that, but the host said the lady asked about having bumps or raised areas...
  6. babywings76

    Guest Says the Cutting Board Is Soft?

    I just got this e-mail from a past guest. Any advice? "I typically am not a problem child, but I'm feeling like one now. So sorry! I have a question regarding the cutting board I purchased. I replaced an old plastic thing I've had for probably 30 years -- told Xxxxxxx that the health...
  7. wadesgirl

    Large Grooved Cutting Board Vs Cutting Mats

    I usually bring my large grooved cutting board but in the thought of cutting back I was thinking of bringing the cutting mats instead. Any thoughts? I know the cutting board is worth more but the mats are smaller and lighter.
  8. C

    Director Should I Hold My Own Meetings As a Director?

    I love love love my director. She's more than my director, she's also my good friend. So I'm struggling with what to do about meetings. We have great meetings. They are fun, informative, and well attended. Sort of. When I became a director, she just assumed that we would continue to...
  9. Jennie4PC

    Tracking Down a Lost Cutting Board: A Customer's Story

    I had a lady who got my info off my car and ordered a cutting board. During our talking back and forth she asked me to drop the cutting board off at her DD's work. I droppped it off on Wed. Well she called me yesterday and it is no where to be found. I am going to go in to the store and talk to...
  10. L

    Sliced Through My Flexible Cutting Mat

    I was cutting veggies for veg beef soup last night using my 5" utility forged cutlery. I cut through the mat. Has anyone else had this problem? :confused:
  11. lockhartkitchen

    Food Chopper Not Cutting Apples

    Tonight I had an embarassing moment. I cut up granny smith apples into small pieces, and like I always do, with the peel on, I was going to chop the two apples. I couldn't for the like of it, get the apples to chop up. They kept getting stuck in my chopper. I have had my chopper since I got...
  12. leftymac

    Cutting Boards: Non-Skid, But Slippery?

    I used one tonight for the first time to cut up some chicken. I like the backing that makes it non-skid on the counter. However, the actual cutting surface was REALLY slippery! My chicken kept sliding around, which could be dangerous when using a large knife. All I know is the chicken never slid...
  13. D

    Why is my cutting board's top turning orange while the sides remain white?

    Love the board just because of the measuring cups, but mine has discoloured and I'm not sure why? The top has turned a tinted orange and yet the sides are still white. I haven't used it for anything that would cause this; I'm thinking the dishwasher but why?
  14. Q

    Find the Perfect Cutting Board | Flat or Bumpy? | #1012 and #1001

    I got this question in an email--but I am at work. I need to close out this guests order and get the check before I leave work. Can anyone who is home, check on this for me? Please? I can't remember without looking at mine. Are the cutting boards (white ones (#1012 and #1001) are totally...
  15. jbdowd0798

    Cutting Board With Measure Cups

    Hi All, Dear Husband placed the cups on the bottom rack of the dishwasher and the 1 cup melted a bit to the point of not being able to use it.:( I checked out the replacement parts form and if my eyes are right, we can't replace a part for it. Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks!
  16. pampered1224

    Removing Odors from Cutting Boards and Bamboo: Tips and Tricks

    ODORS!!! Does any one have an idea on how to remove odors from the cutting boards? My mom called and asked as she can not get rid of the onion odor from them. I have issues with the bamboo. So any ideas would be great. Oh and bleach did not work.
  17. cookingwithlove

    Cutting Expenses: Is Mailing Invites Worth It?

    I have been very intentional this last year in cutting down expenses, but they are still too high and I am embarassed to post them here. I did notice that I spent over $700 on postage. This does not include the cost of mailing the hostess packet. I have been mailing out the invitations...
  18. F

    What to do about missing gray holders on cutting board with measure cups?

    Gray tabs in cutting board have fallen out & cups no longer stay in. Customer wants to replace the missing gray holders...didn't see it on replacement parts form. Is over 1 year old. Anyone know what advice to give her?
  19. gailz2

    How Do You Make Your Cutting Boards Look New?

    I'm not sure if I've done something to my cutting boards, but they seem very hard for me to get them clean and white. I do put them in the dishwasher. Any suggestions?
  20. Jennie4PC

    Cooking Raw Meat Safely on Bamboo Cutting Boards

    Do you have to be careful putting raw meat on our bamboo?
  21. V

    Efficient Onion Cutting Tips for Tear-Free Results | Expert Advice

    I was trying to decide how best to cut onions tonight, and all I managed out of it was getting my eyes so red and bothered that I couldn't see for nearly 2 hours! Help. This is not going to work for a show!
  22. J

    Knives and Cutting Board Question

    two quick questions.... I am about to purchase the knife set that comes with the bamboo block. Will the knives still come with the protective covers so if I want to bring one or two to a show with me I can? Or, do the knives come in the block with no covers? Also, what is the diff. b/w...
  23. PamperedDor

    Help! Fish Odor on Bar Pan - Baking Soda Not Cutting It!

    My SIL just called me and my BIL made fish on the bar pan last night - SHE HATES FISH! Anyway, he cleaned it properly (well trained man he is! :)) but it still smells like fish! She is freaking!! Its about 4 years old and very well seasoned, so I told her to use baking soda and water and add a...
  24. I

    Iso: Green Cutting Thingy... (Help?)

    I have a customer who was telling me about this thing his son had, that was Pampered Chef, and it had some sort of cutting wheel on it... and it cut through plastic? Now mind you, he was telling me about this as I was walking into church in a group of people... so I'm foggy on the details...
  25. P

    Removing Knife Cut Marks on Cutting Boards: A Quick Sanding Solution

    that you can lightly sand the large groove cutting board to remove knife cut marks?
  26. maggiemay

    Batter Bowl Cutting Down Boxed Mixes

    hi, I mostly lurk - love this site, thanks guys. Something i couldn't find, has anyone ever tried to use pre-existing mixes to make batter bowl gifts - and broken them down into the appropriate measurements?
  27. pjpamchef

    Cutting My Finger & Booking a Show

    Well, it finally happened. After 11 years I finally cut my finger at a show! I was doing the desert pizza, and using the green bread knife to loosen the cookie from the stone........ And I did my first interative show! I kept pressure on it, and finished the show, but it just wouldn't stop...
  28. K

    New Outlet Item - Large Grooved Cutting Board???

    What's with the Large Grooved Cutting Board being on the outlet?
  29. crystalscookingnow

    Yesterday While I Was Cutting Cukes to Make Pickles, My Santoku

    Yesterday while I was cutting cukes to make pickles, my santoku slipped & got the end of my middle finger! It cut pretty deep & most of the cut is under my fingernail. It still hurts just like it did yesterday! My hand & pointer finger got really swollen & I still feel like I'm going to...
  30. T

    Problems Cutting 3 Cheese Garden Pizza?

    Hey guys :) I have my opening tonight, and I practiced the recipe twice so far. Each time, it goes fine - until it comes to cutting the pizza... its a pain in the arse - that I wound up getting a fork and knife cutting it up myself. I was wondering if theres any tips to cut it? Also, does...