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What is invites: Definition and 163 Discussions

  1. K

    How Can I Get People to Attend My Party When I'm New to the Area?

    Hey everyone,I am new to PC and my first party was a bust, no one RSVP'd nor did any shw up. i had to cancel the party. I'm looking for advice on how to get people to attend when I schedule a new one. This is supposed to be my Grand Opening party and I need ideas on how to convince people to...
  2. kcnancy

    Affordable Postcard Invites by KCNancy | Limited Time Offer - 66214 Shipping

    Postcard Invites by kcnancy posted May 18, 2015 at 8:50 PMThe price is right on these, just pay shipping from 66214.
  3. jcsmilez

    Invites, Flyers, Etc. Merrill, Office Supply Store or Print Your Own?

    Curious. What do you use for your mailings? Strictly postcard invitations from Paperwork supply? Merrill? Those that print invitations flyers, order forms etc. Do you print your own, or go through Office Depot, Office Max, Kinkos or somewhere else? What prompts these questions is that...
  4. A

    Effortlessly Plan Your Next Event with Printable Show Invites

    I am trying to simplify my business and decided to try the Printable Show Invites. Has anyone used these? I was excited when I discovered they could be "saved". In doing that I took into Staples to print and they informed me they could not print them as they are copy righted! Anyone else run...
  5. M

    Facebook Event Posts Not Showing in Invites News Feeds?

    Anyone else having this problem? I posted a contest and no responses but I know this hosts friends would be right on top of it. I mentioned to the host and she checked an no one has seen the posts I've made without going into the actual event page. I thought that the posts showed in the News...
  6. M

    forSale- Cool N Serve Tote and Invites

    FOR SALE: New Cool N Serve Tote Bag Smoke Free Home. $15 Plus Shipping Invites- 4Pks Unopened Chocolate Bliss, 7Pks Unopened Your Invited to a Cooking Show, 5Pkas Unopened Chicken Penne Al Fresco, and About 50 loose assorted Invitations. $8 for all Plus Shipping
  7. C

    New Web Sending Invites to Guests

    Does anyone remember what they said about adding yourself as a guest or the host as a guest to send them an invite, just to make sure it works right? I can't remember!!!! Thanks!!
  8. DebPC

    Director Bridal Shower Invites for July Show: Are Previous Invitations Still Valid?

    Have a shower show coming up in July. I have some invitations from a year ago. They have the four colored pictures in the middle. Are these still current? I don't want to order a set to add and have them be different. Thanks a bunch!
  9. R

    Create Stunning Mini Catalogue Invites with CC's Avery Label Template

    Does CC have a template for avery labels to turn the mini catalogues into invites?
  10. kdangel518

    What Labels for Postcard Invites?

    I believe I have seen in the past consultants print out the info for the postcard invites (location, time, phone # etc.) on labels. Anyone know which labels (either avery # or size) to use for that? I am putting together 20 fundraising packets and want to include some postcard invites, but...
  11. M

    Flyers (Instead of Mail Invites)

    Does anyone have a flyer format that they email to hosts who dont want to mail out invites because they see these people everyday so they want to be able to hand them something rather than have to pay to mail it out... Thanks in advance!!!
  12. B

    Binders, Invites and Recipe Cards

    I'm cleaning out most of my PC items. I have 3 binders, around 425+ recipe cards, 13 packs of unopened invites and a few hundred loose.I am asking $25 plus shipping.I can take paypal or credit card by fax.I can ship either FedEx or USPS. I'd need your zip code to give you the shipping cost.PM...
  13. stayinathomemama

    15 Pads of Invites, Drawing Slips & More

    I have 15 pads of invitations. Some are from last year, some are 4 or 5 years old (some maybe even older.... not sure) but they are new in their plastic wrap. There are another 100 invites that are new but not in the wrap. There are a few pads of door prize slips (probably over 200 slips - maybe...
  14. DebPC

    Director Get Ready for Fall with Our New Postcard Invites - Subscribe Now!

    Hi All, I'm ordering my new fall paperwork. There's a new postcard invite for website suscribers. Did anyone see this at conference? I'm assuming there's a place for us to put our websites for outside orders. But if anyone can clarify this for me- that would be great! Thanks!
  15. L

    Where Can I Find Creative Flyer Invites for April & May?

    I am looking for a flyer invitation for April, May, and/or June that maybe you wouldn't mind sharing. I know some of you guys are sooooo creative and I would love to see what you've come up with! I've searched the files section and I am hoping to find something more recent possibly with upcoming...
  16. babywings76

    Labels for Mini Catalog Invites

    I haven't done these in a while. What size label do you use? Do you do the ones on CC and mail them w/o an envelope or do you use another type of label and do it in an envelope? Anyone have a template they use and what label # it is? I've done a couple different things in the past and just...
  17. M

    How Soon to Send Guest Invites?

    I was really inspired at SL to mail guest invites for my hosts. When is the best time to mail the invites? I was thinking 2 weeks, but I'm not sure. Thanks!
  18. wadesgirl

    theReason I Will Always Send Invites for My Hosts!

    When I first started my business 4 years ago I had the host send out their invites. Then about a year in I decided to do it myself. I am so glad that I do this for my hosts! Why?! Because my sister and I are co-hosting a 31 Gifts party and we have to fill them out ourselves! I've already...
  19. Nep2nfly

    Navigating a Social Situation: Party Host Invites Two Different Businesses

    :mad:So, I called my hostess for a party coming up in a week and a half. While speaking to her about the menu, etc. she mentioned that she had invited a mutual friend (I don't actually know the host, but the person the host knows is an acquaintance of mine) to bring her "purses" to display at...
  20. B

    Maximizing FB Events: Crafting Effective Invites

    Does anyone have text they send their hosts with suggested wording for a FB event invite? Or even if they're doing e-vite invites (not from PWS). I have so many hosts doing FB events that I feel I'm missing the boat and they're not being effective, esp. with collecting outside orders from it.
  21. California Girl

    Whose Contact Information Should Be on the Invites: Host or Consultant?

    if you mail out the invites for the host, do you put your phone number and email or the host?
  22. R

    Thrifty Gifting Gallery Invites

    Im having an open house this weekend to get some bookings/sales, and put a flyer up in our community's mail room already. These Ill be hand delivering to the entire complex tomorrow to personally invite everyone :) Thrifty Gifting Gallery: a focus on impressive, personal, inexpensive...
  23. B

    Catalog Show - Mini Catalog Invites?

    When a host does a catalog show only, do you offer to send mini-catalog invites or just rely on her to pass the catalogs around work and friends? I've found that my catalog shows are pretty small and have one coming up that I want to maximize. I'm not fond of using my PWS for the e-vites -...
  24. wadesgirl

    How Can Creative Mini Catalog Invites Stand Out in Plain Envelopes?

    I send mini catalogs in envelopes with full page (bright colorful paper) invites. I used to do a mini return address label with the host's address but that was just one more step to have to do. I was going to switch back to postcards but my printer would no longer feed my postcards so I stuck...
  25. RCKmom

    Create Custom Invites with Vista Print: Share Your Ideas Here!

    I just received an email from Vista Print with free post cards. I was hoping that some of you that make your own invitations on Vista would be willing to post them so I can get some ideas. I did do a search and found several post cards but not really invites, they were mostly thank you post...
  26. L

    How do I add show info to mini invites for mailing?

    Hey all, I am needing some input for those of you who mail mini's as invites to a show. I am doing it for the first time and didn't know what you do to put the show info on the catalog. A director at our last cluster meeting passed one around, I know she printed something on labels, but for...
  27. chefheidi2003

    When should I send out party invites?

    For those of you who send out the invites for your hosts..how far in advance of the party do you put them in the mail? I am thinking about starting to mail them out but I don't know how far in advance I should send them out. Also do you think that it helps your sales to send them out.
  28. P

    Need Ideas for Using Mini Catalogs as Invites?

    Hi Gang- Does anyone have a sample of something they use along with the mini catalog as an invite. I would appreciate any and all help. Thanks!:p:p:p
  29. C

    Searching for March Invites? Let's Share Ideas!

    Hi All, Does anyone have a March Invite they've been using for snail mail? I have some older ones I can recycle, but I was hoping to have a blurb about the new products too? TIA!
  30. pampered1224

    My First Mini Invites Party: March 6, Label & Host Challenge!

    I am going for the Mini Invites! My first new products party is March 6. Here is what I did for a label on the minis! I sure hope it works! I am also going to add a new host challenge. I will offer each host an additional special something when they go out of their circle and get 5 people that...