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What is posts: Definition and 55 Discussions

  1. Carolthepc

    Trolls on the Forum: Reporting Non-Pampered Chef Posts

    What’s up with all of the trolls on this forum lately? Several threads are clearly not Pampered Chef related and attempts to engage in conversation not related to Pampered Chef. How can we report these?
  2. raebates

    Fundraiser Fb Party Posts & an Apology

    First, I am so sorry. LOOOOOONNNNNNNG ago I told someone on some post that I'd share what I use for mentioning fundraisers on a FB show. I completely forgot about it. I was just setting up a PC event on FB and remembered. However, for the life of me I can't remember which thread it was on or who...
  3. byrd1956

    Boost Your Party Posts: Tips and Tricks for a Successful Fundraiser Event

    I have a fundraiser party coming up at the end of this month. It is an in-home party and the host has set up an event of FB. I have a number of post I use for this but, I would love to find some new ones to use. Is there anyone on CS that is willing to share the post and pics they use on parties?
  4. DebPC

    Get the Inside Scoop on This Year's National Conference on Chef Success!

    For those attending: Please share everything you can about this years conference by posting on Chef Success. From tips, new products, logo, paperwork changes etc. There are no restrictions on posting this year as there is only one conference. For those that would like to be surprised at your...
  5. C

    Where Did My Posts Go? Frustrating Pampered ChefAngel Issue

    I am not sure where to post this. I have been in touch with PCAngel about an item for sale and now I can't find any of the posts. What happened to them? Frustrating!!
  6. ShellBeach

    Find New Posts Easily - Learn the Post Order on Forums

    Quick question about the link to New Posts (on the line that includes these other links: Mark Forums Read....Search Forums....Watched Forums....Watched Threads....New Posts)Is it only pulling posts from top-level forums?Reason I ask, is after I post a reply, I would expect my reply to be at the...
  7. M

    Facebook Event Posts Not Showing in Invites News Feeds?

    Anyone else having this problem? I posted a contest and no responses but I know this hosts friends would be right on top of it. I mentioned to the host and she checked an no one has seen the posts I've made without going into the actual event page. I thought that the posts showed in the News...
  8. babywings76

    E-Mail Notification of New Posts to Threads Different?

    Hey Greg, did you change the format of the e-mail notifications? I thought they used to say what the post contained, now they just provide a link to it for me to go to. I liked them better the old way because I hate to click on links through e-mails. It interrupts what I'm doing and opens...
  9. J

    Facebook Charging to Promote Your Posts to Your Fans???

    VENTING... I don't post everyday, but try to at least a couple times a week on my FB page. I have 97 Fans and usually get 20+ views (that's when I ask friends to Like it) So anyhow I just checked, my last post only had 8 views and the past 3-4 only had 10. I then saw a spot to promote...
  10. PampChefJoy

    You Can Now Schedule Your Facebook Posts!

    Here is a how-to: How to Schedule Facebook Posts | Photography Marketing Tips Free This way, you can set up a weekly tips or recipe post - like "Tuesday Tip Day", "Meatless Monday" for vegetarian recipes, "Fun Friday" quizzes... or on the 1st of the month, launch the photo for the new host...
  11. babywings76

    Liking My Own Posts, Showing up Differently?

    On Facebook, it used to be that if I'm logged in as my regular self and I click the "like" button on my business posts, it would show up that I like it. Today it keeps saying that my business identity likes the post. Is there a way around this?
  12. P

    Can You Help Spice Up Our Newsletter with Motivational Content?

    This isnt' a very active forum is it?! Anyway - I'm wondering if we can share some more motivational posts / quotes / stories, etc...that we can include in team newsletters. I think I've exhausted all 3 of the "excerpts" files that are on here...
  13. O

    Posts on the Pampered Chef Facebook Page....

    Verbatim, my post in response to a rant on the PC Facebook about the registry issue. In my post I promised to post here and on CS so that others have a chance to respond in an appropriate forum for negative reactions that do not belong in a public forum such as the Facebook page. Beginning of...
  14. M

    Successful Social Media Posts: How I Improved My Facebook Presence

    I figured this deserved its own thread, so here we go. I think I started out abusing Facebook. I would mention every special, every open date I had, etc. I think it made people's eyes glaze over, and it wasn't very successful. I would also make discussion topics, that were my recipes. I...
  15. leftymac

    Titling Posts for Easier Searches

    I'm probably being my curmudgeon self, but momma always taught me it was okay to be myself. So, here we go... I'd like to remind everyone that it's most helpful if you title your post something that relates to the actual subject. There have been a lot of posts lately titled "Help!!" or "Need...
  16. T

    I Need Some of the Old Posts About Hosts That Can't Be Found!

    I have a show scheduled on Friday, but cant' get in touch with the host. Message box is full, so can't leave any more. Left messages last week and last night, sent e-mail from website and has not been viewed. Don't know the recipe yet, or the time for the show. No idea about her guest...
  17. P

    A Milestone Achieved: 1000 Posts!

    Woohoo, I hit 1000 posts! I saw on a post a few minutes ago that I was at 998, and I was determined not to post something meaningless just to hit the milestone. Thank you PC_Jessica for having good questions, which not only needed immediate answers, but to which I knew the answers! Ok, not as...
  18. A

    Changing Default Settings on New Posts Link - A CS Reader's Frustration

    Is there a way to change the defaults on the new posts link? I often read CS during my breaks at work and just leave the new posts page up. Sometimes when I attempt to go to the next page of threads it tells me my search is invalid. It's a little frustrating because I like to read everything...
  19. chefkathy

    Posts on Cs Asking Basic Questions

    I don't know, maybe I'm just crabby lately, but there seem to be LOTS of questions about basics of the business on CS lately. Yes, I know it's a resource, but it should not be ones only source of training. Many of my responses to such questions have been "have you asked your director?"...
  20. c00p

    Humor I Just Arrived! 1,000 Posts & a Star!

    I just realized that I have officially "arrived" on Chef Success as I have now made my 1,000th post and I have a STAR!!! :cool: I feel so....so....well, words just can't convey my feelings right now. ;)
  21. leftymac

    Do Posts That Lack Effort Frustrate You?

    I'm gonna get blasted for this post, I am sure. But, oh well -- I live to stir the pot! I'm torn. The helpful person in me wants to respond to all questions asked here. However, the teacher in me gets frustrated when there are numerous posts for the same question, or when there are posts...
  22. cookingwithlove

    Understanding Time Stamps on Posts: A Guide for Social Media Users

    What is the deal with the time stamp? I just sent a post and it said "Today 4:30 pm" I am in the PNW, but even with the 3 hours time difference to EST that does not make 8:30 am 4:30 pm. Just curious.
  23. babywings76

    Hey Look! I'm Almost at 1,000 Posts!

    Hey, I just noticed something! I'm really close to having 1,000 posts! :D Then do I get a star under my name? Is that still the requirement to the first star level?
  24. K

    Filter Out Chef's Lounge Posts: Finding What Works Best For You

    to not have Chef's Lounge show up on New Posts (along the top, between "groups" and "search")? I'd rather stick to the topic of the board but most of the the new posts seem to be in Chef's Lounge. I'm on another board that has a filter so you can skip certain sections; does that exist here and...
  25. J

    How to Find "New Posts" Once They've Been Updated

    So, I've been slowly looking through today's posts as I can tonight. I just went to look back and there are about 3 posts listed. Once the list gets "condensed", how do I check today's posts? TIA, Jane :)
  26. J

    Finding My Posts: Tips and Tricks | Help from Jane

    I knew how to do this before the update here, but now I can't seem to figure out how to find my posts. Any help? TIA, Jane :confused:
  27. KellyTheChef

    Why Isn't the "Preview" of Posts Working???

    Normally, I can hover my mouse over the title of a thread, and the beginning of it shows up in a little blurb. This way, I can see a bit more of what the thread is about and I don't have to click on it if it's something I am not interested in. What's going on?
  28. stacywhitlow

    Celebrating 1000 Posts: A Milestone to Cherish

    This is my 1000 post. Do I get a star now?:chef:
  29. kcjodih

    Who Will Be the Lucky 21 Posts to Go Ladies?!

    So who's it going to be? :D
  30. merego

    Did I Earn a Star for Reaching 1000 Posts on Pampered Chef?

    I got a star~it popped up right away :) I am so excited :):sing::sing::sing: