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What is basic: Definition and 22 Discussions

  1. M

    Make Salsa in a Flash: Simple Recipe for MFP

    i'm looking for a very basic salsa recipe to make with the mfp. i don't want a million ingrediants b/c i've just now decided to add it to my shows for the rest of the month.
  2. pampchef.angel

    Need help creating a basic show outline?

    Basic Show Outline
  3. meganmcg

    Anyone Had Basic Nylon Tools Turn White?

    Was just wondering if anyone else, or one of your customers, has had their nylon tools turn white? I have a customer that purchased these in February and she says hers have turned white, I haven't actually seen them yet.
  4. ChefRiGuy

    What are the essential office supplies needed for a basic setup?

    Hey Everyone, Since it has been a while I need a little help. I am pretty low on extra money right now (hence rejoining PC), but does anyone have a basic list of some of the essential office supplies I should get to start. Stapler, Pens, Paper Clips, etc???? ;)
  5. chefkathy

    Posts on Cs Asking Basic Questions

    I don't know, maybe I'm just crabby lately, but there seem to be LOTS of questions about basics of the business on CS lately. Yes, I know it's a resource, but it should not be ones only source of training. Many of my responses to such questions have been "have you asked your director?"...
  6. D

    Is Attending a Convention Worthwhile for a Newbie in Finances and PC?

    I am a newbie and really want to go to convention. I honestly ask how helpful you all find this. I am beyond underground in finances and will make money with PC (positive thoughts positive thoughts!) but should really be using to catch up on bills. However, if NC is going to assist me in...
  7. StacieB

    Using Turbo Tax Basic: Finding Schedule C for Deductions

    Ok so I am doing my taxes on Turbo Tax using the Basic form. Where do I find schedule C to add in my deductions. Last year I used home and business and it was easier to find. I remember someone saying that I didn't need to use Home and Business. Thanks for any help.
  8. M

    Basic Valentine Theme Recipe Using Starter Kit

    Hi Everyone! This is my first post to ChefSuccess! I'm a new PC consultant with my very first shows on the 24th and 25th of this month. I need a bit of advice.... Since February's right around the corner, I'd like to give the January recipes a bit of a Valentine or St. Patricks Day...
  9. D

    Looking for a Basic Crepe Recipe?

    I thought i saw in one of our cookbook sa very basic crepe recipe but i can't find it now. Anyone have a very basic crepe recipe? Thanks! I'm having a craving for them and would love some for breakfast in the am!
  10. heat123

    Top 10 Essentials for PC Newbies: Gift Ideas and Must-Have Items

    Ok, I Wanted To Put Together A Basic Essentials List Of Items, Maybe Some Gift Ideas Too And Top Ten List Toghether. What Do You Think The Basic Items Recommendations Should Be, For Say Pc Newbies Or Even Those Who Love Pc Stuff?? Tia!
  11. S

    Is there a brochure available for the Help Whip Cancer promotion?

    Sorry to ask what may be stupid questions. (If my director showed the slightest interest in helping me, but when I've emailed questions to her I get the feeing she's kind of irritated that I am bothering her. And no, I'm not thrilled about that, but am thrilled that I can post here and y'all...
  12. chefsteph07

    Simple Stuffing Recipes: What Do You Use?

    does anyone have any good "basic" recipes for stuffing "without a lot of stuff in it"...I have a customer who just emailed me for a recipe for Thanksgiving and honestly, I use Stove Top, so I have no idea! What do you guys use for your stuffing? That's pretty basic? Thanks!
  13. krzymomof4

    Affordable Dessert Options for a Strawberry Spinach Salad | Price Range: $15

    I have a host who is having a show on Sat. She is having the Strawberry Spinach Salad and wants me to choose a desert for her from these: Strawberry Cheesecake Trifle, Hawaiian Fruit & Dip, Berries & Wonton Cups, or Strawberry Margarita Squares. She wants to keep her costs to around $15. The...
  14. quiverfull7

    Demo Choice... She Says Something Basic Aka Boring!

    Hey... I have a host who herself is willing to try new things but says that most of her guests are her husbands family and they are BASIC and boring and we will lost them during the demo and show if I try anything too different for the demo. We're doing the creamy caramel skor dip with apples...
  15. abrahamlaur

    Fundraising Tips for Beginners: How to Send Fliers to Schools and Get Results!

    Hey all, I'm all new when it comes to Fundraising for PC. I've never done it, never approached anyone about it or have any clue how to. I ordered the fundraising fliers but now have no idea on how to go about sending them schools etc. Do I just send the flier with my info stamped on it and thats...
  16. blondeinpcola

    Easy Loaf Pan Bread Recipe: Perfect for Beginners!

    I have a customer looking for a basic bread recipe for her Loaf Pan. Does anyone have anything for me to send her. She just purchased this at her friend's show last month. Help???:confused:
  17. quiverfull7

    Gift Set Ideas - Basic, Bigger & Grand!

    Someone posted a flyer or handout with gift set ideas... with basic, bigger and grand ... or something like that... you know... basic on up through a bigger gift with everything in groupings... help... I really thought that I had saved it and now it's gone with the wind!!!!!!!!
  18. J

    Wrap It up - Gift Ideas (Basic, Deluxe, Ultimate)

    came across this in my files (i think i got it from someone's website many months ago) and thought it might be what some of us were looking for - i have not updated it - so make sure you check through the info! WRAP IT UP~ GIFT IDEAS Holiday GIFT GIVING Ideas Get Your Holiday Shopping...
  19. M

    Salsa Show: Basic Recipe without Southwest Seasoning

    I want to do a salsa show for my SIL. Does anyone have a good, basic salsa recipe? I don't have the southwest seasoning (no time to order) but I just want a recipe for great salsa that shows off a lot of products. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. P

    Easy and Delicious Party Recipe Ideas with Basic Ingredients | Kelly's Kitchen

    could someone please suggest a recipe with very basic ingredients. I was going to make the coconut shrimp cakes or the layered sundried tomato dip at my next party but the host says she doesn't want to buy any of those ingredients because she will never use them again. Out of the question is...
  21. JenAZ

    Need a Letter for Catalogs to Unattended Guests?

    Anyone have a letter that they like to use when they send out catalogs to guests that can't attend a show?
  22. D

    Need Eye-Catching but Basic Flyer

    Hey guys. One more request for help... I need a eye-catching but basic information flyer to post in windows of local businesses. I am planning on a large HWC Fundraiser that will rely on the general public's attendance. The flyer would need to be simple enough to not overwhelm passerbyers with...