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What is deluxe: Definition and 30 Discussions

  1. pcheftammy

    Looking for a Deluxe Tote with Multiple Pockets and Durable Material?

    This is a black tote with 1 large and 2 small velco closing pockets on the front. It has one large compartment on the inside as well as a zippered privacy pocket. The strap is adjustable. It is a very nice and made of a thick material that is really durable. Asking $10.
  2. W

    Deluxe Mini Muffin Pan *Brand New in Package

    Deluxe Mini Muffin Pan *Brand new in package Brand new in package, Deluxe mini muffin Pan Perfect for appetizers and school bake sales! Create 24 bite-sized muffins, cupcakes and tarts. Aluminized steel provides excellent heat distribution. Easy-release nonstick coating for quick cleanup...
  3. D

    Turbo Tax Deluxe or Home & Business

    Turbo Tax Deluxe vs Turbo Tax Home and Business: What's the difference. I've asked both my Director and my Executive Director and they both say we just need the Deluxe. However, I've seen that people on here say they use the Home and Business. Help! Thanks :)
  4. C

    Is the Muffin Pan as Good as the Deluxe Mini-Muffin Pan?

    I have a host who wants to know if the muffin pan is the same material/quality as the deluxe mini-muffin pan. She loves her 10 year old looks like new mini-muffin pan and wants to get the muffin pan if it's the same. Thanks!
  5. D

    Troubleshooting Tips for a Sticking Deluxe Mini Muffin Pan | Expert Advice

    Recently, I had a customer tell me that her deluxe mini muffin pan always stuck, no matter what she did. She has used cooking spray and anything else she could think of and nothing worked. I told her I hadn't had any problems....that is until just recently. Now, my mini muffin pan is...
  6. DebbieJ

    Looking to Sell Your Unused DCG Cheese Grater?

    I have a good friend and customer who lost her DCG in her recent move. She doesn't want the new one. If you have a DCG collecting dust, even gently used, we'd love to take it off your hands. Thanks!
  7. chefkathy

    Director Looking for an Old Deluxe Cheese Grater? Want to Give it a New Home?

    I have a good friend and customer who lost her DCG in her recent move. She doesn't want the new one. If you have a DCG collecting dust, even gently used, we'd love to take it off your hands. Thanks!
  8. C

    Iso: Older Deluxe Cheese Grater

    I have a customer that prefers the older-style Deluxe Cheese Grater, NOT the Rotary Grater that is in the catalog right now. Anyone have one new in box? LMK how much you want for it...thanks! :D
  9. C

    What is the best way to fix a broken handle on a Deluxe Cheese Grater?

    I have a customer that had the handle break on her old Deluxe Cheese grater. I originally thought it was the piece that you turn, but it's actually the main part of the handle that holds down the cheese. I contacted Home Office, but since it's retired they only have the pieces available...
  10. cat

    Iso Deluxe Cheese Grater (Old Style)

    The handle on my cheese grater broke and PC doesn't sell it as a replacement part. Wondering if anyone has one (USED is fine) that they'd like to get rid of! Shipping to 08873 Thanks!
  11. D

    Iso: Container for Retired Deluxe Cheese Grater

    I have a customer who is looking for just the container that attaches to the old style grater.
  12. D

    Looking for Two Deluxe Cheese Graters

    Hi, I'm looking for two (old style) deluxe cheese graters. If you have the containers as well that would be awesome! Thanks! Denise
  13. Jenni

    How to Use a Deluxe Cheese Grater for Pecans and Tips for Selling?

    I borrowed it from someone to use at a show tonight. The recipe say so use it for pecans grated on top. My ? is do I use the barrel with the larger holes or the smaller holes. I went to CC to the use and care guide and it doesn't mention nuts. Any key wording/tips to selling them? This is my...
  14. elizabethfox

    How Many Packs of Romaine for Deluxe Cheeseburger Salad?

    Does anyone know how much roamaine lettuce I am going to need in order to get 8 cups for the Deluxe Cheeseburger Salad recipe?? I have made this recipe before, only we used iceberg not romaine. The store up the road has a three pack of romaine hearts for 1.98 and I just need to know how many...
  15. A

    Deluxe Cheeseburger Salad: An Interactive Show with Expert Tips and Tricks

    Had anyone done this as an interactive show??? I need help/suggestions, apparently my show Sunday will be highly interactive. I sliced off my fingertip yesterday am cutting a bagel!!! It's just a small flesh wound..however I can't get it wet for a week.
  16. H

    Deluxe Cheeseburge Salad Recipe? Help!

    I have a show tomorrow night and need to give my host this recipe today. I left it at home this morning :eek:! Does anyone have it typed up and handy that you could post? I tried a search but can't find the actual recipe. thanks!
  17. redsoxgirl

    Deluxe Cheeseburger Salad Recipe: Easy, Delicious, and Interactive

    SO GOOD!!! We had a cooking training last night and this was one of the recipes we made. It was so good! It was very easy to make and worked really well as an interactive show. I'm making it for dinner with ground turkey. :love:
  18. buzz26

    Deluxe Cheeseburger Salad--Ideas?

    The meat is a bit too bland for me. Any ideas on how to flavor it? Do you think putting one of the spices in the meat or in the ketchup would enhance the flavor?
  19. cmdtrgd

    Deluxe Cheeseburger Salad and Power Cooking

    Could you use the Power Cooking Meat mixture in the Deluxe Cheeseburger Salad? I want to do this salad in March to get people interested in the April Host Specials, but I am also interested in showing the Power Cooking.
  20. S

    Deluxe Cheeseburger Salad Recipe Review - Family Friendly and Easy to Customize

    Good Morning! I made the Deluxe Cheeseburger Salad last night for dinner. I wanted to follow the recipe exactly to see how my family liked it. My family is NOT picky about their food. The salad was good but the red onion was very overpowering. So...if your family is not crazy about...
  21. iteachurkid

    Deluxe Cheeseburger Salad Recipe Card

    Has anyone read through their recipe card for the Cheesburger Salad and noticed that it says to break the ground beef into crumbles using the slotted turner??? Seems like to me that this should be the mix n' chop. I don't know if it's a misprint or what, but was just curious what you all...
  22. S

    Deluxe Stoneware Gift Set #2055

    Help!! Someone ordered this at my fundraiser yesterday, but PP says it doesn't exist and i have no clue what it is! Does anyone know? I want to call the customer to see if she wants the items individually but I have NO CLUE what's in this set. HELP!!:eek: TIA!
  23. K

    TurboTax: Home & Business vs. Deluxe Edition

    For those of you that use Turbo tax..Do you get the home and business edition or the deluxe edition?
  24. C

    Mom Transforms Jeans with a Deluxe Cheese Grater!

    If anyone missed it last night... They showed the punk rock mom making the tore up jeans w/ the son. WELLLLLLL, She was using the Deluxe Cheese Grater!
  25. J

    Wrap It up - Gift Ideas (Basic, Deluxe, Ultimate)

    came across this in my files (i think i got it from someone's website many months ago) and thought it might be what some of us were looking for - i have not updated it - so make sure you check through the info! WRAP IT UP~ GIFT IDEAS Holiday GIFT GIVING Ideas Get Your Holiday Shopping...
  26. M/SPampered

    How Can I Easily Remove Cakes from the Deluxe Mini-Fluted Pan?

    Can anyone tell me how to remove the cake out of this pan? I have tried leaving it to cool off before removing it and still had a hard time getting it out without falling apart. I even loosen the side with a plastic knife thinking it will fall out easily but no.... instead it fell apart leaving...
  27. momoftwins

    Remove Carrot Stains From Your Cheese Grater - Tips & Tricks!

    I used my deluxe cheese grater for grating carrots to make the potstickers and they stained it. How do you get that off???????? Thanks in advance!
  28. Ann F

    Deluxe Cheese Grater Makes Chocolate Chip Grating a Breeze!

    Oh, my goodness!! I was making the Chocolate Tiramisu cake at a show tonight (2nd tiramisu cake since Sept 1) The only thing I don't like to grate in our Deluxe Cheese Grater is chocolate chips, but that's what the recipe says to use. I'd already shown the guests my new products, and one of...
  29. S

    Chocolate Chips + Deluxe Cheese Grater

    I attempted making the Chocolate-Banana Phyllo Bundles from the new Seasons Best at home this past weekend. All went well except for when I tried to grate the chocolate chips. I found that they all just clumped together and it was extremely difficult. I actually gave up and just put the...
  30. W

    Deluxe Cheese Grater Solutions!!

    Hi Girls -- and guys? I have a great tip for the Deluxe Cheese grater --- when using the large barrel for softer cheeses (mozza/cheddar), pop the cheese in the microwave until just softened at the edges (not melted). This brings the oils to the surface and it makes grating much much...