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What is grater: Definition and 49 Discussions

  1. Admin Greg

    Ginger Grater Talk: Reviews, Tips & Ideas

    Please discuss the Ginger Grater. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  2. lt1jane

    Does Anyone Have a Replacement Handle for the Old Rotary Grater?

    I just had a customer call me wanting to see if she could get a replacement handle for her old-style rotary grater. I remember the new rotary grater came out in the fall of 2008. I know it's no longer a replacement part, but wanted to try this venue in an attempt to help her out. She has...
  3. P

    How About That Microplane Adj Coarse Grater!

    OMG I luv that product! So smooth and easy to use. I keep breaking the rotary grater because I keep pressing down to hard.
  4. J

    Microplane Grater Handle Problem: Slippery Silicon Grip Solution

    I am having problems with the microplane grater handle. The silicon part keeps slipping off! It has done this a few times at shows and while guests were "helping" me with the recipe. I am curious if anybody else has this problem...would this be returnable? or is it suppose to come off?! This...
  5. DebbieJ

    Looking to Sell Your Unused DCG Cheese Grater?

    I have a good friend and customer who lost her DCG in her recent move. She doesn't want the new one. If you have a DCG collecting dust, even gently used, we'd love to take it off your hands. Thanks!
  6. chefkathy

    Director Looking for an Old Deluxe Cheese Grater? Want to Give it a New Home?

    I have a good friend and customer who lost her DCG in her recent move. She doesn't want the new one. If you have a DCG collecting dust, even gently used, we'd love to take it off your hands. Thanks!
  7. L

    Iso- Rotary Grater Measuring Cup

    I'm a new consultant and met a potential new customer today at a WH party. She is desperately seeking the measuring cup that attached to the end of the old style rotary grater. If I can pull of this small miracle for her I bet she would be a loyal customer in the future. Does anyone have one of...
  8. Jholmes0904

    Rotary Grater or Microplane: Which One Reigns Supreme?

    I had 2 people ask me what I liked better the Rotary Grater or Microplane? I have only used the Microplane. What are some pro's and con's between the too?
  9. C

    Iso: Older Deluxe Cheese Grater

    I have a customer that prefers the older-style Deluxe Cheese Grater, NOT the Rotary Grater that is in the catalog right now. Anyone have one new in box? LMK how much you want for it...thanks! :D
  10. J

    Cheese Grater Woes: Overcoming Frustration with Grating Cheese

    So I seem to avoid recipes that require grating cheese since I haven't found the right product to really make it easy. I do like the rotary cheese grater but for a LOT of cheese not so good. I know the UM has the grater on it but it doesn't really seem to make it easier. Is it just me? If...
  11. cookingwithdot

    Rotary Grater Vs the Old One (Sorry, Don't Know the Name!)

    So, I have the old hand turn grater & I hate it. It's probably the only PC tool I don't like! :( The cheese gets stuck & clumpy and it's really annoying. I'm considering getting the new rotary grater, but I'm wondering if it's better? Does the cheese stick get all clumpy & stuck in it? I don't...
  12. chefheidi2003

    Question About the Rotary Grater

    I like using the Rotary Grater, I just have a question about it. Is it just me or does everyone have this problem? When I grate with it, the cheese stays in a really long strand and then they all just twist around themselves. Is there a way around that?? Thank you in advance for your...
  13. S

    Troubleshooting Microplane Grater Lock: Tips and Tricks for Easy Unlocking

    HELP! I want to use thie microplane grater, but I can't get it unlocked. I have had it for 3 months and I keep getting it out and my DH has even tried it and we are afraid we will break the handle off. What am I doing wrong? I have read and reread the driections over and over... THank you!!:cry:
  14. PamperedSD

    Urgent Rotary Grater V. Microplane Adjustable Grater

    Please help! I'm planning on ordered one of these but I'm not sure which one to get. :confused: My favorite recipe to demo is the Chicken Penne al Fresco but I usually borrow the grater from my recruiter. She is giving me 50 PC dollars for qualifying. So I wanted to buy the garlic slicer...
  15. Cooking_Mama

    Iso Rotary Cheese Grater Container

    I have a customer looking for the container that went with the grater from a few years back. Does anyone have one that they would be willing to sell? Thanks! Mia
  16. C

    What is the best way to fix a broken handle on a Deluxe Cheese Grater?

    I have a customer that had the handle break on her old Deluxe Cheese grater. I originally thought it was the piece that you turn, but it's actually the main part of the handle that holds down the cheese. I contacted Home Office, but since it's retired they only have the pieces available...
  17. cat

    Iso Deluxe Cheese Grater (Old Style)

    The handle on my cheese grater broke and PC doesn't sell it as a replacement part. Wondering if anyone has one (USED is fine) that they'd like to get rid of! Shipping to 08873 Thanks!
  18. F

    Rotary Grater: Perfect for Carrots and More!

    Has anyone used the rotary grater with carrots? I have not, but I list that as an item that can be used with it when I show it. I just had a customer call and say it only mushed them and stained the grater . Is it supposed to be used with carrots?
  19. D

    Iso: Container for Retired Deluxe Cheese Grater

    I have a customer who is looking for just the container that attaches to the old style grater.
  20. PCCHeather0506

    Iso Cheese Grater With Attachable Measuring Cup

    I have a guest wanting this so bad! Anyone have one?
  21. B

    Rotary Grater- a Quick Question

    I have a customer that would like to know if the rotary grater only produces finely shredded items. She said she doesn't like to use finely shredded cheeses. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
  22. B

    Is There a Rotary Grater with a Larger Barrel for Coarser Grating?

    does anyone know if it comes with a different barrel that grates bigger than fine grating? I have a customer that wants to know before she buys it or do we carry a grater or something similiar that can grate cheese bigger than just finely shredded? Thank You
  23. buzz26

    Will the Replacement Grater Fit on the Old Mandolin?

    I have a customer who bought the mandolin before the grater was added. If she buys the replacement part will it fit in her older version?
  24. C

    Zyliss Rotary Grater with 2 Barrels: Why Only 1 on Ours?

    Yesterday I was shopping at my local supermarket, and something caught my eye. It was a rotary grater that looks identical to ours, made by Zyliss. I know they make/made some of our products so I wasn't too surprised to see it. What did surprise me, though, was that it came with two barrels...
  25. jbdowd0798

    Is the New Rotary Grater Falling Apart?

    Hi All, Anyone having issues with their new Rotary Grater?? Mine has fallen apart where the clips are so it won't stay together. I guess I'll do a product adjustment but with this now, I'm not impressed at all with the new products!!! THANKS! Becky
  26. P

    Which Grater Would You Recommend?

    I have a customer who cannot decide which grater to buy. Which would you recommend, the old one only available for a few more days or the one coming in Fall? The reason I came here is because I do not own either of them and don't plan too so I need some major help. Here is what she's been...
  27. Addie4TLC

    anEarthquake 5.5 Just Hit the Grater Los Angeles Area!!!

    An earthquake 5.5 just hit the grater Los Angeles Area!!!
  28. Jenni

    How to Use a Deluxe Cheese Grater for Pecans and Tips for Selling?

    I borrowed it from someone to use at a show tonight. The recipe say so use it for pecans grated on top. My ? is do I use the barrel with the larger holes or the smaller holes. I went to CC to the use and care guide and it doesn't mention nuts. Any key wording/tips to selling them? This is my...
  29. dymplz8

    Trouble with Cheese Grater: Any Tips for Clumping Cheese?

    I am having my first cooking show this weekend (possibly) and I am making the Jerk Chicken Nachos. I wanted to use the cheese grater to grate the cheese onto the nachos but when I was practicing yesterday the cheese kept clumping up in the grater. :yuck: Does anyone have any suggestions about...
  30. tabnat80

    Microplane Grater: Pros and Cons

    Just curious what everyone thought about the microplane grater. I was thinking about getting one but didn't know if I would use it or like it. I've seen it in person and it looks so cute. What do you use yours for and do you use it a lot.