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What is replacement: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. heulflodyn

    Replacement Part Please for a Uk Consultant. Can Someone Help

    I just dropped my cool and serve and broke the lid. I know I bought something from a US consultant before but I can’t find her details. Would someone be able to order me a lid and post to the uk thanksI am gutted
  2. J

    Iso Replacement Plunger for Quick Stir Pitcher

    Newbie here.....I have a customer asking about a replacement plunger for the older polka-dot style Quick Stir Pitcher (1 gal). This is the photo she sent me.I feel sure the new style replacement plunger won't work, but do we offer the older style replacement parts for various items? I don't see...
  3. byrd1956

    Is It Worth Ordering a $3 Replacement Part with High Shipping Costs?

    I have a customer that needs a $3 replacement part. The shipping is 4.75 and with the tax it will be $8.31. Is it still correct that a replacement part cannot be ordered on a show order? Can a replacement part be ordered on an individual order? The past 4 people (that talked to me at an...
  4. C

    Order Replacement Parts: Shipping and Site Issues

    Just an FYI - if you do an order for replacement parts on the new site, the shipping does not come up as $3.00. I called HO and they said not everything is working right yet so they had to process the order over the phone for me in order to get the correct shipping. Makes one wonder how many...
  5. DebPC

    New Stoneware Replacement Policy!

    Love, love, love this! No more taking a hammer to get a smaller piece to mail back. No more shipping. Plus turnaround time should be shorter. Also PC will save money on processing and pick up within the 30 days window. A win for everyone! I'm hoping they will estend this, once they see how well...
  6. C

    Looking for Replacement Recipe Cards for 2002/2003 Recipe Binder

    I have a customer that has the Recipe Binder from 2002/2003. She is looking for more of the recipe cards that came with the binder and I believe were sold on the replacement parts list during the same time. I have looked everywhere I can think of, the binder with the cards are for sale, but I...
  7. DebPC

    Find Parts Replacement Form on Our Website | Get Pricing Information

    I swear I looked in every nook and crany of the website and can't find it. Can someone direct me to it? I want to check on pricing for a part. Thanks!
  8. P

    Replacement Cover for Slice N Serve Needed

    Does anyone have an extra cover for the Slice N Serve (#1166). It's no longer available as a replacement part and I have a customer who needs one. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  9. kam

    Salad Spinner Replacement Part Help

    A guest had the lock-thing on her Salad Spinner break. It looks like just the little plastic piece that juts out to hold the handle down broke off. On the Replacement parts list it shows: SALAD & BERRY SPINNER 178A Thumb Knob $1.50 178B Brake Wheel $4.25 By any chance does anyone know...
  10. C

    Can anyone help me find a replacement Dots Mug for The Pampered Chef?

    ISO dots mugs. Have a client that was remodeling kitchen when she got her dishes last year and just got around to opening them and one of the mugs was broken. So even if somone has just one or two (New please) she would be interested. CA Thank you.
  11. C

    Personal Jaw Joint Replacement Surgery: A Journey of Hope

    Hi Y'all! It's that time. I had both jaw joints out in March and now I'm having the artificial ones put in. It will be Monday the 18th at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. I appreciate the prayers for the surgery and recovery. I've been in pain for so long and I'm looking forward to a little...
  12. cookingwithlove

    Find Chillzanne Replacement Parts and Lids | Discontinued Sectional Server

    I know the Chillzanne is discontinued and that we can no longer get replacement parts. However, does anybody know where we can get a replacement parts? Or does anybody have a lid to the sectional server?
  13. H

    Replacement Part for Classic Batter Bowl

    I emailed home office but you guys are usually faster. I have a client looking for the classic batter bowl lid. I didn't see it on the replacement list? I thought she could purchase just the lid please let me know. thank you
  14. N

    Outrageous Shipping Charges for Replacement Parts - My Experience with P3

    OK- I get the shipping charges for replacement- Not Agreeing- But understand- Well I had a show Sunday a customer wanted a food collar they were 7.50 on P3- I filled it all out and know there was 4.75 shipping too- HOWEVER - THIS AM There is a message when I open my P3 that I have a...
  15. T

    Replacement Parts for Food Chopper

    I have a customer who bought the food chopper a long time ago and needs to replace the clear plastic ring that the cap installs on. Where do I find where I can order replacement parts?
  16. chesse

    How Do We Order Replacement Parts Now?

    Hi, Printed out a RP order form that is no longer an order form! How do we order them now? Asked Solution Center but now response. TIA Char
  17. lmklipfel

    Sharpening a Can Opener: Is It Time for a Replacement?

    Is there any way to sharpen the can opener? A customer is asking and it might be time for a new one.
  18. D

    Replacement Parts for Food Chopper - Help Needed!

    Hi, Does anyone know if you can get replacement parts for the Food Chopper? Thank you, Dana D
  19. lt1jane

    Does Anyone Have a Replacement Handle for the Old Rotary Grater?

    I just had a customer call me wanting to see if she could get a replacement handle for her old-style rotary grater. I remember the new rotary grater came out in the fall of 2008. I know it's no longer a replacement part, but wanted to try this venue in an attempt to help her out. She has...
  20. A

    DCB Cracking - Is Replacement Needed?

    One of my friends (not a host of mine, but actually the host of the first PC party I went to!) has the DCB, and it's started cracking - it's not very noticeable, but she's afraid to use it. It sounds like it's just in the inner part - not all the way through to the outside. I told her I'd ask...
  21. pcsharon1

    I Missed It...........when Did They Change Replacement Parts?

    When did they change the replacement parts order form? Used to be I could print it out and give it to a customer and they could mail it in whenever they were ready. Now it clearly states that all replacement parts orders must be done through P3. Missed that. And just got off the phone with...
  22. B

    How Should Guests Order Replacement Parts?

    If I don't order replacement parts for my guests, can they order them themselves online? I do have a website. Thanks.
  23. kcmckay

    Can I Get a Replacement Tray for My Chillzanne Collection?

    I got an email from a HO lead about a replacement part for the tray. I don't know much about the chillzanne because they were discontinued in my first year and I never purchased one. I was looking at replacement part order form and I see there is still some for the chillzanne collections but I'm...
  24. A

    Help! Need Replacement Ingredient for Today's Show

    I'm making the Mediterranean Cafe Salad that we had a few years back, and it calls for Lipton Recipe Secrets Savory Herb with Garlic. My host can't find the ingredient. I'll leave early and hit a few stores near me, but if I can't find it, what should I get? THANK YOU! Amanda
  25. J

    QSP Plunger Replacement: Compatibility with Older Versions

    Is the new plunger replacement for the QSP fit the older versions? Thank you!! Jill
  26. chefkathy

    Director Where can I find the replacement for the Spoon Rest stoneware saucer?

    There is FINALLY a replacement for the Spoon Rest stoneware saucer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.pamperedchef.com/repsonly/images/cc/us/pdf/replacement_parts_list.pdf
  27. wadesgirl

    Replacement Pieces Available: Spoon Rest Dish Included!

    I was looking at the link provided in the weekly email from HO for the replacement pieces and noticed the dish for the spoon rest is on there! I know this has come up before so I wanted to point it out.
  28. M

    Replacement Lid for 12 Qt Stock Pot?

    A friend of mine is having a show and one of her friends needs a replacement lid to the executive 12 qt stockpot. It was taken from a party, so not a warranty thing. I called HO about what lid fits the 12 qt and was initially told that the 12 inch glass lid fits, so we thought great-she can...
  29. babywings76

    Replacement Part for EAD: Round Plastic Thing for Metal Rod | Deviled Egg Tool

    I'm not sure what the part would be called, but a customer asked me if we have replacement parts for the little round thing that is at the top of the EAD. It's not the plastic trigger, but the round plastic thing that is on top of the metal rod that slides up & down. I looked at the list and...