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What is slice: Definition and 50 Discussions

  1. chefjeanine

    Urgent Now That Hold 'N Slice Is Gone, What Do I Use on Cake?

    Looking for some ideas. Making the Coconut Tres Leches Cake at a party Monday night. Step #4 is "Pierce cake thoroughly with the Hold 'N Slice." Any ideas on what to do now that this tool has been discontinued? Poke with a fork? Poke with a knife? Let someone who has way too much time on their...
  2. Admin Greg

    Spiral & Slice: Share Your Thoughts Here

    Please discuss the Spiral and Slice. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  3. P

    Replacement Cover for Slice N Serve Needed

    Does anyone have an extra cover for the Slice N Serve (#1166). It's no longer available as a replacement part and I have a customer who needs one. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  4. F

    Old "Aka Slice Your Finger" Mandoline Vs. Current

    Have a customer that needs to replace the guard on the OLD OLD mandoline replaced. (is the one with the blades stored in the side, not the box). Does anyone know if the current food holder will fit it? Thanks in advance!
  5. C

    Fs: Thick Slice Rod for APampered Chefs

    This was retired long ago. New but not in package. $8.50 + shipping.
  6. straitfan

    Looking for an Iso-Ultimate Slice and Grate? I can help!

    I have a customer who absolutely HATES her Mandoline, and wishes everyday that she hadn't sold her USG in a garage sale. I'd love to make her happy by finding her another one. Let me know if you've got one to part with. Shipping to 67579. TIA!
  7. byrd1956

    Question About Ultimate Slice N'grate

    Does anyone have the use and care card for the Ultimate Slice n'Grate. I have looked all over for mine to make a copy for someone and can't find it. If someone could scan it and e-mail it I would be so grateful!
  8. chefkathy

    What is the guarantee for the Old Ultimate Slice & Grate?

    Anyone know the guarantee on that? I am away from my files and don't have an old catalog to look it up. I have a customer with a faulty one (and of course no receipt) and want to at least try to help her.
  9. forkatieb

    My New Best Friend: The Hold 'N Slice Jello Poke Cake Maker!

    I really didn't care for this when I first got it...:( BUT today I discovered why its my new best friend! :love: I love making Jello Poke cakes but I HATE poking the holes in it. I normally use a fork, it would take up chunks of cakes and get crumbs everywhere! This morning it dawned on me that...
  10. pchefkristin

    Need a V-Shaped Blade for Slice and Grate

    Hey all... After much waiting on hold, and explaining to HO that my version of PP still has the old style replacements for the Slice and grate, they gave me a # for the V-shaped blade for the old Slice and Grate design. I have a customer whose consultant had dropped the ball a few months back...
  11. C

    Need More Thick Slice Attachment Rods? Check Out My Stock!

    I am needing at least 1 more of these. Anyone still have any available? Caroline
  12. lockhartkitchen

    Iso Thick Slice for APampered Chefs

    I have a client who is looking for the thick slice for the apple peeler corer slicer. It was on the outlet mall, but she didn't get one, now it's off of the outlet.
  13. C

    Retired Thick Slice Rod: Last Chance to Find 2!

    The retired Thick Slice Rod for the APCS. I have a lady who is wanting 2 and I only have 1 extra that I can find. I don't remember how many I bought when it was being discontinued, but I know I sold 1 or 2 already.
  14. sarahlegare

    Does the Mandoline Slice Cheese Well??

    I have a customer who is ordering the mandoline and wants to know if it slices cheese well. I'm sure it slices it, but is it easy/smooth to do? Anyone know? She's definately getting it, but isn't sure if she should get the cheese knife too??
  15. PampMomof3

    Don't Make My Mistake: Danger of the Ultimate Slice & Grate!

    I was at my in laws today and it was my job to cut the tomatoes and onions. Well I pulled out the retired Ultimate Slice and grate and yes, I know and KNEW I should use the food safety holder but I did it anyway. I got through the tomato fine and then got to almost the end of the onion and I...
  16. jbachen

    Find the Perfect Replacement Food Holder for Your Old Slice and Grate - TIA!

    Does anyone know if we can still get a replacement food holder for the old slice and grate? I looked in P3 under replacement parts, but it looks like the same part # as for the Ultimate Mandoline, so I want to be sure I order the correct thing. TIA!
  17. P

    Thick Slice Rod for APampered Chefs Wanted

    Does anyone have any new Thick slice rods for the APCS? I have a PH that wants 2 of them. It's too bad they aren't available any more. I saw them on the outlet not too long ago, but doubt if they will ever be back. :( If you do, please PM me and let me know how much, etc. She wants them...
  18. M

    Ultimate Slice & Grate - Price?

    Does anyone remeber the retail price? I am doing a fair tomorrow and wanted to offer it half price -- BUT I don't know the price!
  19. Bren706

    Looking for Use & Care Card for Ultimate Slice & Grate

    I have a customer who is having a hard time using the Slice and Grate, and no longer has the use and care card. Anybody have one they can post for me?
  20. dannyzmom

    Ultimate Slice & Grate for Sale

    Does $18 plus shipping sound fair? The hand guard is a bit roughed up on the underside but it's in otherwise great condition - all blades intact, etc.
  21. dannyzmom

    Iso One More Nylon Slice & Serve

    Boy - all of a sudden they're coming out of the woodwork looking for one of these!!! Anyone have one more?
  22. lisa717

    Looking for a Used Ultimate Slice and Grate?

    Does anyone have one that they want to sell.??? Used is fine with me....PLEAAAASSSSSSSSE????????
  23. dannyzmom

    Looking for an Iso Nylon Slice & Serve? Anyone willing to sell?

    ...anyone have one they'd like to part with?
  24. M

    Iso Ultimate Slice and Grate Blade

    I have a customer who's adjustable blade for the Ultimate Slice and Grate is broken. Her warranty expired last month!! Does anyone have a spare one that you would be willing to part with? I would like it to be new. Thanks!
  25. DebbieJ

    Looking for a Nylon Slice N Serve?

    I have a really good customer who wants the nylon Slice N Serve. If anyone has one lying around collecting dust, let me know!
  26. P

    Avoid the Slice 'N Bleed Disaster: Tips for Safe Mandoline Usage

    I was using the old Slice 'n Grate yedsterday because 1. I can't get used to the Ultimate Mandoline and 2. I was slicing cabbage and wasn't sure how that would work with the food holder. You can see where this is going, I'm sure.. :o So I posted on a mothers' forum I'm on about my newly...
  27. pckelly

    forSale: Ultimate Slice and Grate

    I have the previous Ultimate Slice and Grate. It is in excellent condition, has all the parts. Was only used twice. Looks brand new, but I do not have the box. Asking $15.00 plus shipping. I can mail it priority for $5.00. I have paypal, or you can send a money order. Let me know!! Be blessed!!:D
  28. jenniferlynne

    Question About Returns and Old Ultimate Slice and Grate

    Ok, all at once it seems like everyone is having problems with some products. In one week I had 4 people either call me about something or bring something back to me. Does HO like me to put all these into one email, or email each one seperate? My Aunt bought the old Ultimate Slice and...
  29. KellyRedHead

    Need an Adjustable Thin Slicing Blade for an Older Ultimate Slice and Grate?

    I posted earlier about needing the older collar for the food chopper. Well the same guest needs the adjustable thin slicing blade for the older Ultimate (now-Mandoline)slice and grate. I put it in to order and it wouldn't take it, I was surprised. It didn't change too long ago?? Well...
  30. jrstephens

    Ultimate Mandoline for Sale: Price and Usage Tips

    A friend has been wanting to buy mine ever since I earned the Mandonline. I am getting better with the Mandoline and am thinking of selling her my USG. How much should I sell it for? It looks brand new, I have probably used it maybe 10 times. I cannot even remember what they sold for...