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What is ultimate: Definition and 88 Discussions

  1. cwinter474

    What Changed in the New Ultimate Mandoline Model #1109 Compared to Model #1087?

    What is the difference in the old ultimate mandoline #1087 and the newer one #1109?
  2. DebPC

    Difference Between Ultimate Mandolin and Simple Slicer

    Here's the difference...
  3. C

    Get the Ultimate Mandoline for Sale - Only Used 2 Times! | $35 + Shipping

    I have a very gently used -2 or 3 times - Ultimate Mandoline for sale. It is 1-1/2 yrs old and can't be returned. Asking $35 + shipping.
  4. sprinklesteen

    Help! Struggling with Using a Mandoline for Recipes

    Hi all! I'm a brand new consultant, just getting my feet wet. I haven't even held my first show yet - that's next week! :) I've been trying to practice recipes, using products, etc. and....(is this okay to say here?) I WANT TO THROW THAT MANDOLINE OUT THE WINDOW!!!!!!! UGH - what am I...
  5. G

    Can I Fix My Stuck Ultimate Mandolin Slider?

    I just got my consultant kit and was trying out my Ultimate Mandolin. Unfortunately, I put the slider on backwards and now it is stuck. I'm concerned if I put much more force on it to take it off I'll break it.... Any recommendations or have I permanently broken it? Any help is appreciated!
  6. T

    Is the Ultimate Mandolin for Sale the Perfect Addition to Your Kitchen?

    Popular Cutting Item for SaleI have a higher priced cutting item for sale, if anyone is interested. Please e-mail me at: [email protected] if you are interested! Thank you!
  7. N

    Micro Chip Maker & Ultimate Mandoline

    Has anyone tried- or does any one know if the ULTIMATE mandolin will work with the Microwave chip maker?? I think it may be too thick- I tell people that and they sy no -I am goo w/ my mandolin- What do you tell your customers?
  8. L

    Is the Ultimate Mandolin Redesigned?

    How is this item redesigned? Or is that the new slicey thingy? Thanks!
  9. J

    Discover the Ultimate Mandoline Recipe for a Delicious Show-Stopping Dish!

    What is a great show recipe that features the Ultimate Mandoline??!! Thanks!!
  10. Dotty

    So, is it Man'-doe-lin or Man'-doe-line? What do you think?

    Here is the ultimate question on the ultimate Mandoline: What is the correct pronunciation of the word Mandoline? I've heard it several ways. Man'-doe-lin (short i) Man'-doe-line (long i) Man'-doe-leen (long e) I'm sure there are other pronunciations, please share any...
  11. D

    Will Waddington, NY Be Crowned the Ultimate Fishing Town?

    Would you be willing to vote of Waddington, NY. We are in the lead and would like to stay there. I do not live in this town, however I do many shows there. Waddington is located on the St. Lawrence River. When you click onto the site, you can read all the wonderful things that Waddington and the...
  12. L

    The Ultimate Collection of Salsa Recipes

    Has anyone made up a document with all the salsa recipes yet.
  13. M

    Ultimate Mandoline Replacement Part

    I have a customer I met at a vendor event who got an Ultimate Mandoline 4 years ago. It is out of warranty. She wants to just replace the broken party which she described as the thing that slides up and down. I looked at replacement parts and you can order the food holder, but I'm not sure...
  14. RMDave

    Am I the Only One Who Hates the Ultimate Mandoline?

    I am now on my second one. The first one was defective and the safety device refused to even open to do any slicing. HO replaced it. The new one crinkle sliced one zucchini. Now it refuses to slice anything. I've looked closely as I slide the holder past the blade. It never opens...
  15. K

    What Can I Get with The July Host Special at Pampered Chef?

    I created this to take to my show tonight (mainly as a reference for myself since I have not used it much) but thought that it would be good if I laminated it and passed it around to customers too since it is a July Host Special. Hope it is helpful for you!
  16. emiscookin

    Mozarella Cheese and the Ultimate Mandoline

    I know I am not the only one who has noticed this and been a little frustrated by it, so I wanted to see what ya'll's thoughts were and suggestions. Twice now (almost three times) I have done recipes which have required Mozarella Cheese (MC from now on) and they suggest I use it with the...
  17. byrd1956

    Can anyone recommend a video tutorial for the Ultimate Mandoline?

    I have a distant customer that is having problems with the Ultimate Mandoline. I contacted HO to see if they had any videos on using it and was told no, but to check youtube. I have searched with no luck. I am hoping one of you cheffers can help me. Has anyone found a video we can share...
  18. PamperedSD

    Chicken Pesto and Tomato Flatbread - W/O Ultimate Mandoline

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this. I would like to make this for a show but I do not have the Ultimate Mandoline or the cooling rack. I would make the chicken in the micro w/ the DCB and season it with Sun-Dried Tomato herb (this is how I made when I tried it at home). When...
  19. N

    Ultimate Mandoline...do You Like It, I Hate It

    HELP- I HATE the UM I avoid it at all costs when possible. I LOVED the Ultimate slice n grate Sold the pants off of that thing. I have 2 new consultants that are struggling w/ it as well. I told them it is not my favorite product. I HATE the food holder- my onions are always too...
  20. dannyzmom

    Switch to Mac: The Ultimate Guide

    No longer with PC???
  21. ChefPaulaB

    Ultimate Mandoline Replacement Part

    I just dropped my food holder for the UM and part of it broke... my question is, the part that broke isn't the part that you stick the food in (with the prongs), it's the other part that hooks onto the UM the slides the food (am I making sense?). So, with the replacement parts, the only thing...
  22. G

    Need inspiration for showcasing an Ultimate Mandoline at an auction?

    I am donating an Ultimate Mandoline to an auction at our local school. My mom saw it and the box and then saw the picture in the catalog. She said, "You definitely need to put something together like is in the catalog so people can SEE what it does." Well, unfortunately, the only pictures of...
  23. M

    Cleaning a Mandoline After Many Uses: A Lesson Learned

    I have been "challenged" by the mandoline, and finally looked at the product online course on CC. It helped alot, BUT I also learned that you need to take the handle apart to clean it. I had used it in SEVERAL shows, and when I DID take it apart... ewwww! Was it GROSS! Sure glad it can...
  24. byrd1956

    Question About Ultimate Slice N'grate

    Does anyone have the use and care card for the Ultimate Slice n'Grate. I have looked all over for mine to make a copy for someone and can't find it. If someone could scan it and e-mail it I would be so grateful!
  25. cwinter474

    The Ultimate Mandoline: Trying to Love It, But Not Quite There Yet

    I have tried to like the Ultimate Mandoline, I really have. But I don't! you have to find just the right size carrot, tomatoe, potatoe or cucumber to work the darn thing. I liked the old one, except when I sliced the heck out of my thumb on it twice. But at least I used it, now mine is still in...
  26. chefkathy

    What is the guarantee for the Old Ultimate Slice & Grate?

    Anyone know the guarantee on that? I am away from my files and don't have an old catalog to look it up. I have a customer with a faulty one (and of course no receipt) and want to at least try to help her.
  27. quiverfull7

    Will the USG parts and old blades fit in the UM storage case?

    I have someone who wants to know if the parts for the USG will fit in the storage case of the UM? Also if the blades from the old one will fit in the new one. My initial answer is no but I know that someone here will know for sure! Thanks in advance!
  28. J

    Ultimate Mandoline With Gr. Peppers

    Which blade do you use when slicing green peppers on the ultimate mandoline...the straight blade that adjusts thickness or the v-shaped blade? Also, how do you prep the pepper and place it on the prongs? (I'm making the chicken fajitas)
  29. K

    Help Needed: Removing Stains from Ultimate Mandoline & Collapsible Salad Bowl

    Tonight I used my Ultimate Mandoline to grate carrots for a carrot cake. The plastic is now stained orange. I got a little lighter after soap and water, but it's not completely gone. Does anyone know how to get rid of the stains? Also, my Collapsible Salad bowl has stains in the green part due...
  30. K

    Ultimate Mandoline - Different Sized Slices Possible?

    I've been playing with the Ultimate Mandoline and using the different blades, but I don't see the difference between the straight slicer and V slicer. They both produce very thin slices. Is there any way to adjust for thicker slices? I don't always want wafer thin slices! It's also annoying...