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What is different: Definition and 99 Discussions

  1. K

    Fundraiser in Different Months, Which Guest Special?

    I'm hosting a cooking fundraiser for a group this upcoming weekend. They wanted a 4 week show since the girls in the group will be trying to sell more. All of the orders are suppose to be in by the middle of May to close it out. Will the guest get the April Guest Special or the May Special?
  2. esavvymom

    Shipping My Samples to a Different Address?

    Will PC notice or care if I place a samples order and have it shipped to a friend's house instead of my current address? I am in the middle of moving, and supposed to close on my house on April 5th. They've delayed the closing once already, but supposedly everything is now worked out. I'm...
  3. babywings76

    E-Mail Notification of New Posts to Threads Different?

    Hey Greg, did you change the format of the e-mail notifications? I thought they used to say what the post contained, now they just provide a link to it for me to go to. I liked them better the old way because I hate to click on links through e-mails. It interrupts what I'm doing and opens...
  4. melissa3026

    Different Booking Experience... at Least for Me

    Admittedly, I have had an extremely slow start to my business and mostly because I just haven't spent the time to work it. About 2 months ago, I changed my mind-set and have been working my business every night when I come home from my desk job and every day of the weekend. I haven't had any...
  5. J

    How Is Our Deep Covered Baker Different Than a Bean Pot?

    I'll be submitting some shows in the next few days which will make me eligible for my new consultant bonuses and one of the goodies is that I get to pick 2 pieces of stoneware. I see that the DCB is featured, and of course the most expensive freebie. However, I already own a Home & Garden...
  6. esavvymom

    Need Some Brainstorm Ideas on a Slightly Different Vendor Event

    I just secured a booth for our team that is a bit different then what I've done before.It is at a huge area Kids consignment sale. I haven't been to this particular one in years, but it was big then....I expect it is just as big these years since (they are huge around here). it is at our...
  7. P

    Director Anyone Seeing a Different System Yet?

    I don't see any difference yet
  8. kristina16marie

    Kids Project - Postcards From Different States

    Need help please! My niece & nephew are working on a States Unit Study and I'm hoping to find some friends willing to send a postcard from the state you are in for the kids to receive in the mail. If you can help please comment below with the state you are in and I will send you their address in...
  9. babywings76

    How to Move an Order Onto a Different Show

    I was putting together a catalog show, but it isn't enough for a show. I really want to submit it tomorrow because it has a long distance friend's order who is getting things for Christmas presents and I don't want to sit on it anymore. I already asked people, posted on Facebook, mentioned it...
  10. A

    Gifting Etiquette: Determining Value for Different Occasions

    How does one determine the value of gift to give for various desired results? Season's Best ($1.00) for hosting a show, Attendance prizes ($1.00-$5.00), etc. If I offer a gift to my host for collecting at least $200 in sales before her show, what type of gift or value of gift should I give? Or...
  11. 3

    Creative Uses for Pampered Chef Sauces: Discover New Ways to Enhance Your Meals

    I hope someone can help me. A few weeks ago I saw either in an email or hardcopy print form, listing of all the pampered chef sauces and various ways each one can be used. Does anyone have an idea about what I am talking about and or where I can find it? Thanks Monica
  12. cookingwithlove

    Twice in the Last Month I Hit Reply to a Message From 2 Different

    Twice in the last month I hit reply to a message from 2 different customers and I received a delivery failure notification from Spamcop. This is what it says: Hi. This is the qmail-send program at oproxy2-pub.bluehost.com. I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following...
  13. Nep2nfly

    Navigating a Social Situation: Party Host Invites Two Different Businesses

    :mad:So, I called my hostess for a party coming up in a week and a half. While speaking to her about the menu, etc. she mentioned that she had invited a mutual friend (I don't actually know the host, but the person the host knows is an acquaintance of mine) to bring her "purses" to display at...
  14. thehaleykitchen

    Husband up for a Different Position in Company...

    Hey all! I just need a few extra prayers said for us! My husband is in the running for a different position within the company that he works for. And if he gets it, he will finally be not on call 24/7 (like he has for the past 14 months) and it would mean a pay increase as well, from what he...
  15. K

    Need Help With Two Very Different Fundraisers

    Morning Chefers! I've bee approach to do two very different fundraisers. The first one is for a preschool. The director wants to do an actual kitchen show. She has rented out a place and invited about 100 people. She also wants to hand out packets to the students with about 10 orders forms...
  16. I

    Director Different Spring Launch Question

    Are you doing anything for your team members who are attending? I.e. clappers, pins, etc?
  17. C

    Different Way to Have a Fundraiser

    If you get to do a fundraiser for a non profit organization, consider giving the chair/host this option. Do a regular party, in home or online. Tell the host to pick out his/her free, half priced, and discounted items, then let her/him write a tax deductable check for the amount of free items...
  18. P

    Can I Still Get Host Benefits If I Label My Show Under My Husband's Name?

    My director was telling me that when I have my own show to put it in my husband's name. Is there a reason why? If I have someone book a show off of my party, will I be able to get the host benefit then?
  19. P

    Splitting Free Products Among Hosts Across Different Areas

    I've got a mystery show in the works with 7 hosts. Question to all you seasoned folks -- I'd like to split the free products among 2 of the hosts, however the hosts are all located in different areas, one is in another state. How do you handle this type of situation? Would you have things...
  20. littlemaisyPC

    Thinking of Trying a Different Style of Show... Auction Type Show

    The other day I attended a friend's show who is a DS with another company. I was really intrigued by the way she did her show. It was an auction type show. She starts out by sending the invites to the guest with a flyer on how to earn money (fake paper money) like go to my website, bring an...
  21. Jennie4PC

    Shipping Items to a CoHost in Different State

    If i have someone cohost a show but they live on a different state can they have thier items shipped to them without paying shipping? I played with it on P3 but just wondering if anyone has done this before
  22. S

    Huh? Web Site Layout Different?

    Last night, I was trying to talk my new consultant through on how to have guests order from her personal web site over the phone. I kept saying, click on 'Order Online' and she kept saying she didn't have that. Finally I went to her site and she doesn't have that! It says 'Our Products'...
  23. D

    Create Unique Invitations with the PC Note Card: Tips & Tricks

    Has anyone ued the pc note card for an invation? If so how do you create it (print). I have this idea for a in your slippers catalog show and would like to use what i have on hand.
  24. lisa717

    Help Needed: Looking for 2 ZHU ZHU Pets in Different Colors

    One of my good friends is desperate to find 2 of these ZHU ZHU pets in two different colors...if anyone can help me out let me know please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. N

    FedEx Frustration: Two Different Stories and No Delivery

    I am so mad at Fed Ex. My host got 2 of her 3 boxes last Friday. The 3rd box said delivery exception. I called and they said the box had arrived to them wet so they had to repackage it and it would be delivered on Saturday. My host called today and said she didn't get the box yet. I looked...
  26. babywings76

    Adding 2 Small Orders Onto a Different Show

    I had a host want to do a catalog show. She had a major MS flair up and was unable to actively pursue contacting people about placing orders. She ended up in the hospital and is living at her mom's now. Her mother in law ordered a jar opener and her mother ordered a stone. This was supposed...
  27. J

    Fs Pampered Chef Wear Different Sizes

    I am hanging up my apron. I have a list of current and discontinued items I would like to sell. Please e-mail me at [email protected] and I can e-mail you a list. Everything is barely used. These things were used to demonstrate in my shows only. Also, here is a PDF of apparel items I am...
  28. J

    Ack, I Could Put This in 3 Different Places...

    So I have a show this Saturday. Big whoop, right? It kind of is, because I don't do many shows and the host has informed me that she will be very surprised if there are fewer than 20 people. She expects more. She also mentioned that some of the guests *really* like PC and some may be interested...
  29. P

    Two Different Types of Crowds for 2 Days

    Hi ladies! I am trying to decide what to do- One day at this fair- it is for public school students, etc and I was thinking of advertising cooking classes and fundraisers for this day. Then the next day is open to everyone- I was going to have "Help Wanted" sign and try to advertise to...
  30. JenniK

    Need Flyer With Info About Different Types of Pampered Chef Shows

    I'm putting together folders for guests I and wanted to include a flyer about all the different shows PC offers: - Catalog - Cooking - Bridal shower & Wedding Registry - Fundraisers Does anyone have anything like this that I can start with? Thanks!