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What is value: Definition and 40 Discussions

  1. A

    Gifting Etiquette: Determining Value for Different Occasions

    How does one determine the value of gift to give for various desired results? Season's Best ($1.00) for hosting a show, Attendance prizes ($1.00-$5.00), etc. If I offer a gift to my host for collecting at least $200 in sales before her show, what type of gift or value of gift should I give? Or...
  2. kam

    Difference in Value in Mother's Day Set

    Wondering if anyone else noticed this... The Sweet Endings set for the Mother's Day special is $39. The CONSULTANT flyer says a value of $50.50 The CONSUMER flyer says a value of $69.00 I used the $50.50 value on the flyers I created since that is the info I had at the time. I never...
  3. P

    Director Mini and Full Kit Value: Where to Find It

    Anyone know what is the value of both the full and mini kits and where is it posted?
  4. A

    Free Product Value and Gift Certificates

    Hi, Odd-ball question here. Can a host use earned product value to purchase gift certificates? I was approached with this question and neither my director or I know. Thanks! Angela
  5. wadesgirl

    Discover the Value of Logo Items in My HD's Office Door Prize!

    My HD is buying some of the random items I have around my office for a door prize. I don't remember the value of the following items: Dots Paper (the current paper on Merrill is $9.95 for 50 sheets and I know there is no way I would have paid that much but maybe I did!) Little Blue Flashlight...
  6. C

    Selling My Consultant Tote - Value?

    I am thinking about selling one of my consultant totes. It is the large tote that is divided into three small sections on one half and a single open area on the other half. I think this is on the supply form and if it is can anyone tell me what the price is. If it isn't, does anyone remember...
  7. PampChefJoy

    Qvc's Today's Special Value Today...

    http://www.qvc.com/qic/qvcapp.aspx/view.2/app.detail/params.item.K28534.cm_scid.mail?cm_ven=DAILYTSV&cm_cat=STANDARD&cm_pla=TSV&cm_ite=ART I have to admit... I'm a little intrigued.
  8. Intrepid_Chef

    Original Value of These Products

    Anybody with long memories ... help! I'm putting together a basket of products for a church auction: * Purple tiles placemat set * Citrus stripe towels * Cooks corer (little one, not the Core and More * Blue stoneware crock The value of the basket has to exceed $25 and based on what...
  9. scottcooks

    Are You Ready to Save Big with Our Spring/Summer Catalog Price Breakdown?

    Not to justify, but to educate us all...Here is a summary of the price breakdowns for the Spring/Summer Catalog. Just another reinforcement of the affordability of our products.Thanks to Director Lura Antokal for sharing via Director Loop! PC Spring/Summer 2010 CatalogItems between, $.075-$10.00...
  10. Melissa78

    Show Totals & Free Product Value

    Can anyone point me in the direction as to where I find out how much a host earns in free product over $1000? I just had a show that is at $1100 with about 6 orders still to come in. I had no idea how much to tell her she was at and I'm not sure on CC where I find such info. Any insight? TIA
  11. beepampered

    New Consultant Welcome Package: Product Value & Sign On Bonuses

    Does anyone have a list of things that a new consultant gets? Basically a list (pretty or not) of product value, PC Bucks, new consultant sign on value, etc. Thanks.
  12. F

    Where Is My Additional Free Product Value?!

    I'm in the process of entering my only July show and my show totaled $505 so my host gets $50 more in free products but P3 is still only allowing me to enter $90 in free products....what am I doing wrong? Ive checked the date and it's right. Is there something I have to enter differently to...
  13. sk8rgrrl99

    Is Lapboard Investment Worth it? Evaluating Value of 12 Purchases

    For those that have the lapboards, do you find them to be worth the price? I'm considering buying 12 of them....
  14. DessertDivaFL

    Host Misunderstood How to Use Free Product Value

    I have done 30 shows so far and this is the first time my host thought she could apply her free product value to cover the half-price product balance. She expected to get the half-price product for FREE??? :confused: Eventually she understood. She got almost $900 in product for $353. :D Has...
  15. thecougchef

    Win a $194 Value: Host Appreciation Nov 5-30!

    im starting a quick new thread on this because the NMD thread became too long to scroll through ;) host appreciation is for shows nov 5-30. 5 hosts/consultants will be drawn everyday to win the reversible bamboo carving board & the forged cutlery carving set -- which i dont know what that...
  16. lacychef

    Anyone Know Value of Each Pampered Chef of 7Pampered Chef Set?

    I've got a host wanting the 7pc Exec set, and her niece which she booked off of wants to buy a couple pieces out of it. They're wondering the value of each piece, so the niece knows what to pay her for it. Anyone know? thanks!
  17. pampered.chris

    Gift Certificate Using Free Product Value???? Help!!!

    I have a hostess that wants to use her Free Product Value to purchase a Gift Certificate ($30.00) for her sister in law's b-day...I am trying to close out the show right now and when I entered the info in P3 it won't tally it in w/ her free product value!! Is this not allowed?! Advice please!!
  18. J

    What is the Minimum Show Value for Canadian Orders?

    So, for a show to qualify is it $200? I know in the states it's $150 but our reward tables start at $200 so I was just wondering. Curious how many more orders I need for a successful grand opening!
  19. tabnat80

    What is the value of reaching the 1500 sale level for new fall products?

    I have a question. I have been trying so hard to reach the 1500 sale level to earn some of the new fall products. I'm about 240 away and have sent out an email to all my contacts. Most of my shows this month have been kinda shabby. I was just curious if anyone remembers what that level of free...
  20. Stef1023

    First Show, Question About Unused Free Product Value

    My name is Stefanie and I'm a brand new consultant and am having a small issue with submiting my first show. When I go to finish the show in P3 it keeps telling me that I have unused free product value, and I can't for the life of me figure out how to use it. Any insight you could provide...
  21. chefkathy

    Estimating Value of 8 Qt Stockpot w/o Lid

    DH's coworker wants the 7pc stainless set, but doesn't want the stockpot. I figured I could buy the stockpot from him, but then I wouldn't get the lid because he will need it for his skillet.What would you guesstimate to be the value of the stockpot? It's an 8 qt (and I already have the 8 qt...
  22. jrstephens

    What Is the Value for the Hwc Tablecloth?

    I looked and cannot find it. Usually, don't they say what it is "valued" at? I know they will show it on our 1099s.
  23. A

    Free Gas for a Year ($1000 Value)

    Rating: -1 Posted By: pahyrg Views: 8 Replies: 0 LINKMore Online Coupons from Fatwallet.com.Get the coupon/deal here...
  24. P

    Understanding Tax on Free Product Value: A Guide for Purchases and Sales

    I thought that the guest and hostess did not pay tax on the free product value? I am entering an order where the guest purchased only pantry items (which are not taxable in CA) and when I add the bamboo spreader to the order (free in February) they are being taxed .31?????
  25. beepampered

    Maximize Your Savings: Troubleshooting Extra Product Value for January Shows

    I have my first January show entered and the extra product value is not showing up. It's a $820 show and she's getting $165 FREE product but shouldn't it be $240? Am I doing something wrong? Any tips? I ran an update to get the guest product numbers. Thanks.
  26. pampchefrhondab

    Today's Special Value on Qvc Today!!!

    Wow, QVC has a great special on QVC today which could hurt our business:( . A 10 piece SS set of cookware for less then $200! (The set even includes the 12" covered pan):eek: They are tri-ply w/aluminum which goes up the entire sides just like PC's. They also have the satin inside to help...
  27. Stampaholic1961

    Unlocking the Value of Pans in Sets: A Comprehensive Guide

    Does anyone know if there is some place to find the value of the individual pans in the 5-piece & 7-piece sets? I have a host who wants to split up the pans in a set but we don't know what each pan is worth. TIA.
  28. chefheidi2003

    Should I Get It?: How People Use & Value This Product

    I was just wondering how many of you have this and how much you use it?? Also what do you use it for. I would really like to get this with my points but I have noticed a lot of people say that they have it and don't use it. So I am just wondering if I should think about going a different route.
  29. M

    Help Melissa Find Value of Pampered Chef Ice Shaver

    I recently aquired a Pampered Chef Ice Shaver still in the Box. I am trying to find out how much it sold for, does anyone remember? Thank you, Melissa
  30. M

    Gift Ideas for My Nephew's Wedding ($100 Value)

    My nephew is getting married later in the Summer, and we wil lnot be able to attend. I have not met his fiance, and have not seen my nephew for several years. When I tried to contact about a bridal registry, i did not receive a response (not surprised) however, I am planning on sending them PC...