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What is certificate: Definition and 122 Discussions

  1. naekelsey

    Sellers Certificate (Not Sure What It Is Called)

    I am doing a Farmers Market in the morning and looking for the Sellers Certificate. (Not even sure what the correct name is..Sorry) I have searched through these files and searched CC to find it, yet haven't been able to. Can someone please point out to me where to find it or what it is...
  2. C

    Boost Your Sales with Pumpkin-themed Gift Certificates - Tips from a Newbie

    Hi all, I'm still a newbie so I'm hoping someon can help me out on this. I am doing a booth next week and I was thinking about drawing people in with a "Pick a Pumpkin" incentive were each pumpkin gives them either a free SB, $5 GC, $10 GC or free party. What do you think? I'm just not sure...
  3. H

    Organizing a Bridal Shower: Gift Certificate Questions

    Hi Everyone, I am doing my first Bridal Shower and want to offer the guests the opportunity to buy a gift certificate for the bride to be. But I don't think they are offered anymore...is that true? thanks Cynthia
  4. NooraK

    Personal Win a $20 Gift Certificate to Show Me Off Again! Referrals Welcome!

    A new, local consignment shop is doing a contest on their page for the most referrals of new fans. The winner gets a $20 gift certificate to the store. I would really like this, as I need to get some winter clothes for my older son. Please visit https://www.facebook.com/ShowMeOffAgain, click...
  5. Intrepid_Chef

    ifYou Haven't Used That Turkey Certificate yet ...

    Here is the deal I got at Wal-Mart for a turkey dinner at my house with the 'Rents, after Roomie's surgery and the holidays: 14 lb. Butterball bird, on sale at Aldi's for $1.09. Wally World price matched it, reducing the price from $16 something to $14.35. Stove Top Stuffing: 99 cents each...
  6. quiverfull7

    Director Dumb Question About Turkey Certificate

    Hey ... sorry for this dumb question but the Turkey Cert/Check ... do we just take it to the grocery store or do we cash it like a check at the bank. I dropped mine in my purse and didn't think about it until one of my host called and asked! SO ... i knew right where to come! TIA!
  7. DebinIA

    Get Your FREE Turkey Gift Certificate with These Simple Steps!

    Please learn from my mistake....in order for your host to receive his/her FREE turkey gift certificate you MUST: 1. Enter item LP40 on the hosts order 2. Show must be held and submitted 11/1-11/15. P3 is NOT alerting us to the missing turkey certificate. :( And PC is NOT fulfilling...
  8. pckelly

    Director Why Do November Hosts Need a Product Number for Their Free Turkey Certificate?

    So, silly me, I didn't realize that we had to enter a product number in order for our November hosts to receive their free turkey certificate. I'm so used to P3 alerting us when someone qualifies for something and it's not ordered.... I let my team know as well. Grrrrr. Thankfully, this...
  9. CathyP

    Host Wants to Use Some of Her Host Fpv Towards a Gift Certificate

    I have a host who has just had $1,000+ show. She will get $215 in FPV, but can't make up her mind as to what to get with it. She is leaving on a 15 day cruise in two days, so I need to finalize things with her ASAP. She has a short list of items she wants, but it doesn't come anywhere near...
  10. G

    Maximizing Savings on Catalog Show Purchase - Tips and Advice

    I recently donated $40 off a purchase at a fundraiser. The winner is going to order 2 sets each of the dots glasses (large and small). The product total is $92. How do you recommend I handle this purchase to have it cost me the least amount of money out of pocket? :confused: I have a...
  11. J

    Print a Personalized Gift Certificate for School Fundraiser

    Hello, I searched & can't seem to find a template for a gift certificate. I'd like to print one to donate to my nehew's school fundraiser that can only be redeemed through me. Thanks so much! Jana
  12. Chefgailb

    Gift Certificate Count for Host Orders? - Need Advice

    I had a show yesterday, and someone asked me if they bought a gift certificate at the show I was holding, if it would count toward the hosts orders. I really don't know. Can someone tell me. Thanks.
  13. M

    Redeeming Personal Gift Certificate

    I have searched and searched the past threads and can't seem to find the answer, so here I am with no doubt a repeat post :) A friend has asked me to donate to her son's hockey fundraiser. I'm donating a $25 GC to be redeemed with me. My question is when whomever gets it wants to redeem it...
  14. lisa717

    Redeeming a Gift Certificate: Customer Questions and Answers

    One of my customers recieved a GC for Xmas--but not through me. She wants to redeem it....does she call HO direcctly? Can she go through my website? I have actually never redeemed one.
  15. T

    Exploring Cheaper Travel Options than the Gift Certificate

    Is it worth buying in 2 or would it be cheaper to go on our own and take the gift certificate? with the buy in and cost of flights I am thinking there are deals cheaper than this has anyone looked into it?
  16. N

    Can I Use Gift Certificates for Fundraising with Pampered Chef?

    I am doing a fundraiser for a Race for the Cure team. I will have a table but figured it would be easier to just sell gift certificates. I want to do some sort of "receipt" with the team's logo. How can I do this? Any suggestions?
  17. T

    Do Consultants Receive Credit for Purchased PC Gift Certificates?

    Do Consultants get credit if someone buys a PC gift certificate from us? I have a friend that wants to buy one from me but she wants to know if I get the credit for one and I had no idea what to tell her. :blushing:
  18. P

    Urgent Get $25 Worth of Restaurant Certificate for $2

    This deal ends 6/30, but would be great for Chicago (though, you can choose from restaurants near home, too, which is why I'm posting this in the Chef's Lounge, rather than under NC 2010). No expiration date for the coupon. http://www.travelzoo.com/entertainment/more/838240/ Ignore the...
  19. bridedream

    Is a Pampered Chef Gift Certificate a Good Bridal Shower Gift Idea?

    I have been invited to bridal shower and wedding of an extended family member. (My husband's daughter-in-law's younger sister). The bride (and her family) love Pampered Chef, but the bride opted for a traditional shower and did not sign up for a registry with me. I noticed on her registry...
  20. B

    Help Me Out W/ Gift Certificate Confusion :-)

    Ok- tell me if I want I currently think is correct. If someone wants to order a gift certificate at a show- I just put hte order in P3 and a physical gc comes to the host along w/ the rest of everyones orders. And then teh guest can then give this to whoever who then uses it on the main pc...
  21. pampchefrhondab

    Can I leave the name blank on a gift certificate for a gift exchange?

    I have a customer who purchased a gift certificate; however, she has no idea what name to put on it since it's for a gift exchange they do with their family. Should I just leave the name blank and put her address on it? PP won't let me not put an address on it. Any one have this before?
  22. lisa717

    Can a US Gift Certificate be used in Canada?

    I have a good friend in Canada.....If I bought her a GC for $25 would she be able to use it because it came form USA?
  23. P

    My Gift Certificate or One From Company?

    I have a customer who wants to order a gift certificate for a friend... my question for all of you wise consultants is, should I give her one of my personal gift certificates to order directly from me or just order her one of the company's gift certificates and leave it at that? I can't decide...
  24. wadesgirl

    Can I leave the recipient blank when using a gift certificate?

    Can I leave the recepient blank? And just put the guest's address in to have them shipped to her?
  25. C

    New Consultant! Gift Certificate Questions?

    Hello..I am a new consultant. Just got my kit yesterday. I have been lurking for a week though. There is so much information I wanted to read before I opened my mouth and looked like a fool. Anywho, I have two questions. 1) I am meeting with two company reps tommorow about a gift giving...
  26. Melissa78

    Gift Certificate for Bridal Shower: How to Add?

    Ok after reading the threads on GC's I'm still a little confused. I want to get a Gift Certificate for a friend for her bridal shower on Sunday since she wants cookware. I have 2 friends shows to close out before then. Since I know it adds to their levels (even though I don't get commission) do...
  27. kdangel518

    Get $5 Gift Certificate from My Postcard - Honest Opinion Requested

    I developed this postcard on Vistaprint, the intent is that I will bring these to local flower and bridal shops and ask if they will give them out to brides, and I will do the same with their information if they desire. Not sure I LOVE it... what are your honest opinions? I definitely feel it...
  28. L

    Gift Certificate Inquiry: Ordering and Delivery Process Explained

    I ordered a gift certificate for a customer to give to her friend (included with a show). She called this morning to tell me that she did not receive the gift certificate and neither had the recipient. When ordered with a show, does the gift certificate come with the other products or does it...
  29. esavvymom

    Can I Get a Gift Certificate for My First Recruit?

    I am signing my first recruit this week. I'd love to be able to get her a small Gift Certificate....read this for my reasoning. :D Will I be able to do that *and where*? I'm assuming maybe not until she's actually signed up would that option be available to me...but since she wouldn't take...
  30. K

    Which Gift Certificate Do You Use?

    The one where it is just a gift certificate with an amount or the one with the paragraphs describing the booking advantages?:love: