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  1. rennea

    Might be a dumb question

    Ok, so this might sound dumb, but does anybody ever have a show were they don't do a demo recipe? My girlfriend has had a couple of shows in the past and she says she perfers the shows with only products set up a consultant explains products and answers questions. She just wants me to do veggies...
  2. P

    Really Dumb Whisk Question

    The other night I was whisking together my cream cheese, sour cream, and seasoning for Touchdown Taco Dip, and it all basically stuck inside my whisk. So I ended up having to dig it all out with the edge of my mini spatula. What could I have done to prevent this? Thanks. Paula in TN
  3. P

    A Couple of Dumb Questions...

    Is the recipe section of the PC website having issues, or is it just my computer? I am not having anything displayed when I click on a recipe other than the pics on the left of the tools used. Also, when I clicked on "Featured Recipe", it said nothing was found. My other question is, are...