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What is possibly: Definition and 17 Discussions

  1. P

    Usps Possibly Raising First Class Stamps to .49

    USPS possibly raising first class stamps to .49.....that is going to cut into the commission check big time. May have to look back into the idea of using the postcard invitations again
  2. C

    Possibly Moving to Colorado Springs

    Hey yall, My husband and I live in Florida and might be relocating to Colorado Springs, Co. We will probly be settling around the east side of town and Im having a hard time finding a decent place to live online. Does anyone have any suggestions of some decent homes or NICE apartments? Our...
  3. L

    Possibly a Dumb Question, But...

    I don't want to use soap to clean my kitchen brush because I use it for stoneware. But it's kinda cruddy.... any suggestions on how to get it clean w/o soap? Or do you think it's ok to use soap on it and wash it off really well?
  4. wadesgirl

    Possibly Looking at Pampered Chef Being My Full Time Job

    Due to possible huge life changing events coming up in the next month or so, I'm throwing around the idea of PC being my full time job. It's always been a goal of mine to quit my current job. I currently have 6-7 shows in April and 7-8 shows in May. I'm looking to add more to each month to...
  5. M

    Possibly a Huge Show...need a Flyer

    Ok so my Great Aunt is hosting a show. We are going to have it in the rec room at her senior apartment complex. She wants me to make flyers to leave on everyones doors. The complex has about 100-150 apartments! Yikes...! So I am trying to figure out what to put on the flyer...any ideas or...
  6. J

    Iso Daisy Plates and Possibly Another Caddy

    Hi, I earned the 4 daisy plates, but I'd like to build a set w/ a caddy that's like the host special was. Please pm with what you have and price (plus shipping). Thank you!
  7. susanr613

    Possibly the Most Insecure Guy in the World

    I had a third date tonight with someone who verbally just shot himself in both feet and probably every other appendage. During our first date, I did notice that he talked about himself a lot and didn't seem too interested in what I had to say. OK I'll give him a second chance. Second date...
  8. Sheila

    Possibly Going From 0 Recruits to 2 Recruits This Week!

    Business is really rock'n this month! I started with Pampered Chef in March of this year and have only done a handfull of shows thus far. But my November calendar is FULL! Everyone seems to love the stoneware!!! I have a total of NINE November shows! :thumbup: (That's a LOT in one month...
  9. chefmelody

    Need a Roommate for Upcoming Event: Affordable Accommodations Available!

    I keep wavering on whether I'm going to go or not. I really had fun last year, but it's so expensive. :( I'd initially registered, then canceled, now considering registering again. So... if I decide to go, does anyone need a roommate? I'd even bring my air mattress and sleep on the floor. I...
  10. kam

    Catalog Question- Possibly Canada?

    OK, I know that subject line maskes no sense...But my host made a bizarre statement to me tonight when closing her show. She said: "I want to order the Covered Baker but my catalog is different from my Aunt's catalog. My Aunt is having a show soon (I guess with a different consultant) and...
  11. momoftwins

    Is My Show on Hold? Possible Delay in Shipping Orders?

    I submitted a show on the 20th and it is still only showing received but the website shows that it is currently shipping orders received as of the 22nd. I am wondering if it could possibly be on hold but HO has not called me at all. I may call tomorrow and see what is going on. Has this...
  12. P

    Is Sacramento a Good Place for Consultants to Relocate?

    This may not be the right place for this but... i was wondering how many consultants are in the Sacramento area? My husband was offered a job out there runnging the shop where he works. They are flying him out there the first week of april and then flying me and my daughter out for a weekend...
  13. M

    Recruiting Success After Maternity Leave: Two Signings in One Month?

    I've struggled with recruiting, but have really really shifted my focus as of late and been working on this area of my business. I'd taken a few months off because I had a baby in December, so am just starting to get the ball rolling again this month, and guess what? I got a signed agreement...
  14. L

    Referral About Possibly Wanting Bridal Registry

    I've got a place, similar to a Bridal shop having brides that are interested in different types of services, from Gift Registry (yeah) to Photography, catering, food, reception sites, etc. Where they basically check a box if it's needed. I've gotten quite a few where they have marked YES...
  15. P

    Have Interest in Possibly Joining Pampered Chef

    I have been considering joining a direct sales company. I have looked into quite a few and i like PC for a few reasons. The host reward program seems better to me than a lot of other companys. Which may make it easier to get bookings ?? The contract if i understand it correctly is only 4 shows...
  16. pamperedmom2owen

    How Many Bookings Did I Get From My Show Last Night?

    I had to share! My show last night had 12 people there. It wasn't great sales wise, but it wasn't bad (about $400). But I had 5 people book shows and 2 more who might possibly do a show later! I went to the show wanting at least 2 more shows for next month and got them! So I have my 8 shows...
  17. P

    Getting Ready to Possibly Take the Plunge!

    I have appointment to meet with a director in my area on Thursday evening. Scared about getting in over my head (I work full time and attend graduate school part time) but I'm hoping that this will help me pay for life a little down the road when I have to do my internship to finish my Masters...