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What is moving: Definition and 83 Discussions

  1. A

    How do you find customers when moving to a new place?

    Hi! I may be moving soon to an area where I literally don't know anyone. I've never really gotten my business off the ground where I currently live, but I'm likely to have to work at a part-time job, so it's very important that I build the business up when I move. I'm sure that there are folks...
  2. sailorsarah

    Coffee in Fort Hood? Moving Back to the States - July 2020

    The hubby got our official reservations and everything for us to make the move back to the states. Is there anyone in the Fort Hood area that would like to meet up for coffee in the July timeframe?
  3. jcsmilez

    Moving to Portland: Any Neighborhood Recommendations?

    Hey Cheffers, My husband and I have finally decided that we are going to take the chance and move! Ack! There's so much to think about, I've been Californians our whole lives, we've lived in Redding as long as we've been married, we've had kids, I've started my PC business, etc. Any of...
  4. K

    Grieving a Lost Opportunity - Moving On to Cabo!

    :cry: I was so pshyched and pumped to earn Nashville, and I just found out last night that I won't be able to go... :cry::cry::cry: My husband's best friend just booked his wedding date for that weekend. I know I can and will still earn one of the other trips, but I'm just really bummed at...
  5. pcsharon1

    Personal Newlyweds Moving to Victoria, TX - Need Help!

    I was hoping there would be someone here from the Victoria, TX, area that could help me out. My brother and his new (pregnant) wife just moved to the area. He is stationed at Port O'Connor with the Coast Guard. With the business boom you guys are having in the area - apparantly a new factory...
  6. P

    Director Expert Tips for Successfully Moving Your Business: A Guide for Entrepreneurs

    anyone have any documents on moving you business? I have 2 that are moving in the next month and want ideas to keep them going.
  7. kcmckay

    Moving an Order to Another Show?

    Is it possible to move an order from a website order onto a different show? I had a past customer/host place an order on my May FR that I didn't submit because that was the only order I had. I want to add it to a show I'm submitting today but obviously don't have access to the credit card to do...
  8. Jennie4PC

    Prayers for DH's Job Opportunity: Moving Closer to Family

    My DH has applied for a job back by where our families live. Please pray that he can get the 2nd interview and that it goes good. We really want to get closer to both our families. His mom and dad have both been having health issues and we want the kids to be by thier grandparents.
  9. T

    Moving Back to Tampa: Join Me for an I'm Back Party and Discover New PC Tools!

    A little background...Started selling PC March 1 in Okinawa, Japan. Currently on the road moving back to the Tampa, FL area. We were there 4.5 years ago and we will be moving back into our house. June 1st (Wednesday) a friend is hosting an I'm back show for me, except I won't actually get to...
  10. C

    Possibly Moving to Colorado Springs

    Hey yall, My husband and I live in Florida and might be relocating to Colorado Springs, Co. We will probly be settling around the east side of town and Im having a hard time finding a decent place to live online. Does anyone have any suggestions of some decent homes or NICE apartments? Our...
  11. MHouting

    Moving to Shelby/Cut Bank Mt - Looking for Other Locals

    My husband just this past Friday accepted a job out in Ethridge MT. We currently live in Holland/Zeeland Michigan. He is going out there first to get established, but I'm looking for other consultants in the area to network with! It has been such a huge decision to up and move our family, but...
  12. A

    Moving? Need Phone Advice for Military Spouses

    I have a question about your business phone #. I am a military spouse and have moved 3xs in the past 4 yrs and am getting ready to move once again. I keep my cell phone for my business but find it hard to get business everytime I move. For those of you who move do you change your phone # when...
  13. smilesarepriceless

    Moving Your Business ---Best Tips/Suggestions!

    Ok, well, I've been a little missing in action... Went to Disney w/ Pampered CHef in June, w/ my family (including my 3 week old son)....and moved just 3 weeks ago to a new town (elizabethtown, KY to be exact)...and despite my uncertainty of my desire to keep plugging' along with 3 kids now...
  14. BlueMoon

    Can a Pampered Chef Business Thrive Across State Lines?

    Sorry this is a long story--the main point is I am hoping that someone can please help me with some recruiting words and maybe to find hospitality in /near Austin/ Belton Texas area . This is a gal I know from our HR department, one of those people you always wanted to get to know better...
  15. P

    Any Tips for Running a PC Business in Okinawa?

    Hello, I am new to PC and new here. I just signed up. My husband is military and we are preparing to move to Okinawa, Japan. We will live on base. Can anyone tell me if there is anything special I need to know about having a PC business overseas?! I am a little nervous about finding...
  16. M

    Moving On...lots of Goodies Available

    Hello fellow Pampered Chef consultants, some things have changed in my life and I am moving on from my business with Pampered Chef. I have the following items available for sale. I would prefer to sell them all together, but will consider selling them separately. As a package, they are worth...
  17. littlemaisyPC

    Looking to Connect with Cheffers in Hutto, TX?

    We're actually moving to Hutto, Tx a suburb of Austin. I would love to meet other cheffers who live there. Maybe even join a hospitality group for meetings.
  18. J

    Need Hospitality for Team Member Moving to Wv

    I have a team member who is moving to the Charleston WV area and I am hoping to find her a good Director and team to get involved with there! Anybody in the area, or know somebody there?? Thanks! Jennifer
  19. P

    Moving to Okinawa Japan: Nov & Dec Specials

    Hi, my family and I are moving to Okinawa Japan in Nov. Does anyone know what the specials are for Nov and Dec (I saw that they have them on director success)? I want to start trying to get bookings with people over there and I know they are going to want to know what the specials are. Thanks
  20. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Getting My Knees Moving: A Morning Routine

    Every morning, when I get up, and try to get my knees to start working.
  21. pcsharon1

    We Just Found Out We Are Moving..........

    We are military and will be moving from South Jersey to Colorado Springs area in October. I will be looking for a hospitality director out there. I know that my director can go through the company for that but it has never been successful. I usually find my own person who is willing to work...
  22. B

    Goodbye Chef Success - Moving on to New Adventures

    After over 4 years on Chef Success (almost since the beginning) I have decided to not renew this time. I have made a lot of friends and have gotten a lot of great ideas here but it's time to move on. Take care everyone and I hope to run into you at National Conference!
  23. deanna_g

    Moving and Cluster Meetings Etc....

    Hi. It looks like my husband and I will be relocating ourselves this month! We're happy about the move, but I'm concerned. What do I do about my cluster/team meetings? What about my director? Does everything stay the same as far as up lines? I won't be able to attend my team/cluster meetings...
  24. armywife_consultant

    theArmy Is Moving Us to Ft Lewis

    my hubby got orders to Ft lewis WA. we are moving around the end of march. anyone from washington? im really nervous about moving pampered chef up there? im just getting started and im afraid im gonna lose the little progess ive made. ive never been to washington either. someone help im blind...
  25. M

    How Can You Effectively Relocate Your Business?

    Ok, I have a consultant who is moving her biz. I sent her the Moving Your Biz CD, and decided to search the files for additional help. I was searching the files for a letter or email someone may have used/posted to inform customers, search for catalog shows, online ordering, etc...to my surprise...
  26. G

    Moving Guest Order to Another Show

    Is there any way to move an order from an outside guest from one show to another? She paid over the phone with a credit card that I already put into P3, so I cannot see the cc number to manually move it to another show. Any way to "cut & paste"? If not, I will just call her. TIA
  27. Intrepid_Chef

    Finding a New Church Home: My Journey and Concerns

    Not too long ago, I posted that I was thinking of moving on. It is now confirmed that I am to do so. I went to my old church not long ago, and never felt so uncomfortable in my "comfort zone" in all my life! So far I have visited 2 churches: • Church 1 is a Vineyard church, with good...
  28. Intrepid_Chef

    Is It Time for Me to Find a New Church?

    I have attended my current church for more than a decade. There are many things I love about it, but my frustrations are growing. They include (but are not limited to:) * The fact that many of my friends have left or have been asked to leave, depending on who you talk to and/or whose side...
  29. Ann F

    Expert Tips for Moving Your Business: Insights from a New Texan on Short Notice

    Well, I'm moving for the 1st time in 24 years, and I found out today I'm moving SUNDAY. Any tips from those of you who have moved your business? I know there are CD's I can get, and I had planned to, thinking I had several weeks to plan. Thought I'd take a shortcut and ask you! Thanks...
  30. P

    It's Official Now!!! Moving to Ohio!

    Yep, I'm losing my mind! lol Just a little stressed out! My husband and I are now legally separated (this is a good thing!) and I'm just waiting on the military to finalize my paperwork so I can leave Germany. So, here's my Oct:I ship my car on 15 Oct Household Good picked up on 16 Oct...