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  1. M

    Hospitality director?

    How long does it usually take to get one? My director sent the info on Tues and is waiting for HO to get her the info. I have a show next Sat, do you think I'll have one by then?
  2. ChefNic

    Any other Hospitality Consultants??

    I was wondering how many of you are hospitality consultants? What do you find challenging? Do you feel part of the group, or do you feel like an outsider? Do you hear from your Director? Does the Hosp. Director give you pins, etc? I have a hard time accepting pins, etc from my Hospitality...
  3. E

    Looking for a Hospitality Director . . .

    . . .in Bozeman, Montana. I'm moving there in less than a month and I'd love to hook up with an active cluster once I get there. Let me know if you know anyone who fits the bill. Thanks, Eden [email protected]
  4. K

    Need a hospitality director - Oklahoma

    I'm looking for a hospitality director or other PC consultants in the Lawton/Fort Sill Oklahoma area. I have 2 new recruits signing up and my recruiter just moved to North Carolina :( Before it was just my recruiter and I who would hold our own meetings....small but helpful. I wanted to...
  5. S

    Need Ideas For Hospitality Set

    Does anyone have any good deas for the Hospitality set? Especially those little Boats? Also....if anyone does anything unique with the hospitality stand that would be great too!
  6. B

    Hospitality Director Needed - Houston area

    I am looking for a Hospitality Director for my consultants in the Houston TX area. Anyone?
  7. P

    Looking for hospitality director...

    I also posted this under the "meeting tips" heading, but I just moved to Enid, OK and I'm looking for a hospitality director. My director is also looking, but she's several states away, so I thought I'd help. Thanks, Shannon
  8. P

    Looking for hospitality director...

    Is there a director/cluster in the northern Oklahoma area, specifically Enid, OK? My director is trying to find someone for me, but since she's several states away, hasn't had much luck yet. Thanks, Shannon