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What is director: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. cmdtrgd

    Looking for a Director in the Aurora/Denver, Co Area

    I have been going through my storage units and have a mountain of director and consultant supplies that I need gone. I've tried to throw out anything dated. I'm hoping to find a Director ro take it all so I can stop paying for the storage!!! I have everything from recognition to stickers to bags...
  2. B

    Recently Retired Director - Lots for Sale

    Updated 7/2/16 I just retired after almost 14 years in the biz and I have a ton for sale. All items are plus shipping.PC Post cards. $10 for allI have several training CD's from different vendors and from PC. $0.50-$10Lots of aprons, many new in package purchased but not even opened, great for...
  3. P

    Relocating to Wilmington NC: Looking for Mini Catalogs & Director

    Recently relocated to the Wilmington NC area from Virginia Beach, VA. Did business more of a hobby while working full time. Now retired and in search of some current mini catalogs, and a Director in the area. I am currently active. Also, I am attending New Hanover County's Relay for Life this...
  4. F

    Brand New Director Style Navy Blue Chair

    I have a brand new Director Style folding chair for sale. Never used. Took out of box just to take pictures. Comes with carrying bag and shoulder strap. PC logo on back. Both arms have cup holders and also little mesh bag on side arm to store things. $45 includes shipping.
  5. R

    Director First Time Director: Trip Incentive and DVD Information for 2014

    this is the first time im director for the trip incentive...do I get a DVD of where the trip will be that we can earn in 2014? if so, when does that usually come?
  6. cookinforyou

    Director New Director CS: Ready to Learn & Lead!

    Hi Everyone I am really excited to finally be on the director CS!! In the coming days and weeks I will be going through a lot of the threads and learning from all of you as much as I can I pray I can be a great leader to my team And I am sure I will drive you all crazy with a lot of questions...
  7. K

    Director New Director on the Scene: Ready to Advance!

    So excited to be going as a new Director!! Just registered today and hoping to maybe even make it to Advanced Director :DWho else is going to be there?
  8. R

    Fall Rumors & Directors Kit: Excitement for German-Irish Director!

    Any rumors of what fall will bring us? I know there was a super secret meeting in Cali and the fall line was shown/discussed...and im german and irish so im impatient! plus im a director so when should i receive my director kit....this is my first pre-launch kit
  9. cookinforyou

    Exciting Promotion to Director: July 1!

    Toot Toot So excited I did it!! I promote officially July 1 to director!! I have 6 active this month and over $6000 so far in team sales!! :sing::sing::sing: I have so much to learn and I can't wait to embark on this new journey!!
  10. M

    Discovering My Director as a New PC Consultant

    Hi!!! I've been a consultant for 3 1/2 months now, and I actually signed under my sister (who apparently isn't a motivated PC consultant, nary a show!!) but anyway, I would kind of like to know who my director is so I can actually, possibly attend a meeting!! how can I find this info out...
  11. P

    Hospitality Director in Oklahoma?

    Just moved to Oklahoma (military) and am looking for a director that myself and my new team member can join in our your group meetings, etc. Haven't had much luck finding one yet and we'd really love to get to some get togethers!
  12. ChefBevShu

    Celebrating My Director Promotion: Keeping the Momentum Going!

    I wasn't sure where to post this, but I just earned DIRECTOR!!! :love: I've been trying for a year and finally made it! Now, I just want to keep it!!! So I'll be working on recruiting super hard...can't wait to get started!
  13. T

    Will I Still Receive Director Spring Products If I Didn't Qualify in January?

    Do you know? I have been a director for many years but in Jan had only 5 sell. I know I will get paid as a senior consultant or whatever it is called these days. My question is will I still get the director spring products? I am thinking the title doesn,t change and I qualified with $1250 all...
  14. C

    Fs Pampered Chef Director Seasonal Outdoor Flags

    PC used to send Director's an outdoor seasonal flag as a "Xmas gift" each year... I have the summer one, the winter one, the fall one, and spring/valentine's available and a pineapple one (sign of hospitality) ... email at [email protected]
  15. C

    Find a Hospitality Director for Your Austin Consultant | Fall Launch Connection

    I have a Consultant in Austin that is having a hard time making our meetings. I would like to find her a hospitality Director so she can attend meetings closer to home. Any help would be appreciated! She will be attending Fall Launch in Arlington on Saturday and it would be great to connect...
  16. C

    Did You Qualify for the New Advanced Director Bonus but Didn't Receive It?

    Did anyone else qualify for the New Advanced Director bonus for promoting a 2nd generation director and not get it in their commission check today?
  17. Sheila

    Director Join Our Host Director Team in Dallas and Become a Leader Today!"

    I'm not familiar with the term but got an e-mail along with 23 other "leaders" in the Dallas area ~ HO is asking if we'd like to "serve as part of the Host Director Team" ... I have NO idea what that means. Anyone know?
  18. D

    Director Are Pampered Chef Director Calls Worth Your Time?

    Sorry, but this BUGS ME! I've burned 30 minutes of my calls to listen to others talk on and on. I wish these calls would get to the meat of the call and save this stuff to the end. Ack! Its a new season! There is TONS to talk about! :bugeye: Sandi
  19. A

    Was Anyone on the Director Call With Jean Jonas Yesterday?

    I couldn't call in, due to getting my taxes done. The email last week said it was "some very important information." Feel free to pm me if it was info that can't be posted here yet. ;)
  20. S

    Team Leader: Recruiting Last 4 for Director

    I am a team leader. Only need four more recruits to make it to director.
  21. K

    Director Is the Upper Level Director Academy worth attending?

    Has anyone on chef's success or know of anyone who has attended the upper level director academy? Did you think it was worth going to? What did they cover? I'm thinking of going to the one in Chicago in March. Karen
  22. P

    Director Any Notice the "Potential Director" Report in Cc?

    I pulled reports this morning and there is a "potential director" report listed but nothing comes up for me??? You??
  23. mountainmama74

    Congratulations Advanced Director Loreo!!

    A huge Congratulations to you on your promotioni, Lori! I'm so happy for you! :sing:
  24. S

    Are you ready for a new director in Texas?

    Just saw the updates, and I'm a new Director! WAHOO! This is so exciting! Just wanted to share it with everyone! And I'm remembering something I heard at National Conference this summer: "It's never too late to be great!" It only took 10 years, but I've enjoyed every minute! Suzy in Texas
  25. S

    How close am I to reaching my personal goals as a Director?

    I am so excited!! I have 5 active recruits right now and one of my new recruits(one of my best friends) has her first party on Sunday and she will be submitting 2 parties before the end of the month. My cluster sales are almost $7000, so I am good to go!!! I can't hardly wait to see it all in...
  26. F

    Director Nancy Jo Director Retreat: Join Us and Plan Your Travel!

    Anyone going? Our up-line has extended an invite to us and I'd love to go, but trying to figure out travel cost. Doesn't look like our airport goes into the closest one to the resort. Wondering if others are going how you are getting there? Airline? What airport or other means of transportation?
  27. A

    Director Is Team Drama Ruining Your Directorship?

    There... said it... going to get over the team drama of the day and move on... feel free to vent as needed I have a director requesting that I have no contact with her team because the majority of them want to quit because of me... So the real story is while I was at ULA an inactive...
  28. C

    Am I Being Overlooked by My Director During Difficult Times?

    I know I should just let this go but I if I've ever needed incouragement it's NOW! Our monthly meeting was last night and yes it is usually the same time each month, but in this past month my mother has been in the hospital and rehab for a broken hip and my husband and I were in a five car...
  29. cookingwithlove

    Director Stretched Thin: Trying to Balance Sales Director Demands & Personal Shows

    Do you do them? I have been trying but they just seem to flop. Nobody comes and I get stressed out. I feel like I am stretched thin with everything my Sales Director wants me to do. Step up program, New consultant training, individual training calls to team members, Monthly meetings...