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  1. N

    Need Future Director Advice

    Hi! There's something I've been thinking about lately and thought I would come to you all for suggestions. I am a future director. I have recruited 7 people, but one has already gone inactive. I am looking for ways to give recognition to my team. Of course, our director will give...
  2. M

    Hospitality director?

    How long does it usually take to get one? My director sent the info on Tues and is waiting for HO to get her the info. I have a show next Sat, do you think I'll have one by then?
  3. Marg

    Future Director, here I come!

    I signed my 2nd recruit this weekend! WOOHOO!!!
  4. K

    Director's Agreement

    I am just curious as to what the Director's agreement consists of. I know you sign and submit a director's agreement after you have recruited your 5th consultant. I was sort of curious what the rules are, etc after you have promoted to director. Thanks in advance for any feedback! :)
  5. D

    I'm trying really hard to recruit, I would like to be Future Director

    I'm trying really hard to recruit, I would like to be Future Director by the end of August. What does everyone do to try to recruit? Has anyone placed an ad in the Newspaper for recruiting? I was thinking about doing this for business opportunity and hosting a show, but I would like to know...
  6. B

    Director support

    I am still new to PC (SS2) and am surprised that I have never heard from my Director. I did find a link on Pamperedchef.com which told me who my Director was but the link only had an email address and a note about the upcoming conference. The person who recruited me lives in another part of my...
  7. E

    Looking for a Hospitality Director . . .

    . . .in Bozeman, Montana. I'm moving there in less than a month and I'd love to hook up with an active cluster once I get there. Let me know if you know anyone who fits the bill. Thanks, Eden [email protected]
  8. K

    Need a hospitality director - Oklahoma

    I'm looking for a hospitality director or other PC consultants in the Lawton/Fort Sill Oklahoma area. I have 2 new recruits signing up and my recruiter just moved to North Carolina :( Before it was just my recruiter and I who would hold our own meetings....small but helpful. I wanted to...
  9. PampMomof3

    How do you promote to director?

    How do you promote to director? I know that sounds like a stupid question and everyone keeps talking about how they want to promote but I can't find out how I can. :confused: I am a newbie, in my SS 2 and have a long way to go try and promote but would love to know how! :p Thanks, Kristi
  10. N

    How long did it take you to become a director?

    I'm just starting out and I'm very gung-ho, but having a hard time waiting to move up the ranks! I sometimes feel defeated b/c I haven't recruited anyone yet. So, to help give me a little patience and faith that I'm on the right track- how long did it take you to become a director? Nora...
  11. B

    New Director!!!

    It's been a long week of waiting and wondering if there was something I missed... but I just got the call from Home Office offering me my Directorship!! I AM walking at National Conference!!! Woo Hoo!!! :D :D :D Who's walking with me?! You still have time!!
  12. B

    Hospitality Director Needed - Houston area

    I am looking for a Hospitality Director for my consultants in the Houston TX area. Anyone?
  13. P

    Looking for hospitality director...

    I also posted this under the "meeting tips" heading, but I just moved to Enid, OK and I'm looking for a hospitality director. My director is also looking, but she's several states away, so I thought I'd help. Thanks, Shannon
  14. P

    Looking for hospitality director...

    Is there a director/cluster in the northern Oklahoma area, specifically Enid, OK? My director is trying to find someone for me, but since she's several states away, hasn't had much luck yet. Thanks, Shannon
  15. DebPC

    Use Your Director

    If you are working your business like you should, it's very normal to have lots of questions. Many questions on paperwork, policies, and pampered partner you can answer yourself by going to the manual. However, when you are having trouble getting bookings, recruiting, raising your show average...