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  1. s.cape

    Newbie and it shows

    I'm new to Pampered Chef and just completed my 4th cooking show. I'm learning so much along the way--mostly the hard way (like don't bother with the Save Guest button...use the Save to Contacts or you lose their information forever or running out of catalogs because I didn't order more than the...
  2. D

    Fun Recruiting Game

    :p Brooke Bauman posted this website under another thread and I found a GREAT Recruiting Game (www.partyplancompanies.com). The TV Game will encourage recruiting and sounds like lots of fun to boot. Thanks Brooke!
  3. C

    New Recruiting Promotion!

    Wooohoo! I am so excited about this promotion! I want to be a VIP! Even more, though, I am so excited about getting the free Gas Card and Free Leadership Conference! I am so glad that they have continued the awesome promotion for new consultants! THANK YOU PAMPERED CHEF!
  4. C

    Recruiting Album Binder and Inserts...

    What is this? I am brand new and see that it is something that comes in the package that you can purchase as a new consultant...but I have no idea what it is or what it looks like...(curiosity killed the cat...and I am a cat!) :confused: Thanks
  5. A

    Recruiting Packet??

    Hello Everyone, I'm quite excited, I have another recruit, so total makes 2...Yippee!!! As I hope to be a director shortly, I would really love to give my recruits small packets to help them get started before their starter kit arrives...does anyone do this and if so, do you mind sharing...
  6. D

    Recruiting Incentive

    I am so excited, my Director is running a special incentive this month aside from the incentive PC is giving. She is doing a drawing for us and anyone we share the business to. For every 5 people we talk to about the opportunity we will be entered to win a 4 piece place setting of the new...
  7. C

    Recruiting in June

    I recruited someone in June who I am waiting to submit her 4th show this month. I was thinking that there was an insentive in the month and never came accross it here. Then lastnight I find it in KCN and we get, I believe, $60 in new fall products. Does anyone know what it is going to be...
  8. N

    Past Host Recruiting Letter

    Hi Everyone! I've been listening to a lot of tapes on recruiting lately, and I've learned that hosts are a great place to look for recruits! Unfortunately, I didn't really even offer the opportunity to most of my past hosts (this is my 5th month). So now I want to send them a letter as well...
  9. K

    July Recruiting Promotion

    This question are for those of you who went to conference - Can you make Septemeber your SSM1 and still qualify for the July sign up promotion? That is all I want to know! I have someone who is thinking about signing up and payday (for her) is tomorrow. I would like to get the word out to her...
  10. C

    Recruiting at job fairs?

    Are you allowed to set up a table at a job fair with info about PC? They have job fairs in Orlando all the time, and I went to a few and there were tons of people there.
  11. D

    July Recruiting

    OK, did everyone get an e-mail from HO about the July recruiting promotion? Does anyone have any idea what it may be? It's driving me crazy. All I know is I'm going to work real hard to recruit in July. Any ideas, let us all know Thanks, Debbie :) :) :)
  12. pamperedmom2owen

    What do you put in your Recruiting Packets?

    I would like to make up a few packets for when I have people who are interested. What do you put in your packets?
  13. K

    Recruiting Specials?

    HI Everyone! I have 2 women who want to sign up with PC...one wants to sign up next month, the other not until July/August. When I signed up in February, there was a sign up special for free cookware if I met my SSM1. I was able to meet the requirments and thought it was great! I was...
  14. P

    Patsy's Recruiting

    I went to a Future Director's retreat this weekend with Patsy McGovern, National Senior Executive Director. Here are notes from our recruiting talk.
  15. B

    Recruiting One liner

    I was reading the post for recruiting lines and saw one that said ... don't let the word chef on my apron fool you... My addition to this would be don't let the word chef on my apron fool you it just stands for can't help eating food!. Just wanted to say that I love this board and...
  16. H

    What are the benfits of recruiting?

    Thinking of going into PC and was wondering why you want to recruit.
  17. K

    Goal Setting and recruiting...

    I have a meeting tomorrow with my very first recruit ( I now have 5! : )). I've encouraged this little meeting to help her set some new goals. Any words of wisdom? She's been very part-time, but does well with individual shows. I'm just wanting something that will help re-start her business-...
  18. C

    Recruiting Album

    Does anyone know what is in the recruiting album that you can purchase in the supply order and if it is worthwhile to buy? Thanks
  19. DebPC

    Recruiting Aces Activity

    This is in response to the Deck of Cards Recruiting Request and Super Bowl Ideas on the #1 Directors Digest and what I had on file. The Deck of cards Idea is great to use at a sales meeting. I have used a deck of cards with pictures from the Leadership city or from the place I have just...
  20. DebPC

    The Art of Recruiting

    The Art Of Recruiting by Kathy Towne Sharing your opportunity, or recruiting, is the most rewarding part of the business, both personally and financially! When we truly believe that we have the best product, the most fantastic hostess program and the most lucrative income-earning opportunity...
  21. DebPC

    Recruiting Slump

    Whenever I get into a recruiting slump I try to refocus on the 3 aspects of recruiting covered in Step Up. We need to Inform, Invite and Interview. So many times when I get into a slump and I start analyzing what I'm doing I realize I'm only doing 1 part, the informing. Without the other 2 we...
  22. DebPC

    Recruiting Raffle

    The only thing I can say is tell them to do the recruiting raffle. That way the information is being shared with everyone! The retired grandma to the new Mom and everyone in between. I tell you, you might be a little uncomfortable doing the raffle at first, but once you keep doing it you won't...
  23. DebPC

    Recruiting Phrase

    Recruiting Phrases hi--My favorite "words" were a power statement (when asked by someone "what do you do?"). " I teach people how to make money!" Michele Ambrosius
  24. DebPC

    Plant Recruiting Seed

    Say this at your show... "Who spends at least one night a week watching television? Wouldn't you rather be out making $100 or more?" Qualifications needed are: 1. At least 6 friends or relatives 2 $100 3. A car 4. Be able to open a can of biscuits