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What is recruiting: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. evvy

    Can a Pampered Chef Consultant in the USA Recruit Someone from Canada?

    I know Pampered Chef doesn't ship internationally and Canada has its own little network. But is it possible for a Consultant in the USA to recruit someone from Canada? I only ask because I actually have a good amount of friends internationally and was just randomly wondering if it were possibly...
  2. s.cape

    Can I Make Money with Pampered Chef Without Being a Recruiting Pro?

    I'm new to Pampered Chef and just completed my 4th cooking show. I'm learning so much along the way--mostly the hard way (like don't bother with the Save Guest button...use the Save to Contacts or you lose their information forever or running out of catalogs because I didn't order more than the...
  3. C

    forSale: Recruiting Gifts From 1999

    These were recruiting gifts from 1999 that were given to consultants by home office........I have retired from Pampered Chef and thought someone would enjoy having them in their PC collection. I am asking $8 for the bowl and $15 for the platter plus shipping.
  4. raebates

    Urgent Help! Looking for Recruiting Catalog Labels

    I have someone looking for the labels you can print from CC to put on the front of the catalog. A search on CC brings up 110 possible resources, but none of them look like what I'm looking for.
  5. baychef

    September Specials and July Recruiting Specials

    Oh Kam????? Have some specials for you! When you get time and THANK YOU!!!! Words seem so little but if it helps...Carolyn is a ROCK STAR with PC!! So your flyers help! My show average last month was $978 so I would say they are working!
  6. D

    Sold Wahoo! Recruiting Club Member Playing Cards

    Wahoo! Recruiting Club Member Playing Cards The deck has been opened, but not used. Cards are still in the box and the box still has half the plastic still on it. List Date: 5/24/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Wahoo! Recruiting Club Member Playing Cards...
  7. leshelman

    Boost Your Direct Sales Recruiting Success with These Gift Bag Tips

    I found some great tips on what to do for Recruiting Packets and here is the website I found them on: http://www.createacashflowshow.com/sharing-the-opportunity/direct-sales-opportunity-gift-bags.htm Here is what the sites says... just in case you are unable to view it: Marketing your...
  8. DebPC

    Recruiting and Promoting Goals for 2013

    Hearing what everyone else's goals are can be very motivating!
  9. pmprdprettyinsnj

    Are there any February/March recruiting specials available?

    can anyone tell me the feb or mar recruiting specials or havent there been any announced. I though I saw feb but for life of me cant find anything. I have someone that onces to sign but wants to know when would be better time....
  10. DebPC

    How Can Motivational Messages Boost Recruitment Efforts?

  11. PCCHeather0506

    Anyone Get the Fleece for Recruiting?

    I really wanted a black one but I see its meant for men? Jw if I got it in a small if it might be ok? Or if it would fit funny bc it's meant for a man?? Any suggestions?
  12. 3

    Is Pampered Chef Misleading Potential Recruits About Sales Requirements?

    OK. I just spoke with someone about a friend of theirs wants to sign up with PC to get the big kit. A consultant told them last month, that they could get the big kit and get half back without submitting any shows....I expressed to the inquiry (not from the recruit) that this was not correct...
  13. slhalepc

    Rant Smoothing Over a Recruiting Misstep: My Pampered Chef Experience

    I don't like to gripe about PC because they are such a great company to do business with, ( most of the time) but I am a little annoyed right now:grumpy:. I just had my first recruit sign yesterday and she texted me earlier to let me know that the new recruit special was the 50% rebate...
  14. C

    Recruiting Questions: Tips for Successfully Onboarding New Hires

    I need some help, please, since it has been a while since I have recruited someone. Here are my questions: •Is the online application working ok now? •Will my new recruit be working in the new web program or in PP3? •If she will be in the new web, how do I offer support since I am clueless...
  15. esavvymom

    Recruiting Flyer- "Questions You May Have"

    My NED forwarded this to us. I updated the prices, but it could be useful to have for someone who is on the fence or looking at other DS companies.
  16. naekelsey

    Is It Effective to Use the Join Us Booklet in Front of Potential Recruits?

    When using the Join Us booklet, do you follow it with your potential recruit right in front of you? When you make your potential recruits or recruits PC show her "Starting" show, do you give her hosts the packets you have made up? (especially if she hasn't received her stuff yet)
  17. N

    Discover the September Recruiting Bonus for Recruits and Consultants

    Does anyone know what the Recruiting Bonus for the recruit and the consultant for September??
  18. Bren706

    Have You Seen the August Recruiting Special Promotion?

    I see the Purse-a-palooza special for the August recruiting special for us, but has the promotion for new consultants signing been announced yet? I haven't seen it. Am I missing it somewhere?
  19. A

    Urgent Seeking Recruiting Email - Help Appreciated!

    Hi everyone! Does anyone have a good recruiting email that I can send to my contacts? Thank you!
  20. Bren706

    Recruiting Objection - Cooking in Someone Else's Kitchen

    I have a potential recruit that may be interested, but her concern is that she "doesn't think she can cook in someone else's kichen". Have any of you had this objection before? (personally or with a recruit) How would you respond?
  21. kam

    Need Flyers for June Recruiting? Check Out Our Updated Selection!

    Here are my various flyers updated with the June recruiting special: As I get them done, I will post them here. **UPDATE: I added a few more. JunRecJunJul12_fillable: 3 month format (3 col) with June Rec/June/July specials MiniCattyInsertJunRec12_fillable: Mini Catty with June specials...
  22. P

    May Recruiting Flier: Boost Your Team with Our Exciting Opportunities!

    I have been on this site for awhile and I don't believe I have ever posted anything. I wanted to share this flier for May recruiting. This is a flier that I have been placing in each of my catalogs at my shows.
  23. kam

    Are You Ready for May Recruiting? Check Out Our Updated Flyers!

    Here are my various flyers updated with the May recruiting special: MayRecMayJun12_fillable: 3 month format (3 col) with May Rec/May/June specials MayFDMayRecJun12_fillable: 4-block format that has May Rec/FD/May/June specials MayRec12_fillable: 2 month format with May specials and May...
  24. DebPC

    What is the Best Time of Year for Recruiting Success?

    Does anyone have a time of the year when you recruit way more then others year after year? If so when is it and why do you think it is.
  25. P

    Recruiting Special: Need Help ASAP!

    Can someone please post the recruiting special for this month? I am sending an email and I don't have it .... yikes!
  26. Deb Bixler

    Stop Recruiting and Start Making Friends!

    The best FREE recruiting tip I can give you is to STOP using the word recruiting! The word itself is a technical term with negative connotations. By eliminating it from your vocabulary and replacing it with words like sharing, creating income or sponsoring you will improve your ability to...