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What is experience: Definition and 159 Discussions

  1. DebPC

    Chef's Success: My Experience in 6 Cooking Shows

    I got in 1 live cooking show and 5 catalog shows.
  2. C

    New Recipe Night: A Fun Cooking Party Experience!

    I am going to try a once monthly "New Recipe Night" at my house. It'll give me a chance to practice recipes for upcoming shows, and it'll get people in to see product and how much fun it can be to have a cooking party. Has anyone tried this and gotten good results?
  3. pjpamchef

    Surface Tablet: Reviewing the Beta Site Experience

    Does anyone have one of the new Surface Tablets? It's a micro-soft product. Just wondering if it would work well with the new Beta Site.
  4. cookinforyou

    Sizzling at NC: Preparing for a New Experience

    I am going o Sizzle for the first time this year (last year I was not a TL yet) I am very excited but a bit nervous. There are very few going from our group and I may need to find a roomie. Spent some time this morning looking through pics while waiting for registration to open and saw the...
  5. Admin Greg

    The Scoop and Spread: Share Your Experience!

    Please discuss the Scoop and Spread. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  6. melissa3026

    Different Booking Experience... at Least for Me

    Admittedly, I have had an extremely slow start to my business and mostly because I just haven't spent the time to work it. About 2 months ago, I changed my mind-set and have been working my business every night when I come home from my desk job and every day of the weekend. I haven't had any...
  7. DebPC

    Director No Free Shipping: My $30 Purchase Experience

    I got one for $30- so I guess the 2 sets of emails I sent regarding the free shipping today haven't resulted in anything yet.
  8. slhalepc

    Rant Smoothing Over a Recruiting Misstep: My Pampered Chef Experience

    I don't like to gripe about PC because they are such a great company to do business with, ( most of the time) but I am a little annoyed right now:grumpy:. I just had my first recruit sign yesterday and she texted me earlier to let me know that the new recruit special was the 50% rebate...
  9. naekelsey

    Personal DirectTv Nightmare: Our Contracted Experience and Regrets

    After 9 hr of instillation and lots of Crud, we now have DirectTv. IT SUCKS!! Sometimes saving a few bucks is not worth it AT ALL! Does anyone know if there is a "cooling off period" or a loop hole so we don't have to pay the cancellation fee? We honestly didn't think it would so stressful...
  10. ChefPeg

    Secure Delivery: Host's Experience with FedEx Delivery Woes

    A recent host received her delivery today. When her husband got home, all the boxes (except one, which will be delivered tomorrow) were on their porch. Nothing was missing, but the host was dismayed that FedEx would just leave them there, unprotected. Anybody in the neighborhood could have...
  11. A

    Frustrating Adjustment Process: My Recent Experience

    this just feels ridiculous! A recent host bought a rectangle stone. It cracked in the oven the first time she used it. I did an online adjustment. Received an email with a reference #, but instructions to not do anything until the adjustment was approved. A couple of days go by. I just...
  12. J

    Selling Pampered Chef: My First Party Experience

    I've been selling Pampered Chef for 2 years now and experienced a first. There were 8 guests at my party tonight and only 2 placed orders for a whopping $54 in sales! Thankfully the host worked hard to collect outside orders and the party is at $254. Most of the guests were first timers and I...
  13. pampered1224

    Shipping Orders Around the Holidays - Experience?

    I noticed it says shipping orders Dec 06. I also know after this many years that around this time of year that is usually never right. Anyone submit a show after the 6th and get it yet? Just wondering how fast they are moving. Thanks!
  14. F

    Director Horrifying House Hoarding: My Host Apartment Experience

    Have you ever seen an episode of Hording? Now, I'm not one to judge b/c we do have clutter; however, I walked into my host apartment this morning and FREAKED out inside!!! 1st there was NO WHERE to put my stuff. (like set it down) and no table top space or counter space. Everything was...
  15. Sheila

    Leads Found in Unexpected Places: My Yahoo Customer Service Chat Room Experience

    A Yahoo Customer Service Chat Room! LOL Yahoo did some update & I suddenly could no longer do what I've always done with my e-mail signature. I signed into the CS chat screen & some moron basically told me he couldn't help & asked if I was done. I immediately asked for a supervisor to...
  16. B

    Tried the New Sauces? Share Your Experience!

    Has anyone tried any of the new sauces. If so, how did you use it and what did you think? Thanks, Barbara
  17. lt1jane

    Never Again! Our Terrible Experience at the Hilton

    My team will NEVER stay at the Hilton again. We suffered though a litany of errors. The worst being billing. When I checked in, one night of my room was supposedly paid for. We were told we had to pay for the second night. It should NOT have been paid for. I knew that my director had the...
  18. Intrepid_Chef

    My Loyal Yahoo Classic User Experience: Can't Leave, Won't Leave

    I have been a loyal user of Yahoo Classic for years. The only problem is that when forwarding a TT newsletter, it gives me that pesky blue line. So every time I forward one, it is time for the most anxious half hour ever ... I switch to the new version, send the newsletter and breathe a sigh of...
  19. dannyzmom

    Director How Effective Was My Premier Designs Jewelry Party Hosting Strategy?

    I hosted a party last night - a Premier Designs Jewelry party. I like to host a party with another DS company every few years just to help me see what it's like to be a host and so I can look at what the other consultant does to get ideas of what to do and not to do. This year I did Premier...
  20. ChefCKHall

    Experience National Conference - 10 Tips

    EXPERIENCE NATIONAL CONFERENCE 10 tips to make it the best it can be! 1. Pack comfortable walking shoes, a light sweater, phone card to call home, Kleenex, Tylenol or Tylenol pm, snacks, paper , pen, and camera. ...2. Be a good roommate! Discuss and plan sleeping habits, shower times...
  21. Barry Carlton

    Pampering a Firehouse: A Surprisingly Relaxing Experience

    Has anyone ever tried Pampering a FireHouse?
  22. P

    Finding a Past Host Code: My October Show Experience

    I was doing a show today and this is a booking from a show I did in October. She wanted to get the glazed baker this month. When I went to enter it, only the code for the host special came up. Shouldn't there be a past host code too?
  23. L

    Humor Good Leads vs. Bad: My Experience With Lead System

    Just wondering the ratio of good solid leads to unproductive downright bad leads you have experienced coming through the lead system??? I was soooo excited that I was qualified to get leads in Dec for the first time ever....but what a let down: 3 leads total and here's the outcome: 1-...
  24. C

    My 1st Booth: Learning from Experience

    I had my 1st booth on Saturday. There wasn't much turnout, I only got 11 people to sign up for my email list. There were probably only 20 people that were there. I did get one lady that said she definitely wanted to book a party and one lady that is interested in signing up. So I guess it...
  25. F

    What to Display at Festivals: Lessons from my Booth Experience

    I did a booth at a festival a few weeks ago, I had alot of fun but did not get any bookings:(. I had one person interested in a catalog show but have not been able to reach her. My display looked great but I felt like maybe I over did it!! I had two tables full!! So....what do you think are...
  26. Mel92504

    Any Experience With the Honey-Apple Brie Bites??

    I have a customer who requested a brie recipe....saw this one that didn't look too involved. I'd love to hear some input from anyone who's tried it and/or demoed it. It's been since April since I've had my last live show...so I want to be sure not to have chosen a recipe that's over my head...
  27. F

    Experience a Pampered Chef Party: What to Expect at a Typical Show?

    Hi All- I am a self proclaimed PC junkie-had my first party 15 years ago and still buy everytime someone has a show. For YEARS I have toyed with the idea of joining, but instead seem to join every other DS company going, but nothing keeps my attention. In the past 3 years or so I have...
  28. wadesgirl

    Ot - Had a Recent Experience With a "Booth"

    I know we recently had a thread about leaving a booth early or not. I'm not here to beat a dead horse but I wanted to share something that recently happened to me that made me think about what everyone was saying. There is a Monday night farmer's market in the parking lot of the mall 1/4...
  29. B

    Experience With a Table in a Mall?

    I have a table from Fri-Sun at a shopping mall. Other consultants will be working shifts so I will not be there all of the time or even every day. I can't decide if I should trek back and forth each day to set-up and take-down or just have them pack some products under the table and drape the...
  30. C

    Team National: My Experience with a Pyramid Scheme

    As a favor to a good customer of mine, I went to her house today to let her and her uplines show me her new business. I tried to be nice, but couldn't think of anything possitive to say. Over $2000 to get started with nothing in return except a membership to a savings club that they hope you...