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What is terrible: Definition and 12 Discussions

  1. lt1jane

    Never Again! Our Terrible Experience at the Hilton

    My team will NEVER stay at the Hilton again. We suffered though a litany of errors. The worst being billing. When I checked in, one night of my room was supposedly paid for. We were told we had to pay for the second night. It should NOT have been paid for. I knew that my director had the...
  2. kcmckay

    Personal Remembering a Tragic Loss: Honoring Our 62-Year-Old Coworker and Her Family"

    I don't normally post these but today was awful. My 62 year old coworker went into cardiac arrest this morning at work. It was terrible. I'd hoped she was going to pull through. Unfortunately she passed away. This was completely unexpected and traumatic. I know prayer requests for her aren't...
  3. Aunticooks

    My Husband Says Mexican Chicken Lasagna Was Terrible!!!

    and he then proceeded to tell me that I better not try any of it!!! As he wanted to keep it all to himself!!!! He tells me things are terrible when it becomes his new favorite meal! This is the easiest meal to make. We didn't have any tortilla chips so we just put some Fritos on the...

    Did I Mess Up My Pampered Chef Order? Feeling Discouraged.

    I messed up !!! :eek: I had my host's order shipped to the neighbors house !!!! I typed a 5 instead of a 9 as the last #, and just got off the phone w/ fed ex and they said that they cannot notify the driver to have the 2nd box delivered to the correct address ... i just have to wait it out ...
  5. krzymomof4

    Caught a Terrible Cold: Suggestions for Saturday Show?

    So here is my problem. I have caught a terrible cold. It sounds like I am about to cough up a lung every 5 minutes. I have a show on Saturday. She is a host who does a show every 6 months and she is not keen on having someone else do her shows. She is really looking forward to this show...
  6. heat123

    Unlucky Show Last Night: Lessons Learned from a Small Vendor Event

    Had my 1 and only show last night and it was actually a Vendor boutique with 4 other vendors and me. 25-30 ladies came by and I know these are always hit and misses (my last one was a total hit at $505) but last night was only a 1 order show at $50:eek: . The host is going to try and round up...
  7. S

    Should I reach out to potential customers who haven't responded yet?

    Ok so I have gotten lots of drawing slips with yes & Maybes marked on them but I can't seem to get up the nerve to call these people. Now time has past and I am kicking myself because I don't have the shows I would like to have. Can I try to contact them? Should I just scrap them and never...
  8. C

    I'm Terrible but It Was a Booking..

    So my sister is the hospital for a few days (she'll be okay though) and she just happens to be on the floor that she work on (she's a nurse's assistant). We were supposed to have a big picnic today but it got cancelled due to her hospital stay/weather. I had already made about 100 tuxedo...
  9. P

    I Am Terrible at Pillsbury Things!!!

    Hi all, I'm new here, and to PC! I've been practicing my recipes, but it's just not working :mad: I tried to make a pillsbury crescent roll ring...it looked BAD. I tried to make a pillsbury crescent roll pizza crust...it wouldn't roll out properly. It's all misshapen. :mad...
  10. S

    A Blacklist of Terrible Hosts: Boomer Sooner & Shannon Overstreet

    :mad: Ok - I am having a bad month end. I have a host that is MIA. I have talked to her once on the phone about 6 weeks ago and haven't been in touch with her since. I sent her a packet, sent her post cards and repeatedly called. I couldn't leave a message because she didn't have an...
  11. pampered1224

    Bridal Show Headache: How Do I Get My Pampered Chef Customer to Respond?

    I have a lady who booked a bridal show over two months ago. It is next Wednesday the 21st. I contacted her 6 weeks ago to get it going. I asked her for a wish list so it could be included with the invites. I also asked for the guest list and such so I could get the invites out. I waited a week...
  12. DebPC

    aTerrible Thing Happens to Your Business When You Don't Promote

    A Terrible thing happens to your business when you don't promote it-NOTHING! Your business is like a wheelbarrow- it doesn't go anywhere until you push it! Shocking formula for success- TODAY not TOMORROW! Learn to listen. Opportunity might be knocking on your door very softly. Goals...