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Bridal Show Headache: How Do I Get My Pampered Chef Customer to Respond?

In Summary, the host contacted the bride six weeks ago to get a wish list together for the bridal show, but the bride never responded. The host called again and left a message, but the bride never called back. The host tried to contact the bride again today, but the bride's sister was the one who communicated with her. The host hopes the bride contacts them soon so they can get a wish list together and plan the party.
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I have a lady who booked a bridal show over two months ago. It is next Wednesday the 21st. I contacted her 6 weeks ago to get it going. I asked her for a wish list so it could be included with the invites. I also asked for the guest list and such so I could get the invites out. I waited a week. I called. She was not home so I left a message. She did not call. I called again. Got her, asked for the needed info told her I overnighted a couple of cat alogs so she and the bride could get a wish list together. She said well, can't we just do that at the show? I told her OK. But I still needed to get the invites out. Nothing. I have called again several times to get an idea of who, what and how many. UGH! She never calls me back.
I am going to try one more time tomorrow morning. I am not worried about anything else at this point except whether it is happening and what she wants to eat. The rest she took over so all I can do is wait to find out.
Have any of you experienced this with the bridal shows and how did they turn out?
My biggest problem is that I work full time so I need to know now what she wants to eat so I can grocery shop by Sunday or I will not have time.
Sounds like a procrastinator to me!! :rolleyes: It's her own fault if the party doesn't turn out they way she wants it to, and she'll realize that soon. I know that doesn't help you any, but it sounds like you have been doing all you can. I would definitely call her again tomorrow morning and bring to her attention that this party is in a few days and you want her to be able to get everything on her wishlist so it is imperitive that she contacts you soon (ofcourse in your sweetest voice ;) ) and also add that you do work full time so you need a plan. Just be honest with her.

I have only had one bridal shower and the bride didn't want to do ANYTHING which is why she loved the idea of having a Pampered Bride show, I feed everyone, did a demo and helped earn her over $600 worth of products in her new kitchen! Her sister was the one who really helped in regards to the guest list, recipe selection, etc. If it weren't for her sister, I don't think she would have had a successful turnout.

I hope she contacts you soon!! I know hosts like this bother me as well. Just keep in mind that you are doing all you can. Let us know what happens! Good Luck!! :)
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Thank you EricaWhy is it most of us do that to ourselves? I just realized, thanks to you, IT WON'T BE MY FAULT! But I keep thinking that if I had just made one more try at contacting her, or just one more letter or whatever, I may have been able to get through that thick, deaf ... head of hers. I know that sounds awful but I sure as heck can't say that to her. Oh, this is the brides friend I am speaking of. I have never spoken to the bride and up until a week ago, I didn't even know her name. I have a sneeky suspision, the bride doesn't know about this. I was talking to a co-worker about it. She was looking over my shoulder while I was typing the first post. She said something about a surprise then all the pieces sort of fell in place.
It seemed odd that she did not want to do a wish list until that night, did not want to do invites. Because she did not want the bride to know about it. So I bet it's a surprise.
I sure as heck hope so anyway. The least she could have done was tell me that.
I let you know and thanks!
That's what we are here for!Yeah, we all do it - we sort of beat ourselves up if a show doesn't end up successful. It's important to know that you did what you were supposed to (host coaching, etc) and this time it's the host's fault for not doing her part by putting everything off and not filling you in on some of those extra details the Pampered Bride shows have...especially if it is a surprise!! It sure would be to you anyway :eek: !!! . We need to remind ourselves that it is't always our fault if a show doesn't turn out the way we wanted it to so we can brush it off and move on to the next show and work our magic! And I honestly don't think that the extra phone call would have done what you wanted...it sounds like her head may be thicker than you think :p !! Keep us updated for sure and let us know what works if you do get through to her!! HAHA!
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Here's a tip & good luckI had a co-consultant call and ask me to do a Suprise Bridal show at the last minute. (I was called literally days before the show!). :eek: I also had prior committments for the weekend requested (Easter), but another one of my fellow cluster "mates" agreed to the show (which of course, was just 10 minutes from my house, figures, right?!!!) :(

Anyway, it was a total suprise to the bride! Her soon to-be mother-in-law set up the shower. There WAS NO WISH list involved! Everything had to be chosen by the bride & guests there at the show.

I have a "wish list" of 4x6" index cards. Most all of PC products I have on index cards. (I keep my out-of-date catalogs & make the wish list registry from them, and I use maybe 1 or 2 current catalogs for the new products). I take my cards to Bridal shows with me & spread them out somewhere out of the way (my last show, we spread them out on the formal dining room table, and we did the show in the family room). I then invite the guests to go choose what item they would like to purchase for the bride, and then I tell them to hold it with their receipts. (so there are no duplicates, unless the bride has registered for duplicates).

Maybe you could do this, and while the show is going on, you could encourage the Bride to mark her wish list, and then you could have someone sort through your index cards to lay out what the bride is interested in.

I always take all of my cards, instead of just what the bride has "registered" for, because as the pc consultant, you can persuade & train the Bride, that there are some PC products, you just can't function in the kitchen without!

I basically cut the pics out the catalog, the description & price, and glue it on to an unlined index card. Nothing complicated, just simple and nice to look at! If it's a picture of more than 1 item i.e. the scraper collection, I cut the whole picture out, and then glue the individual item description with it. I tell the guests to read the card so that they know what they are buying. (in this case, they need to look to see which scraper that they've picked up to buy).
It makes the pics look nicer, instead of trying to cut out the individual product. Look at the catalog, and you'll see what I mean!

I hope this helps some! I'm sorry that you are having to deal with an uncooperative host! I have a bridal show next week, and even though the host never e-mails me back, she at leasts calls me during the day!

I'll keep you in mind & let us know how it goes! Keep your chin up & concentrate on having a good show! (if you can't tell, I'm pumped, I had a not-so hot in sales show tonight, but we had an AWESOME, and unforgettable time!) :D

RecipeMaybe you could choose the recipe yourself. Just leave a message saying:-
"I haven't heard from you about the food, so I will go with my favourite which is extremely popular at Bridal Shows, which is....., and I will be shopping for the ingredients on Thursday". She's only got herself to blame if there is a problem and she doesn't get back to you before Thursday!

I must say I haven't done a Bridal Show yet, but I am hoping for a couple next year as I have come across some future brides recently. I particularly liked the idea of the index cards with the products on, and the tip about taking everying rather than just the Bride's Wish List items it great!

Index card systemI've really benefitted from having my index card system. Now that I have it established, it's very easy to up-date. When the new seasons rolls around & I have to up-date my products, I have to use a couple of new catalogs to make cards for the new stuff. (right now, I'm going to use the mini-catalogs that I have left over.).

I just keep my collection of cards rubberbanded and in my PC briefcase.

Now that we have the write-in receipts w/ the attached wish list, I de-tached one of the wish lists, mailed it to the bride w/ a self-addressed stampled envelope & a catalog for her to fill out & mail back to me. I had her wish list of pc items w/in a week! It was great!
Business or Index CardsI purchased the white business cards and have a file that I simply update each season by deleting discontinued products and adding the new. I have the cards in baseball card holders in a binder, separated by categories (which I'll have to update with this catalog). I would post the file, but it's over 8 meg in size due to the pictures.

Setting up the cards on the computer, I don't have to try to cut/paste pictures from my catalogs and I make the cards look professional. I'm not talented enough to do that with a catalog and pair of scissors! I have to let the computer do the work for me.

Although Index cards or the Business cards are a little time consuming to prepare, either method is well worth it if you laminate and can re-use.
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Well, she finally called me...Last night at around 6:45 p.m. I was booting up my computer so I could give her one more call. Just for the heck of it. She called, as I clicked on the show in Pampered Partner. Weird! Talk about giving somebody goose bumps.
Here is what the whole problem seemed to be: She picked an extememly bad date. So she cancelled the 21st and rescheduled for the 28th. And NO, I forgot to ask if the bride to be knew about it. She seemed to be in a hurry. I did however, get to tell her what we were having to eat. I did decide to pick out the food myself. To bad. She did like my choices though. (Mediterranian Hummus Squares S/B F/W 05, (they're really good and easy too!), and a Spinach Cheddar Braid recipe I got from my director.)
So now I have an extra week to prepare. I am going to do something about that wish list. Whether it be the index cards or via computer. At least then I will have a weapon of sorts and won't walk in totally cold with nothing to work with. Yikes! This lady is gonna make me grayer than I already am! (Thank goodness for Nice 'N Easy and Tums!) I will let you know what happens and THANK YOU SO much for the ideas and the "make the decisions yourself" speach. I did get another bit of great news though. I have a "Sip & Dip" scheduled for Sat., October 15th at 6 p.m. - the host sent me a list of her guests. I am going to need 59, yeah that's right, 59 invites! That made my day!!! (Up & Down, Up & Down! It's a good thing I LOVE Roller Coasters!)
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I am so glad to hear that everything is falling back into place and you are no longer in a rush to put this show together. Good thinkg to do about choosing the recipes too...it shows atleast you are taking this seriously!

59 invites!! WOW!! That's great!! I would LOVE to hear that!!! ;)
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Well, here's a kicker for youMy hostess knew all along she had goofed by not getting things together. She did not tell me in so many words. Actually it took two phone calls for me to figure it all out. There was this little nervous laugh in the conversation when I asked about what the difference was between the first Wednesday and the 2nd Wednesday. I was expecting her to say that something changed but nothing had acoording to her. So first she changes the date three days before the 21st. She stated that there were church things going on and some other things. Then tonight all the sudden the same things are still going on on the 28th but she suddenly has 22 people coming. Poor planning on her part is the difference. When she realized that she had waited to long to notify everyone, she also realized that she needed to cover her tracks so she cancelled the first date and gave herself an extra week. Also get this. I gave her invitations a week and a half before the original show, I did it to make sure something was happening. She used those invites to send out. If she had planned the first party better, she would have already sent out the ones SHE said she originally purchased herself, as she wanted to do that, and simply made phone calls to change the date.
And I was wrong about the bride not knowing. She has known all along. So...
But now to summerize - SHE HAS 22 YESES!!! YIPIE!!!!!
So no matter how this all happened, it is turning into a good thing!
I'll let you know exactly how it all turns out!
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new consultant ?Well , here is my problem. I had a show about a month or so ago a GREAT ono. 1200.00 2 bookings and a girl that wanted to sign . So I had her take the other 4 bookings and she signed within the next week or so very excited got her kit had trainning . Then she said she watched the video and had no more questions ect everything going along great. On Thurs last week she called me to say she needed me to do the show she had on the 30th she didnt give me a reason why she couldn't do it , so I called the host and tyrd to change the date but she said all of the invitations where out and she had no other date , in the next hour Maria the new consultant called me and said she changed things around and she can do the show On sat another of her hosts called me to ask where her packet was and that her party was on Oct 7th I told her that she bookr=ed with Maria not me she told me that she heard that maria wasnot going to do Pamperedchef anymore ( another problem I also have a show on Oct 7th ., But she is willing to change the date if she needs to . I told her to call maria to ask whats going on and to get back to me
I dont really know what to do I have been with Pamperedchef for 5 1/2 yares and this has not ever happened before. I have a very good rep for being a good consulant and I dont want this to her me or pamperedchef. And REMEMBER the 4 BOOKINGS that I gave up . I guess I should call Maria to clear things up then call all of the bookings to explain ,but I need help as to what to say to her. :mad: :mad:
Doreen Zaino Future Director 252326
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Best betI would go straight toward the problem.
Simply say to her that you concerned because of the phone calls you are getting from her hosts. Then ask her if she has decied that this just is not for her. If that is the case, then you will need to get on the phone with those hosts. Tell them you must appologize as you really thought Maria would be great at this but she has found some issues have come up and that she will not be able to do this. You never have to explain who, what where or why.
If they ask, don't lie. Skim the truth slightly be saying "personal issues". Which is in fact the truth. Tell them you want to make it up to them but that it would be necessary to change the show dates. You do not have a choice in that. You may loose some of them. Again,t here is nothing you can do about that either. What I would possibly do about the one show in which you mention you are already booked with someone else, see if another consultant can do it. You save face by helping out that host but yes, you may loose that host to another consultant for future bookings. Maybe not, if they feel you treated them well and did what you could.
If it is something else with Maria, then see what you can do to help her out. It may simply be that the butterflies in her stomach turned into battle ships.
Some people refuse to admit they need help doing things. She may be one of them. So if you tell her that you too had to go through the "first time" jitters it may help her open up to you so you can find out what is really going on.
then you can move on from there.
Good luck!
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Totally Cool!!!We rocked last night!
It turns out it was the brides mom who was the hold up. She admitted it last night!

I quickly forgave her though at about 9:00 p.m. when I put the last order in.
We are sitting at $813.82!! And there are at least 5 more orders coming in. Now, luckily we did not have 27 people show up. Only 19 of them did!
We had plenty of food, plenty of fun and here's the kicker, I hit some major personal goals last night.
I work full time so I do P.C. as a part timer. I set my sights on getting the 25th anniversary charm. Just becasue it seemed the perfect number, $25,000 which I have never, ever in 5.5 years come close to doing.
So, last night brought me to $18,750.53. This means three things for me.
I HIT THE LEVEL ONE IRRESISTABLE REWARDS TRIP, I AM ONLY $6,249.47 from that $25,000 mark and I have, get this 10 Kitchen shows and 4 catalog shows next month! I also hit $4053.27 in sales since the first of August so I now the whole Show-to-go set!!!

It just amazes me how sometimes the things that look the worst from the outside, turn out to be the best things from the inside and after all is said and done.
Oh, two bookings and we are splitting the show into two pieces. We want to close the current piece by tomorrow night. Then we will leave a catalog show out there until the wedding. Sue knows there are at least 5 more orders coming in before tomorrow night and she is pretty sure that there are about 15 more people who will want to check out Cindy's list and orde closer tot he wedding so...

John Watschke - yep, I am a guy!
Independent Kitchen Consultant under
Director DebPC - Chef Success Founder.
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THAT IS GREAT!!! I am so glad you updated us!! Sounds like that show really gave you that boost you needed!!! Good Luck with all of your shows next month PLUS your full time job - we probably won't see you on here as much :p ! Congrats on your PC accomplishments! :D :D

**Cross your fingers - I have a fundraiser in 2 weeks and am really needing some more bookings and looking to increase my sales!! :cool: What did you do to get all those bookings?? Anything different?
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THat's great John!!! Congratulations reaching those goals. It shows all the hard work you've put in!! :)
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Extra Host BonusWell, what I did was simply this. The Roaster is a fantastic booking tool to begin with. So I just made all the products a little better.
I stipulated that every show must have $250 in sales and they could have any one of the host specials for October for $8 less than advertised.
Fifty dollars sounds better than fifty-eight. Two sounds better than ten. Ten sounded better than eighteen.
I have 9 kitchen shows that want the roaster. One Kitchen show wants the Meat Forks. All 4 catalog shows want the roaster as well.
I figure at $50 commission, to reach my goal, an $8 discount would not hurt me. I also had to decide which was more important to me.
The month of October will cost me $112. I also am not giving away the usual host gift which I usually spend about $15 on. So I will actually be saving money!
In fact, if it works out well enough, I will stop giving gifts at all except for a discount on the discounted item(s) for the month.
I mean, why not? If my hosts are OK with that, and it gets me not just bookings but actual shows, I can change!
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I have to say that is a very clever idea!! I never thought to add another discount off the host special, that makes it even MORE irresistable!! I think I just may have to try this at my next show and see how it works for me! I think the $8 per show is totally worth it especially if it gets you more more shows! Thanks again for sharing your idea!!
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Was there a reason you chose $8 and not $5 or $10? Just curious.

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$8 off the host special for the Roasting pan would make it $50. which is better than paying $58 ;) ! I believe he said all of his shows except one wanted the Roasting Pan. All of my shows in October want the Roasting Pan as well so that's why I mentioned the $8.
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What to sayWell, If you look at the number, the dollar amount, $58 looks to close to $60.
But if you take off $8.00 it becomes $50. And, yes, it just "looks" better.
Something in the mind takes the $10 difference rather than the $8 difference and just makes the savings "feel" like it's more. Simple phsycology actually. It also helps when you work for a company with lots of support. My co-workers are the ones who actually helped me figure that out. AND IT ONLY WORKS IN DOLLARS. DO NOT USE PERCENTS! People can not figure those out.
If the cost of our host special is a say $5, $15, $25 etc. They see a $5 savings if you knock it down to $0, $10, etc. But for some reason when you have something like $56, $57, $58 or $59 and you take it down to the even $55, it seems to "feel" like a much bigger savings so they get more excited.
It is odd. But I realized that we all do that. I went shopping the other day for some clothes. Where I went there was a sale. They had shirts at $10 off and a rack with shirts that were 25% off. I went directly to the $10 off rack. It was easier to choose becasue I knew exactly what I would be saving.
That's how you work the discount. You will know it when you hit the right dollar amount. And don't be afraid to ask people before you publish it.
Also, the final number on the Bridal show $949. And there is a catalog show with $300 on it already and one more that has orders coming into it as well.
So that makes approximately $1249!
Not to shabby considering I thought the whole thing was falling apart!
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Great ideas!I agree...I want that roaster, too! I would pay $50 for it! If people think like I do, which sounds better? $50 or $58 (which makes me think $60). And with the holidays just around the corner...

Way to go John!!!! I'm going to have to try these ideas! I've been blessed with 4 shows for Oct. & Nov., but maybe I can fit a few more in w/ this great booking incentive!

We have a lot of b-days coming up in our family & I'm sure my hubby won't mind the extra pay-check! MINE!!!!
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Have him help!Julie,

Tell him if he wants a piece of that pay check, he needs to put in a bit of sweat himself! He can advertise for you too!

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