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What is thing: Definition and 63 Discussions

  1. DebPC

    One Thing for Your Business Today

    Name one good thing you'll do for your business today.
  2. DebPC

    What's the Best Thing About Being a Leader With Pampered Chef?

    I love motivating people. Now I know people have to continually motivate themselves to be successful. But I love being that spark, that when they're in a lull, gets them back on track!
  3. C

    Director No Such Thing as a Bad Show: A Story of Triumph

    Had a long day Saturday, scheduled a show at 11 am and one at 3 pm and it ended up being a tight squeeze to make it to both on time, I didn't realize how far apart in miles they were. Anyway my show Friday night I left feeling very discouraged and down, I won't go into the whole long story, but...
  4. C

    Funny Thing Happened in Wms-Sonoma!

    I was in Williams-Sonoma today, wearing my logo jacket w/ HWC on it. A salesperson approached me & asked me what it was. I told her it was something PC did twice a year to raise money for the ACS. She asked me for my card!! Said that occasionally they had people come in & ask for something...
  5. babywings76

    Favorite Thing for Taking Cookies off a Stone?

    I was recently asked what non-metal item we carry that would be great at taking cookies off of a stone. (she hates the feel of metal on her stoneware)
  6. kam

    Looking for Recipe - Apple Crisp Thing

    Recently, (I think) there was this Apple Crisp/Cobbler type recipe that I thought I saw all over the PC site that uses the Deep Covered Baker. I am pretty sure it was a featured recipe in the fall. I can't remember the name to find the file - ugh! It wasn't Mom's Apple Crisp. Can...
  7. Jennie4PC

    Teflon Autograph 2 Coating: Is It the Same Thing?

    I know this is a really stupid question but when it says autograph 2 coating is that considered teflon? I know stupid question.
  8. brandynichoal

    Taffy Apple Pizza: Too Much of a Good Thing?

    So I decided since i love apples, i wanted to give the taffy apple pizza a whirl. Is it just me or was anyone esle not impressed with it? :thumbdown: I mean i put two of my favorite things together (cookies and apples) and i just felt so blah about the whole thing. Has anyone tried to alter...
  9. C

    Fun Thing I Did at My Show Last Night!

    It's August, and I'm running low on catalogs. I don't really want to spend a bunch of money on new ones...(I bought 25 from one of my team members, and just ordered 25 for $15 from Supply - and that's it for me) but I have 7 shows this month! Sooo, last night I played a "Bigger or Better"...
  10. wadesgirl

    One Thing You Learned From Conference!

    Thought we could share our big Ah-ha from conference! I took 2 TL classes and wasn't too impressed with them but I took Top Sellers Show How and LOVED it! I'm really wanting to try to earn the Excellence Award in Sales (which would mean basically doubling my sales from last year) so I loved...
  11. Jolie_Paradoxe

    Omg! a Funny Thing Happened on the Way to My Host's Home!

    So I have an outside order who wanted to book a show. We'd only texted back and forth, and I mailed her a host packet. A week later she texts that she's wondering when to expect the host packet. It seems it never arrived! I tell her I'll drop it off so that she can get going. I look...
  12. K

    What Is Your Favorite Thing About Doing Pampered Chef?

    We all share our stories during our shows, or at least we should. What is your favorite thing about being a part of PC? What is your reason for being a consultant. How much do you earn a month or have earned? I love the social aspect of it. I don't make a whole lot of money. I usually...
  13. M

    Craziest Thing to Happen in a Show

    So I have my first cooking show on the 10th and if I've learned anything in sales it's that there is always something unexpected that happens. So does anyone have any fun or interesting stories of things that have gone wrong during shows?
  14. NooraK

    theZeigarnik Effect (Another Tammy Stanley Thing...)

    So when I signed up for Tammy Stanley's newsletter, I got a link to a PDF of tips called "3 Simple Secrets to Attracting More Prospects in Your Direct Sales Business." I read it, and was also sent an email with a link to an audio, and I noticed the same audio was in her newsletter this week as...
  15. pc_jessica

    Okay so I Was Looking on Craigslist and I Came Acroos a Thing for

    okay so i was looking on craigslist and i came acroos a thing for 'sell' for a pampered chef party...i did not think you were aloud to advertise like that...am i mistaken or is the consultant that put her 'host in aug and get 60% off cookware" in the right????
  16. NooraK

    theStrangest Thing Happened Last Night

    At 2 AM last night, I am awakened by noises coming out of the master bathroom. I notice that DH is up, and he's got the light on in there. I wonder momentarily what he's doing, then go back to sleep. Then DH comes out of the bathroom, grabs shoes, and some clothes, and goes out of the room. I'm...
  17. pamperedpals

    Making the Right Choice: My Decision to Have My Hosts Sign Up Together

    My host from today is signing up. Wahoo!!! However, my past host also expressed interest in signing up getting the mini kit. I suggested that my past host sign up under my current host, so I would have a Sr. Consultant and plus they live really close to each other. I live 1 hr away...
  18. smspamperedchef

    anAwful Thing Happened Today- Prayers Needed!

    My son (11) had a friend (10) come over last night to spend the night. I have a sweet solid white medium size lab mix. He sleeps in our room. This morning the little boy was the only one awake and he was standing up on the fold out bed watching a movie. (not sure why he was standing up???)...
  19. babywings76

    What would you do in this unexpected driveway dilemma?

    So I'm working in my office with the blinds closed and I keep hearing noises outside. It's trash day today, and it's really windy, so I thought it was my recycling box and trash cans rolling around. After a while I heard it some more and thought I should go out and get them. I open the door...
  20. S

    Dealing with Miscommunication in Network Marketing: A Lesson Learned

    Long story short - there was a mis-communication between two girls planning a PC PB Show - and they had talked to two different consultants (myself and my up-line). When I talked to my up-line about it - she flew off the handle. She said 'if they go with you - fine - but I have it marked in...
  21. S

    Frustrated With the Whole Declined Credit Card Thing...

    So, I had a declined credit card, re-entered the info, still declined, called the customer, she decides to lower her order (apparently it's a debit card and she didn't have enough money in her account) and this put my host under 400. I had to resolve this, by buying an item under that order...
  22. nldavis321

    Be Proactive: My Experience Calling PC Solution Center for Show Issues

    Last night I signed on to check on my fellow cheffers. Well, it is more than a GOOD thing that I did! I was reading a thread about someone forgetting to put in the host's cookbook reward for having over a $550 show. It reminded me that I had emailed the Solution Center over a week ago about...
  23. krzymomof4

    Did I make the right decision by leaving the Christmas Bazaar early?

    I was scheduled to do a Christmas Bazaar today. I got there, set up my booth...was ready to give the chairperson my donation for the auction basket when I turned around. In the next aisle is another PC consultant. I was livid to say the least. (Not at the PC consultant) The other consultant...
  24. B

    Is My Charm Bracelet a Genuine Pampered Chef Piece?

    Pampered Chef charm bracelet? I picked up an expanding section type bracelet at a car boot sale and was wondering if it was a genuine article or something some one had made?It has the chefs hat with 2005 underneath and a pizza cutter one side of the hat and a logo hat on the other?
  25. babywings76

    Do You Choose One Main Thing to Focus on During Your Shows?

    I feel like there is just so much information oozing out of me that maybe it's overwhelming. Info on the specific products, the recipe that I'm doing, time-saving tips, recipe ideas for other products, DCB education (saving time & money making dinner) Ditto that for the 12 in skillet...
  26. babywings76

    Favorite Thing to Make in the Grill Pan?

    :chef: Okay, so now I have the grill pan! :) I'm on the hunt for some great recipes. Anyone have one to share? I have always been scared of the bbq grill, and we actually don't own one yet, so I'm brand new to the whole recipe for grilling thing.:blushing: I know the grill pan won't...
  27. jbarnhill

    Looking for the Butter Spreader that Clips Onto a Butter Dish?

    I am not sure of the correct name for this item but I have a customer who is looking for the butter spreader that clips onto the butter dish. I believe it was on the outlet a while back in a set with other stuff. If anyone has one that they would like to get rid of they would make this...
  28. M

    What Is the First Thing You Do?

    at your shows? once everyone has gotten there do you go right into cooking? or do you talk a little at first then cook? do you move the guests to another room after and play a game or anything?
  29. I

    How Did Janice Do at Her Assembly Thing?

    I just phoned her, but she was at her excutive banquet (oops) & will call back later.
  30. M

    How can I fix my mom's mistake at my grand opening show?

    my mil at my grand opening show.. she meant to order the core and more but ordered the zester/scorer. how do I fix that for her?