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What is happen: Definition and 48 Discussions

  1. Intrepid_Chef

    Rant Changing Bank Information Don't Let This Happen to You!

    I just checked my answering machine messages and I am so angry I can't see straight! In January I changed both my direct deposit AND payment account information. Financial services called me to confirm the account number. I called them before submitting my January show to make sure it...
  2. M

    Received Too Many Catalogs - Anyone Else Had This Happen?

    I have a host who received her order today and there was a packet of at least 15-20 full catalogs in it - I didn't take time to count them. She gave them to me along with another customer's order that I was delivering. Anyone else had this happen? Maybe they printed way too many of this season's...
  3. C

    Director Recruiting Dilemma: Can a Single Parent Join My Team?

    I just signed someone at my show tonight:woohoo: Yeah for Spring Launch!!! She wants to make this her full time job so we started talking tonight about building a team and she went home and recruited her adult daughter(who I have never met) The only problem is the daughter has a child and...
  4. pamperedbecky

    Director Anyone Happen to Save a Copy of the March Outside Order Form?

    I have a guest who I did an adjustment for today from a March show. She's returning the DCB (!!!??) and getting a bunch of other stuff instead. FedEx is coming to pick it up starting tomorrow. Gave her all the instructions, then she just emailed me and said she can't find the receipt. Aaaah...
  5. P

    What Should I Do About a Dishonest Consultant in My MLM Business?

    I have a cons who was HO lead. I have met her 1 time at one of my meetings that she attended. She has never sent in any sales and has not returned my calls for months... yes, we have all had that right. BUT, apparently she took an order and cashed the customer check and never turned the order...
  6. M

    Craziest Thing to Happen in a Show

    So I have my first cooking show on the 10th and if I've learned anything in sales it's that there is always something unexpected that happens. So does anyone have any fun or interesting stories of things that have gone wrong during shows?
  7. lauradahl

    Is This a Success Story in the Making?

    So I have a former consultant who has moved to town...I met her about a year ago. She is all settled here now. I saw her again a month ago at a Holiday Extravaganza a friend and I did here in town (21 booths of different DSA/craft people) and she really wanted the Stainless Bowls. She books a...
  8. susanr613

    Urgent Dairyland Dogtrack Is Closing - What Will Happen to the Dogs?

    Hey all you Midwest Cheffers - Dairyland is closing at the end of the year. It's good news if you disapprove of greyhound racing, but it brings up a problem - there will be 500 dogs no longer making money for their owners. Most of them will not be relocated to other tracks. So, unless they are...
  9. I

    Did I Drop the Ball? Reflections on My First Mystery Host Show Experience

    I need to rant for a few lines so bear with me because I"m sure you can relate. I had my very first Mystery Host Show/Custmer Appr. on Sunday and not one person showed. I did have about 8 RSVP out of 80 invites that I sent out. I sent emails, text and when I saw them "on the street" did a...
  10. C

    What Will Happen on the Final Episode of 'The Bachelorette'?

    Ok~ Can I say Wes is an ASS!!! Any bets on the final man? I think Jake comes back but it looks like Wes gets a rose and Jake can't convince her otherwise. Do you think Ed comes back and offers her the engagement ring? Did you see the upcoming previews? I am hoping for Kypton. He has been...
  11. WLMcCoy

    Has Anyone Had This Happen?!?!?!

    I had a lady just call me w/ a problem. She ordered on my website under his sister's show. She got her shipment today, & the box had her name & address on it. When she opened the box, there was another lady's receipt & products in the box. & nothing that was her's. I'm waiting for a call back...
  12. tlag1986

    Humor Marriage Miracle: 3 Men's Wives Make Magic Happen!

    Three men married wives from different states. The first man married a woman from Michigan. He told her that she was to do the dishes and house cleaning. It took a couple of days, but on the third day, he came home to see a clean house and dishes washed and put away...
  13. I

    Should I Ask to Take Over Bridal Registry from Another Consultant?

    I have a client who thought when she went to PC.Com to sign up for bridal reg she would get me because we live in the same town. I just talked to her mom today and found out she was getting married and told her about PC reg, she continued to tell me that "tami" already signed up and had the...
  14. pcsharon1

    My Hostess' Order Mystery: How Did It Happen?

    Okay, so my hostess who's show I am closing today just told me that she had problems with my website. She put in my website address off the back of my catalog and placed an order - now granted she didn't place the order correctly because she didn't enter herself as the hostess (this was an...
  15. merego

    Sheet Pans Washing Woes - Don't Let It Happen To You!

    Is anyone having issues with there sheet pans looking nasty after they have been washed a few times?? I use my sheet pans ( I have 2) all the time and they are not holding up well in the dishwasher. They are starting to look like they did when we had the issue with them the 1st time around...
  16. P

    Advertising Rules on Craigslist: When Mistakes Happen

    I didnt know where to put this but wanted some input, I'd advertised on Craigslist a few times and the last time I put my link for my website and did nto realize what I'd done for a couple hours, I removed it but left the rest of the add up... got yelled at by HO. NBD it was a mistake and I...
  17. lockhartkitchen

    Ordering from Canada to the US: How to Make it Happen

    I have a consultant on my team who has a Canadian friend who wants to order from her here in the US? I've never done this. Someone have an answer to this?
  18. P

    Does This Ever Happen and if So, Is It Legal?

    I know people who own their own home-based businesses-similar to The Pampered Chef. They bought the "starter-kits", such as ours which is $155, for whatever the cost was for them, JUST to get the huge amount of products for such a low cost. They plan to sell just enough each month to get their...
  19. Becky0216

    My Best Show.. and It Didn't Even Happen Yet!!!

    This is the first person I am host coaching because every other host didn't really seem to care. I have my host so excited about everything. The show is Friday and she has almost $2,000 in outside orders already and an expected 15 guests for her show. I can't believe it. She loves the...
  20. PampChefJoy

    This Can't Happen to Me Two Months in a Row...

    Okay, remember the story last month of the gal who I *think* is a consultant and was forwarding my newsletter to her customers? Well, I just checked the stats on my April newsletter, and I have another person, one that I know was a customer and not a consultant, who has over 60 opens over the...
  21. letscook04

    Have You Ever Had This Happen to You?

    I did a show last Thursday and this lady was interested in having a show in April, WELL she had her secertary call ME to tell me what date/time to have her show??? If I had any questions call her (secertary):rolleyes:
  22. A

    Making it Happen: Successful Phone Calls for Bookings!

    Well ladies-I FINALLY DID IT!!!! I forced myself on the phone today-I've been putting it off and putting it off, and I FINALLY MADE THOSE CALLS!!!:sing: I didn't get any bookings, or at least not yet-but I left a few messages, so hopefully those will pan out for at least one show! I had been...
  23. M

    Struggling with Hosting Cooking Shows? Any Tips for More Bookings?

    i have just had a lady cancell for a show in march but insted she wants a catalog show in feb maby. i really have bad luck at getting any one to host a cooking show lately seems to want to more catalog show insted. getting a little down. my recurter is in the same town and know the same...
  24. S

    Has Anyone Else Had This Happen?

    I am noticing that the information I put into PP is not being saved - it goes back to the default setting the next time I open up the program. I just got off the phone with Tech Supp and they said 'that is not possible'. :( Last night, I was SO stressed out because I could not believe I have...
  25. kcjodih

    Arggg!!!! Does Anyone Else Have This Happen???

    I only get on here once a day, in the evening after my day job and things with my kids after dinner. It usually has 4 pages of 'new posts' that I read through and then when I'm done I click new posts again and get the newest additions before bed. However, for the last week by the time I...
  26. krzymomof4

    What should I do about last minute show changes?

    I have a show tomorrow night. The host calls me today and told me not to buy the ingredients per our original conversation because she can't pay me back for the ingredients. She told me not to worry about making any food, that she would try to have some things there and serve them on the stone...
  27. amy07

    Dreams of a Hawaiian Vacation - Can it Really Happen?

    Ok, I'll admit that I've been obsessing about earning the trip these last few weeks. But this morning I had a dream that the new trip announced for next year was to Hawaii!! And in my dream, my DH was even on the phone trying to book shows!! ;)
  28. mommyhugz1978

    Where to Find Franklin Covey Planners for Consultants?

    I am not sure if this is the right place but what happen to the Franklin Covey planner's for Consultants???? I can't find the link anyplace on the website!
  29. Cindycooks

    Small Kitchen - Who Else Has Had This Happen!!!

    The host of last nights show requested that I bring lots of products because she had no PC (other that what she just bought off of the person she booked from)...and she thought the guests would like to see lots of things. So I did. She is a vet at our new animal hospital and I wanted to please...
  30. AJPratt

    Completely Ot & Weird: How Does This Happen?

    My brother and SIL were away over the weekend. They have been staying with us while thier new home is being built, BTW. When they come home, my SIL wanted to know what I called her for. I said that I hadn't called her. She then shows me her cell phone that said that she had a missed call...