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What is outside: Definition and 162 Discussions

  1. S

    Get Your Outside Order Form Now - Quick & Easy Process | TIA!

    Hi can someone please post a Outside order form for me, I'm at work and can't access the PC site for some reason. TIA!!
  2. W

    Where to Find Outside Order Forms for Nov & Dec

    Are outside order forms not posted on here anymore? I need one for Nov and Dec.
  3. T

    Print Outside Order Forms: Easily Accessible on Our Website

    Where can I find them on the website so I can print some? Thanks!
  4. K

    May and June Outside Order Form

    Does anybody have an Outside Order Form for May and June in a Word Document that includes the spot for the Pantry items? I've seen some but there are none with the Pantry section. I like the one PC offers but can't edit the few things that I want and couldn't find a word version of the PC OOF...
  5. T

    Looking for a Generic Outside Order Form for Any Month? Check This Out!

    Hi, does anyone have a generic Outside Order form that could be used any month? Thanks! I'd love to have something like this to put in packets that I give out at the show, that way my packets wouldn't be month specific. Theresa
  6. wadesgirl

    Thinking Outside the Box: Creative Party Ideas for My Sister

    My sister has host several parties for me and has agreed to host one next month to help me out. I want to offer something different for her since she's hosted so many parties for me. I'm trying to think outside the box an thought I would see what ideas everybody else has.
  7. P

    Urgent Is a Generic July Outside Order Form Available for Inactive PC Status?

    Hello, Would someone be willing to provide a generic July Outside Order Form that I could use please. My PC status was changed to inactive and I need one ASAP. Thank you!
  8. naekelsey

    Unpacking the Outside Order Checkbox: Your Guide to Submitting a Party

    This is going to be a dumb question but I have to ask.. What happens when you check the part where it says Outside Order when submitting a party?
  9. S

    Using Blank Forms to Print Outside Order Forms

    I am trying to use the blank forms included in my business building kit... it has the Pampered chef logo on top, and the back is the same as the back of order forms. Anyhow, I keep trying to print outside order forms on it, and it prints onto the Pampered Chef logo... I can't get it to start...
  10. E

    May 2012 Outside Order Form: Get It Here!

    Has anyone created the May 2012 Outside Order Form yet? A couple of team members are asking me for it as they have early May shows. Thank you in advance to the talented, computer-savvy Pampered Chef who posts one!!!
  11. NooraK

    Receipts for Outside Orders From Pws

    Do I need to print official receipts for outside orders placed on my PWS? I know if a customer places an individual order, they get a page to print that serves as their official receipt. But the PWS order isn't final. I know, I should know this by now...
  12. ChefCKHall

    Sweet! Customizable Fliers and Outside Order Forms on Cc

    Just got PC newswire and while I love the effort that ladies put into their fliers...home office just made it easier for all to customize outside order forms and fliers from consultants corner! On the order forms, you can add the sales tax for the show! WaHOO!Sometimes, change is good!Customize...
  13. K

    Order Your August Outside Order Form Today | Karen's OOF Solutions

    Does anyone have an August OOF already made up? Thanks, Karen
  14. C

    Need Pampered Chef "Recipe" for Cleaning Outside of Pans

    Hi- A guest is requesting some PC old recipe for a cleaner possibly containing ammonia and dish soap. This is so she can clean the outside of her non-stick pans. I guess the old non-stick pans were not coated on the outside. She had gotten the recipe from a PC consultant many years ago. Of...
  15. kristina16marie

    Outside Orders Really Do Add Up!!!

    I just submitted my new highest show ever! $1754.90 in guest sales ($1817.70 commissionable) - Get this: she only had 5 people show up at her party and when I left the guest sales were at $352.05. She collected 19 outside orders over $1400!!!!! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! And I just promoted to...
  16. pamperedbecky

    Director Anyone Happen to Save a Copy of the March Outside Order Form?

    I have a guest who I did an adjustment for today from a March show. She's returning the DCB (!!!??) and getting a bunch of other stuff instead. FedEx is coming to pick it up starting tomorrow. Gave her all the instructions, then she just emailed me and said she can't find the receipt. Aaaah...
  17. babywings76

    Bringing Your Booth to Life: Thinking Outside the Box!

    I'm thinking about doing something different for a booth I have on Saturday. A Relay for Life team is doing a fundraiser at a fire station. I'm considering bringing a bag of potatoes and enough ingredients to make 2 batches of Mango Salsa. The booth is from 8-2pm. I could even tell people...
  18. C

    Ready to Spice Up Your Meals with Delicious Sauces? Order Now!

    Here is the order form that I have put together....Love the sauces for free! LOL
  19. C

    Does Anyone Have the April Outside Order Form or Mother's Day Tote Order Form?

    Hi:) Does anyone have the April Outside Order Form yet? TIA! Duck
  20. K

    March-May Outside Order Form | Karen's Tips & Tricks

    Has anyone made any outside order forms for March, April or May? Thanks, Karen
  21. C

    Updated Feb & March Outside Order Form

    Hey all! I updated the Feb OOF with the DCB special on it....thought I would re-post. And, here is March too!
  22. babywings76

    Will Expedited Shipping Ensure Customer Satisfaction?

    I had someone call me wanting to order a garlic press. I'm not entirely sure it's intended to be a Christmas gift. I honestly can't remember if she said or not. I decided to add it to a show, but the host hasn't closed it yet. She's waiting on some orders. Her show isn't enough to qualify...
  23. RCKmom

    Download Outside Order Sales Receipts: Fast Delivery Caught Me Off Guard

    Is there anywhere online to download the outside order sales reciepts that we print out after a show. I had a catalog show and thought I had sales recipts at home that I cannot find anywhere. I got an email this morning that the show is to be delivered today and I need to drop the receipts off...
  24. C

    Jan & Feb Outside Order Forms - Ready to Go!

    Here are the Jan and Feb outside order forms that I have done up. Enjoy!! ;)
  25. G

    Streamline Your Party Orders: Simplify with Our Outside Order Form"

    For those of you who use the outside order form or print your own, do you find that the guests are looking for a copy of their receipt at the time of the party? Or are most ok with it?
  26. D

    Maximizing Your Fundraiser Success: Handling Outside Order Forms

    Ok so I just submitted my first fundraiser this morning. the students used an oof. Should I transfer their order on a 2-ply receipt and give them the top copy for their record or do I just give them back the oof that they submitted their order in once their order arrives. thank you so much.
  27. K

    Have You Started Your December Outside Order Form Yet?

    I know this may be early but...has anyone made up the December outside order form yet. Thanks, Karen:)
  28. V

    Where Can I Find an October Outside Order Form?

    Does anyone have an October outside order form?? TIA
  29. C

    November Outside Order Form: Get Your Products Delivered Now!

    Hi there:) Has anyone done a November outside order form? Please:)
  30. S

    Exclusive Cookware Order: $987.50 Hand-Delivered to Me | Tuesday Show Special

    I just got an outside order hand delivered to me for a show I did on Tuesday. It was for $987.50 in product total. She got 7pc Executive Cookware, 5pc Executive Cookware, 12" Skillet, lid, nylon tools, etc... She's always wanted the Cookware and doesn't want to host. Oh my gosh! Thank you!