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What is forms: Definition and 134 Discussions

  1. W

    Where to Find Outside Order Forms for Nov & Dec

    Are outside order forms not posted on here anymore? I need one for Nov and Dec.
  2. stephaniekocala

    Interested in Consultant Items for Sale?

    I run my PC business exclusively via social media, so I don't need many of the consultant items...I'm really uncertain how to price these items; if I'm off on my pricing, please advise - not trying to make $$ just thinking someone can use these items (interested buyers can post or email...
  3. VeronicaW

    Printable Make Your Own Order Forms (Oofs)

    In the past I have found monthly OOF's, but not very easily. I think they are great and I input my info and print what I need. Looking for February and March 2014 Order Forms please. Thank you, in advance for helping me.
  4. pampchef.angel

    Event Planning: What Do You Do With Catalogs & Order Forms?

    In the past, I've always handed out clipboards with a catalog, order form, pen and drawing form to each guest. It's a lot to carry. I'm curious as to what you guys do?
  5. S

    Efficient Order Forms for Shows: Tips and Tricks for Consultants"

    What does everyone use for Order Forms at Shows? I am running out of the 2 ply ones and am trying to decide if I want to order more or not. Do you just use the outside order forms you can print off of Consultant's Corner and then send them an email receipt? Could be a great way to make sure they...
  6. T

    Print Outside Order Forms: Easily Accessible on Our Website

    Where can I find them on the website so I can print some? Thanks!
  7. chefsteph07

    How Do You Accept Forms of Payment?

    Just wondering how you all handle forms of payment BEFORE and especially AFTER your shows? I am having a problem being clear w/ my hosts (obviously, because this keeps happening) about the fact that I do NOT like to take checks after shows...lately, even though I explain this to my hosts...
  8. VeronicaW

    Get Your June & July Order Forms Now – Don't Miss Out!"

    Need Order Forms for June & July please!
  9. S

    Using Blank Forms to Print Outside Order Forms

    I am trying to use the blank forms included in my business building kit... it has the Pampered chef logo on top, and the back is the same as the back of order forms. Anyhow, I keep trying to print outside order forms on it, and it prints onto the Pampered Chef logo... I can't get it to start...
  10. VeronicaW

    Creative Bridal Shower Order Forms and Guest Specials for March

    Has anyone come up with a creative Bridal Shower Order Form? I'd like to have one for March with the Guest Specials too.
  11. C

    Forgot to Order Forms for Show - What to Do?

    although this might not be in the correct forum, I have a question. I did a supply order, got it today and realized I forgot to order the order forms...I have a show on Friday with at least 10 confirmed guests. and no 2 ply order forms. am I not allowed to use the outside order form, even if...
  12. kam

    Get HWC 2011 Order Forms Now: Tax & No Tax Options!

    please note...this is the 2011 version. I will be posting the 2012 version later today!Wasn't going to do this...but I think a few have asked for it on other threads.I have 2 HWC 2011 order forms."taxshipping" is the one that you add the shipping before calculating tax. "NOtaxshipping" is the...
  13. DebPC

    Director Adapting to Sending Forms Remotely: What's the Best Method?

    I always just gave them the form and they sent it in. Since we can no longer do that-I called PC and they said the customers can call us and we do it thru PP3, or the customers can email PC or call them directly. What is everyone doing?
  14. ChefCKHall

    Sweet! Customizable Fliers and Outside Order Forms on Cc

    Just got PC newswire and while I love the effort that ladies put into their fliers...home office just made it easier for all to customize outside order forms and fliers from consultants corner! On the order forms, you can add the sales tax for the show! WaHOO!Sometimes, change is good!Customize...
  15. C

    Jan & Feb Outside Order Forms - Ready to Go!

    Here are the Jan and Feb outside order forms that I have done up. Enjoy!! ;)
  16. Tropicalburstqt2

    Creating Order Forms for Fresh Goods: Tips & Advice

    I'm just wondering if anyone has created an order form for these yet... I hate to reinvent the wheel. Also, how far in advance would you make these? I'd like them to remain fresh, but don't want to have to be making a million all at once. Thanks ladies (and gentleman). :D
  17. I

    Catalog Show Hosts: How Many Forms Do You Need?

    How many catalogs and order forms do you normally give to hosts for catalog shows?
  18. C

    Are the Sept & Oct Outside Order Forms Fixed?

    Hi All, Has anyone 'fixed' the Sept and/or Oct Outside order forms? TIA Duck
  19. D

    Boost Your Sales: Maximize Outside Orders for June Shows

    I have never used these and am not quite sure when or why to use them. I have two shows booked in June that I am encouraging the hosts to get $200 of outside orders before the show. One of the hosts asked me how to do this and I suggested she tell everyone to visit my pws to place orders under...
  20. emiscookin

    What are the different types of order forms used in direct sales businesses?

    When I attended my recruiters cooking show when I was interested in the business opportunity, she used the order forms you can print off each month from the CC and said they are the only ones she uses. In my new consultant kit, obviously I received 100 of the REAL order forms. Which do you...
  21. KayPT

    Selling Gift Certificates: P3, Money, Forms?

    Ok, how do I sell a gift certificate? I see it is listed in P3 but am not sure if the money would add to the show now or when it is used. Also, do I need to order a form for the gift certificate? Could I just print my own? Thanks!!
  22. S

    Bridal Shower Order Forms: For the Bride and Me in Word

    Good morning everyone! Does anyone have the bridal shower order form that says for the bride and then for me in word . I had it and lost it. Thanks
  23. pamperedbecky

    Do We Not Get Free Order Forms?

    I'm finally placing my first supply order. Usually we've gotten a free supply of the newest triplicate order forms. I don't see anything about this anywhere, unless I"m missing something. Is that right? Do we not get any free ones?? Thanks!
  24. L

    Fall Supply Pack: Unboxing & Order Forms Info

    firstly has anyone received the fall supply pack and do we have codes for the fall trivet and order forms? Looking forward to opening the new catalogue!!
  25. K

    Free Order Forms for Supply Orders: Item Number?

    Do we get the free order forms with our first supply order this season also? I didn't see anything about it in our changeover kit. If we are able to get them does anyone know the item number? thanks!
  26. C

    Sept and Oct '09 Outside Order Forms

    Here are Sept and Oct outside order forms. Don't forget to change the personal info and the tax rates. ;)
  27. babywings76

    Catalog Show Order Forms Questions

    I had a host want to do an April catalog show. I made her special outside order forms that had printed on there the guest special (one of the new dipping oils for free w/ $60 order.) Also, the top of the forms I stated "Fill out completely and receive a Free Season's Best Cookbook". So, now...
  28. F

    Manual Order Forms Vs. Printed Reciepts

    I'm a new consultant, just made my 30 days yesterday, and have been looking at the supply order form to see how much different items will cost me to replace/replenish. I keep seeing P3 sales receipts, is this an easy alternative to the carbon copy order forms? I'm also guessing that I will...
  29. Flamingo

    Avoid Order Form Mistakes: Tips for New Season Paperwork | S/S 09 Supply Orders

    Just a FYI for you all. I just got my supply order and sat down to stamp my order forms. So I go through and stamp all of them on the pink copy as usual and then look closer and the customer copy is now the top white copy. Ughhh So now I have to go stamp all of them again......Just thought I...
  30. C

    Hosts: Get Duplicate Forms for Guest List

    Does anyone know if we can still order the duplicate forms for Hosts to make out their guest list so we can get a copy to send their invites?