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What is aprons: Definition and 63 Discussions

  1. C

    Pampered Chef consultant aprons

    I have 6 Pampered Chef aprons for sale. All are new in the package. $10 each. Shipping will be determined by actual cost.2- denim (Discover the chef in you Logo) 2- navy blue with the blue/white stripe trim (with same logo as denim aprons)with red star 2- silver with gold paisley, ruffled...
  2. Margaret Raitt

    Garden Flags, Aprons, Banner, Charms, Cards & More

    I sold PC for 12 years and have a lot of items that current consultants might want. Aprons Garden flags T-shirts with logo Vinyl banner for events More... Please inquire and I will take pictures. Need to know interest first.
  3. Suzanne Johnson

    Retired Products, Aprons, Totes, Logo Tops, Etc.

    I have a lot of items still available (nothing that came after about 2006 and no tablecloths). I have photos of everything on the Facebook group ISO/Buy/Sell Pampered Chef Products-Not an official site (https://www.facebook.com/groups/404648589876813/) and because I have so much I created 10...
  4. Jules711

    What pampered chef items are for sale?

    I have several items for sale. I am not leaving Pampered Chef, but have to purge and want these things to be enjoyed and used! Let me know if you have questions. Prices do not include shipping. Make an offer for several items if you'd like. PayPal is the preferred payment. I also have...
  5. jnhr1986

    Sell Your Pampered Chef Supplies: $45 + Shipping!

    I'm moving and no longer actively selling so I am looking to sell my stash of consultant materials. $45 +shipping for ALL! (that's less than the price of the apron and bag alone) Email me for a quicker response [email protected] includes: Pampered Chef consultant bag (excellent used...
  6. byrd1956

    New Black Aprons: $15 + Shipping Each

    I have 2 (new in package) black aprons $15 plus shipping each if anyone is interested.
  7. P

    Consultant Totes and Aprons for Sale

    (1) Travel Satchel(1) Black Tablecloth(2) Black Aprons“Live Your Dreams” – Notebook & Pen(2) Briefcases(2) Totes(1) Stoneware Tote(2) Show to Go Totes Some items are new and others are gently used. Please contact me with the items you are interested in and I can give you more information...
  8. ChefJWarren

    Bags, Aprons, Supplies for Sale

    I am retiring after 8 years and selling all my business supplies:Black and pink small polka dot bag $8 Black and white medium size bag with lots of pockets $10 Pink and brown "diaper" bag, lots of love and use $3 Large black and pink consultant bag $15 Paisley apron $10 White dots apron some...
  9. H

    Do you still need aprons for your freezer meal workshops?

    Looking for old aprons to use for my freezer meal workshops. Does anyone have any to sell? Please send me a PM with picture, price and shipping to 94585. Thanks in advance!
  10. kcnancy

    Fs 'Top Achiever' Aprons (2 Available)

    Top Achiever is embroidered on each of these blue aprons, both are new. Asking $6 each plus shipping from 66214.Top Achiever Aprons by kcnancy posted Jul 26, 2015 at 12:44 PM
  11. pcchefjane

    Gently Used Kitchen Aprons for Sale - $7 Each + Shipping

    I have the HWC Black & Pink Paisley Apron, the Black & White Consultant Apron, and the Snowman Christmas Apron. I would like $7 each plus shipping. All of them have been used but are in very good condition. I did mainly catalog & Facebook shows so they have not been worn a lot. Contact at...
  12. ChefJWarren

    Are These Gold and Silver Aprons with Pampered Chef Ribbons For Sale?

    I have 2 of the aprons in original packaging - brand new. One of the aprons has attachable ribbons that have Pampered Chef stamped on them. The other has plain ribbons.$25 including shipping for both
  13. stephaniekocala

    Apron, New Catalogs, Cell Phone Case Available

    Hello all,As I exclusively run my PC business via social media and friends/family, I don't have a need for the new catalogs or my PC (women's) apron. I also have the Jan consultants' gift (cell phone case) for Iphone 5 available:25 New Catalogs: $12 Apron: $8 Cell Phone Case (I can email you a...
  14. stephaniekocala

    Interested in Consultant Items for Sale?

    I run my PC business exclusively via social media, so I don't need many of the consultant items...I'm really uncertain how to price these items; if I'm off on my pricing, please advise - not trying to make $$ just thinking someone can use these items (interested buyers can post or email...
  15. P

    Promotional Materials, Bags, Catalogues, Aprons Etc Etc...

    I'm a new consultant and I was wondering where we order extra catalogues, bags, etc. All the fun stuff….? I've been looking on Consultant Corner and Pampered Partner and I can't find anything like that. Thanks!
  16. P

    Brand New Aprons for Sale - $15 & Free Shipping!

    I have three aprons for sale....none have been worn but are out of package. 1. Patriotic 2. Denim 3. Pink & Black Paisley $15 each.....FREE shipping.
  17. doughmama

    Why Are These Stylish Yet Affordable Aprons Worth Checking Out?

    Aprons for sale. New in package. Prices do not include shipping. HWC paisley with black pockets - $20 SOLD Blue patriotic with red star by pocket - $18 classic blue denim - $5
  18. P

    Fs: Bags and Aprons and Tablecloths - Oh My!

    My AD is downsizing her collection of unused (many UNOPENED!) PC items and a ton of these are collectors items! Let me know if you want to see photos of anything... but for now, Here is the list:JEWELRY Charm Bracelet (including chefs hat charm, DCB, apple wedger, food chopper and mixing...
  19. DebPC

    Discover the Best Tablecloths and Aprons for February and March Shows

    What tablecloths and aprons is everyone using at their shows for February and March? Do you change it up or use the same all the time?
  20. A

    Consultant Etiquette: Wearing Denim Aprons

    I really don't post here much but I had a question. Does anyone still wear their Denim Apron? The reason I ask is we were visiting friends in Alabama and I went to a show at my friend's neighbor's house and the consultant wore the denim apron. She said she picks her apron depending on the...
  21. A

    Women's Pampered Chef Clothing & Aprons - Size L/M

    I'm looking for women's pampered chef clothing and aprons (not jean). I seem to be between sizes large and medium so either one should do. New or used, doesn't matter as long as its in good shape. Please send a pic and price to my email if you have anything available. Thank you :-)...
  22. W

    Shop Holiday Aprons at Pampered Chef

    Does anyone know if Pampered Chef has Christmas/holiday aprons that we can purchase?
  23. Aurora

    Bags, Aprons, Postcards & Recipe Cards, Catalogs, Business Supplies!

    All prices include cheapest shipping in the USA - I do live in Alaska, so parcel post can be slow. If you want it faster, I can give you a shipping quote for priority. I can only make it to the PO Friday-Sunday. :) Totally open to offers!Photos here...
  24. K

    2 Aprons in Pkg, Carryall Tote for Sale

    New Fall 2011 black apron, blue denim apron, both new in package. Black Carryall tote. Will sell all 3 for only $30, plus $8 shipping. No military addresses. Check preferred. Email privately: [email protected]. Thank you to all who checked this thread out!
  25. NooraK

    Score 40% Off Flirty Aprons - Hurry Ends Soon!

    I know some of you like to wear non-PC aprons, so I'm sharing: 40% off Flirty Aprons Coupon Code :: Southern Savers Update 5/24/2011 Check out Comment 8 for a new sale!
  26. christinaspc

    Business Supplies, Aprons, Totes, & Tablecloths for Sale

    I am cleaning out my stuff I am stepping back and I don't need to have all of these items around which I might not use and just sit around and collect dust I am leaving for vacation on sunday so I will need all paypal so I can get them all shipped by saturday. I am putting what the shipping...
  27. A

    Where Can I Find Cute and Affordable Aprons Other Than the One in a Kit?

    I'm looking for aprons other than the one that comes in the kit - that's all I have, and I want something prettier :-) Hoping for a PC one so thought I would check here before I find something cute online. Thanks!
  28. crystalscookingnow

    What clothing items are available for sale?

    Shirts: Black 3/4 sleeve shirt w/Rhinesone Logo - size M - but it was a bit big. I'm a smaller large (does that make sense?) and it fit great. $10 Purple T-Shirt - size L - this was from conference 2 years ago, I think. - $5 Brown Yoga Pants with pink logo - size L - $5 Pink hoodie...
  29. Dutchess

    Maximize Your Brand with Customized Aprons for Fun and Fundraisers

    dont know if this would be considered a theme, buuutttttt I have so many Aprons, I was thinking of having guests use them at shows. I do a completely interactive show so I figure with everyone dealing with food they could all wear aprons. Even the Bridal Apron to advertise those types of...
  30. E

    What Kind of Pen Works Best on the White Aprons?

    I was thinking of a sharpie but would that bleed on the fabric too much?