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What is kind: Definition and 55 Discussions

  1. Roadtripray

    Bacon 'N Cheddar Bubble Bread -- What Kind of Rolls?

    I'd like to make the Bacon 'n Cheddar Bubble Bread tonight, and I'm wondering if the "1 package (11.3 ounces) refrigerated dinner rolls" is referring to the canned type?I apologize if this has been covered in here, but I did a search and couldn't find any reference to this specific...
  2. Deb Bixler

    What Kind of Recruiting Training Would You Be Interested In?

    We are wondering what you look for in recruiting training. Can you help us out with this quick 3 questionnaire: http://bit.ly/wWUwz4
  3. P

    Sharing a Woohoo Kind of Moment!

    So, the price of our flight to Chicago for Conference dropped once - from $180 to $134. Today, it dropped AGAIN - - - all the way down to $94 :eek: !!! Sooo excited!!! :D:D:D Unfortunately the flight home hasn't dropped yet :( - but this brought the total of the airfare below $300...
  4. A

    Where Can I Find Cute and Affordable Aprons Other Than the One in a Kit?

    I'm looking for aprons other than the one that comes in the kit - that's all I have, and I want something prettier :-) Hoping for a PC one so thought I would check here before I find something cute online. Thanks!
  5. finley1991

    Director Laugh of the Day... Well, Kind Of!

    Just had a host e-mail me... her catty show has been going on 6 weeks. I told her I would cancel the show unless I got the $$ from her Monday. I'm sick of calling her each week and listening to her *promise* to send the $$. She took the money from the orders and spent it on her daughter's...
  6. K

    Choosing Tequila for Slap 'yo Mama Margaritas

    Sorry - another margarita question! Now that I've decided on the Slap 'yo Mama Margarita's for tomorrow night's party, what kind of tequila do you all use? I'm not a tequila drinker, so I have no idea if I can "skimp" on this or not - there were price ranges of everything from $10/Ltr -...
  7. P

    What Kind of a Response Are You Getting?

    From the "host your own show" promo? I think it will be interesting to see who sends shows in. Mine group seems more excited about the apron, but I am trying to tell them to collect $150 in the next week and send it in for MORE freebies! Funny that we are excluded as directors but I understand...
  8. E

    What Kind of Pen Works Best on the White Aprons?

    I was thinking of a sharpie but would that bleed on the fabric too much?
  9. kcmckay

    Eco Friendly Basket? Kind Long Sorry

    So I work at a bank and my sales goals are ridiculous right now. Turns out they they changed what counts for us and since a lot of those things could be considered a "green" way to go I came up with a promotion for us to attract more people to them. This may get lenghthy but I feel like I...
  10. kdangel518

    Apple Wedger- Kind of a No Brainer But...

    Thought I would throw this out there anyway. When using the apple wedger if it doesn't slice ALL the way through the apple, don't try to push the wedges or the core out with your fingers. I did that this weekend and ended up in the ER with two stitches in my thumb :(. Thank GOD it was at...
  11. S

    Did You Score a Bag from Wave 2? - Suzy in Texas's Latest Find on Ebay!

    What kind of bag did you get this time, or should I bring my own for Wave 2? Suzy in Texas
  12. etteluap70PC

    What Kind of Theme Shows Do You Offer?

    I am looking speciffically for info/feedback. Have you done? Bingo shows? Price is right? Any others outside the norm?
  13. amy07

    Any Ideas? Kind of Long, Little Vent

    I have a Consultant on my Team that is really starting to concern me. She is competitive, which can be a good thing, but now I think it is starting to cross an ethical line. Recently she told me that her mother was trying to collect some orders for a catalog show at her office. She said her...
  14. SeeMe4PC

    Iso Bakers Roller (Old Wooden Kind)

    I am looking for the old version - brand new -still in the plastic. Thanks! FOUND ONE - Thanks everyone!
  15. C

    My Different Kind of Cookie Exchange Tonight!

    Well, the show is tonight. I'm a bit apprehensive, just because I've never done a combined show of any kind before. My friend, the CM consultant, and I, are doing a Digital Cookie Exchange Party. I am doing the food demo, and then she is showing everyone how to do a Digital Cookbook with...
  16. D

    Discover Exciting Prizes at Our Spectacular Shows | Learn More Now

    What kind of prizes do you give out at your shows?
  17. janetupnorth

    Kind of Odd to Congratulate Self...but...

    So, it's kind of odd to start this myself, but unless I tell you guys, you wouldn't know. :) I told a few this was in the works, but anyway... I made Lieutenant on our Fire Department - official as of Chief's announcement last night. Only took me 8 years! (Of course, I will always...
  18. M

    Trying Again- What Kind of Party Would You Like to Be Invited To?

    if you got an invite in the mail tomorrow what would you want it to be for?
  19. M

    What Kind of Party Would You Like to Be Invited To?

    so I was just curious since we all are PC consultants , if you got an invite in the mail tomrorow that was not for PC what would you want it to be for?
  20. N

    New Recruit Is Kind of Got Me Worried.... ( Note: Long)

    So I did a booth on the 4th of July, and this woman is selling jewelry next to me. She is middle aged, maybe in her late 50's. She gets all excited, her DIL and son live with them, the DIL is looking for a part time something or other to do, LOVES TO COOK (remember this for later), yada yada. I...
  21. redsoxgirl

    Explore the Menu at Our Restaurant: Variety of Options for Breakfast & More!

    I'm just curious about what kind of grub they serve us? Do we have a choice of things or is it the same for everyone? Is breakfast more like a buffet (bagels, eggs, etc) or more sit down and be served? There's really no real reason for this question - I'm honestly just curious!
  22. merego

    Need to Close Out Party~ Host Is Mia~Help ( Kind of Long)

    I had a $620.00 party on June 2nd. The host asked me to keep it open for 1 week because she has outside orders from people who could not make it at the last minute. I explained I would call her on Monday, we would finalize everything and I would go over how much she would get in free products...
  23. R

    Do You Have Problems With Gas & Not the Kind for Your Car?

    Ok, now that I have your attention :) I've been making a big deal out of gas prices, money saving tips (our recipes), job opportunities for extra cash, and the attached flyer that I hand out at my shows. Thought I'd share. Happy Selling, Rita Wester
  24. L

    Asking for Prayers for Dezy and Also if You're so Kind.......

    Hi all, I've again asked for prayers for my friend's daughter Dezy!! Some of you might remember previous posts…..she's been in and out of the hospital since Thanksgiving and she's going to be 18 on June 13th, can’t believe that!! What's really special about Dezy is that she's got...
  25. erinyourpclady

    andNot the Pirate Kind. I Need a Kick in the Booty (Intentional

    and not the pirate kind. I need a kick in the booty (intentional pun!). I am the BIGGEST procrastinator...and although I have great, awesome and fabulous intentions, I drop the ball. But here is the thing...I only drop the ball when it comes to me. No one else gets dropped or less then 100%. I...
  26. C

    Seasoning for Chicken in a Strawberry Spinach Salad - DCB Recipe

    My host next Monday has requested the Strawberry Spinach Salad, but she would like to add chicken to it - what kind of seasoning would you add to the chicken? I'll most likely do the chicken in the DCB.....
  27. A

    Have you experienced the loss of a beloved pet?

    Hi, I new to all of this, but you all seem so caring and genuine, that I thought I would give this a try. I just need some thoughtsand prayers. Today, I lost my second cat since January. They were both older, Nermal, my 18 year old died in January of old old and my little, Persian Nora, passed...
  28. merego

    Need Advice...director Bully~ Kind of Long

    I need some advice please.... I signed up when I went to a party at my neighbors. I had been thinking about doing PC for about a year and had gone to a ton of parties but really didn't care for the consultants ( too pushy). I really liked this consultant so I signed with her. Another friend...
  29. PampChefJoy

    soWhat Kind of Marketing Pieces Are on Your Wish List?

    What are you looking for that you haven't been able to find through Merrill, or the Booster, Directly from the Heart, etc? As long as I am trying to come up with some new ideas, I figured I'd find out what others need first! Stickers, labels, postcards, clothing?? And what do you want it...
  30. raebates

    Kind of Wish They'd Explained That . . .

    I'm going to be in two local papers on (or just after) March 1. I will not be wearing any clothes in the picture. Don't freak out. I won't be naked. I'm just not wearing clothes in the picture. Let me explain. Today I had my annual gynecological exam. Yesterday I received a call from my...