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What is prizes: Definition and 65 Discussions

  1. Angelady

    Prizes That Have to Be Shipped Need Least Expensive

    I've had a few people win something at my virtual parties that didn't order anything and weren't close to the host for me to just add it to the host order. This is causing me a little dilemma in the prize I'm paying to ship on top of giving the prize away. It's easily double what I would spend...
  2. MrsNetNut404

    Affordable Raffle Prizes for Booking Brunch: Ideas & Budget Tips

    My director suggested I have a raffle for my booking brunch next month. I thought that was a great idea, but I am having a hard time deciding what to offer for the raffle prize. I can't offer anything too expensive. I was thinking something in the $15-$20 range. My director also suggested...
  3. D

    Director Improving Meeting Incentives with Drawings and Prizes?

    I am thinking about changing drawings/prize opportunities at team meetings. We were doing tickets for good behavior (sales, TL, SC, recruiting, helping with meeting etc.) and on time drawing. I was thinking about doing away with the ticket one b/c it takes so much time, but now I am rethinking...
  4. P

    Any Special Incentives, Gifts, Prizes, Etc. for Shows on Friday?

    Any special incentives, gifts, prizes, etc. for shows on Friday?
  5. V

    Q: Show Door Prizes on Supply Order Form

    I'm a newbie, and I'm about to order some door prizes for the first time. Are the door prizes packaged individually? I am specifically thinking of the all-purpose spreader, the iSlice, and the mini-whipper, each of which come as a 5-pack. Are all five wrapped in one package so that when the...
  6. wadesgirl

    Planning an Unforgettable Baby Shower: Prizes, Unique Baby Items & More!

    I mentioned on here before I'm throwing a baby shower for my best friend next month. I have really only been to one baby shower before this! We are doing a couple games and a diaper raffle (guests bring a package of diapers to go into a raffle). I'm trying to decide what the best "prizes"...
  7. HealthNut

    Unleash Your Creativity: Homemade Door Prize Ideas for Your Next Cooking Show!

    So has anyone given out "home made" door prizes? Instead of ordering off supply order? I have my first cooking show next sunday. I told the host, if she brings in 5 outside orders, before it starts, SHE will get a prize (I have an extra garlic press I will give her). And I also told her - if...
  8. B

    Door Prizes & Guest Gifts: Is It Worth It?

    I am new, so forgive the questions if they seem to have simple answers. What do you all do for door prizes, or guest gifts? I was told we could buy the $1 Seasons Best and give them out...but anything else? And I assume we would have to buy everything ourselves that we want to give out. Is...
  9. Dotty

    Unlock Party Success with Prep-Bowl Door Prizes | Book Now & Win!

    I'm so excited that PC added Prep-bowls to the door prize list on the fall paperwork & supply order form. I think it would be a great booking tool - book a party, get a prep-bowl. What are your ideas for using the prep bowls in your parties as incentives for participation, bookings, and...
  10. T

    Win Prizes Instantly for Booking a Show!

    What kind of prizes do you give out for booking a show on the spot at a show?
  11. 1PamperedMommy

    Door Prizes: What to Give, How Many & Tips!

    So I'm curious...What are the best door prizes to give your customers for getting them excited? Do you have tips for door prize distribution? How many prizes do you typically give at a party? As for the twix it clips, do you give the whole pack or just one or two out of your container? TIA!
  12. 1PamperedMommy

    Prizes & Hosting Info for Shows: Get Answers Here!

    I've seen a BUNCH of posts saying you collect tickets for this or that to draw for a prize. How many prizes (and what) do you generally give away at a show? Also, how much do you give your host during the show? I'm trying to improve my shows and am getting a lot of help from this website, but...
  13. K

    Rewarding Your Hosts: What Prizes Are Best?

    Do you offer your hosts any prizes for collecting a certain amount of outside orders or having a certain amount of guests at the show? I am thinking about offering prizes but I am not sure what would work best.
  14. D

    Scrapbooking Event Ideas: Oct/Nov Bookings & Raffle Prizes

    I can't make it to a friends scrapbooking event but she's offered to give everyone some info and do a raffle if I like. Does anyone have something on maybe half a page about Oct/November bookings or any ideas on what I can give her? There will be about 40 people there so I can't afford to do...
  15. Triciascucina

    How Many Door Prizes Do You Give at a Show

    I was wondering how many door prizes you give out at your shows. Do you give them at the end or through out the demo?
  16. ChefJWarren

    Beach attire or Margarita trivia? Ideas for a Mexican-themed show!

    My host wants to do a Mexican Theme Show and we were trying to brainstorm some kind of contest?? Similar to Slippers and Sangria - wear the cutest slippers, Sandals and Sangria - same thing, Ugliest Spatula.... Any ideas???
  17. esavvymom

    What Do You Put Your Door Prizes In?

    Ok... I need some ideas for what you all put your door prizes in- and how much you carry? Do you just put 1-2 of each item type you have in the container? (Obviously size would determine part of that too). Right now, I've just got them in a Reusable grocery bag- but it's alot of bag...
  18. beepampered

    Win Prizes at Bee's Pampered Chef Party!

    I'm looking for comments on the below/attached invitaiton to an opportunity night. Would it entice you to come? I am inviting a bunch of people - many of whom have only slightly showed interest in the business. I'd like to bribe them to attend and them hook them in with so much fun. Thanks for...
  19. P

    Looking for Fun Ideas to Boost Sales: HWC Open House

    I'm having a HWC Open House next Saturday. I opted not to do a traditional cooking show so it's just a come-and-go event. I'm looking for something fun to do while people are here to entice sales and bookings. I'm giving away tickets for bringing friends, wearing pink, etc...and I have some...
  20. DebPC

    Yeah! We Get to Pick Our Prizes!

    Just got an email from HO. I got level 2 so I'm taking the 5 Piece SS Cookware Set. I plan to use it somehow for a recruiting or signing incentive. What is everyone picking?
  21. cookinkaren99

    Director Door Prizes for New Consultants' 1st Show

    Hi Everyone, This year, I have started helping my new consultants do there 1st show. It came time to do the door prize & she did not have anything to give. For some reason, I thought the kit had $1 cookbooks to give as door prizes. What do you do for your new recruits to have door prizes at...
  22. kisrae

    Friday Night Bingo: Successful Fundraiser with Pampered Chef Products Prizes!

    Pamperedalf aka: Amanda and I just had our first Bingo night on Friday and we had a blast. Everyone loved the idea and the school made some money and we have leads to do other fundraisers in our area. For our first BIngo night we covered cost, paid for half a booth and gave the school a good...
  23. merego

    Want to win amazing prizes this holiday season? Sign up now!

    We're definitely feeling the joy of giving this holiday season — serious giving — with over $91,230.53 in amazing giveaways, all from our massive December/January 2009 double issue. Here's how you can get your hands on some of the loot: Every day from November 17 through December 28, we're...
  24. candiejayne

    Bingo Night: Enjoy Fun Games & Prizes with Friends!

    The cluster I am in, every 3 months, does a Bingo Night. People volunteer to host a table, then they invite their friends to come to their "show". We put products up for display, and take orders for a half hour before the games begin. Next Friday night we will be playing 12 games of bingo...
  25. D

    Discover Exciting Prizes at Our Spectacular Shows | Learn More Now

    What kind of prizes do you give out at your shows?
  26. Stef1023

    Door Prizes: What to Order for Maximum Impact

    what are the best door prizes to give away? I'm wanting to order some stuff and not sure what to get. any advice?
  27. pampchef.angel

    First Show: Door Prizes & Overwhelm - HELP!

    Getting ready to do my first show and I don't understand door prizes. How do you decide what to give? Do we pay for them? HELP! I am so overwhelmed :cry:
  28. M

    Carnival Tickets for Prizes - Where to Get Them?

    my pc consultant I had at my party had tickets almost like you get at a carnival, she used those for prizes at the end. does anyone know where to get those?
  29. LBurke

    Bridal Shower Door Prizes: Fun or Tacky?

    Do you pass out door prize slips at a bridal shower? I kind of don't want to pass up the opportunity, but also don't want to be tacky/take focus away from the bride too much.
  30. C

    Make Your Own Pampered Chef Show Coupons for Prizes! Need Ideas? Ask Here!

    Has anyone made any PC "coupons" to give as gifts at a show, redeemable only through given consultant? (Other than a gift certificate....something cute to give as a prize at the show?) I have a HUGE show coming up- and I wasn't given enough time to get prizes...Does anyone have a coupon I can use?