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Prizes that have to be shipped NEED LEAST EXPENSIVE

Feb 23, 2020
I've had a few people win something at my virtual parties that didn't order anything and weren't close to the host for me to just add it to the host order. This is causing me a little dilemma in the prize I'm paying to ship on top of giving the prize away. It's easily double what I would spend on just the prize, if not more.

Do any of you have a prize idea that is inexpensive to ship? I got cake testers. They're thin and long, but they don't fit in a large regular sized envelope. I have the paring knives, but those are a little bulky because of the handle. I have the More Latin Flavor cookbooks that are in outlet. I checked the media mail rate and I'm still at $3ish bucks to mail them also. Any suggestions/ideas?


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Sep 8, 2008
I haven’t done this in a while, but does a Seasons Best fit into a card envelope? It seems they did. And if so, check the weight and figure out cost to ship that. I would think two stamps, maybe three?