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What is bingo: Definition and 50 Discussions

  1. higoobs

    Boost Your Business with a Tupperware Bingo Party!

    I really need help to boost my business this year. I had a hectic 2013 with moving and building a new house and now all that is behind me. I have friends and family that are anxiously awaiting to come over for open house. My family is very familiar with Tupperware bingo and they always attend...
  2. P

    Products for Their Spring Bingo

    I was contacted by an organization to get products for their spring Bingo to benefit a girls softball team getting New Uniforms. Their total budget was $600.They are doing a joint 31 & PC Bingo. Budget for the Pc items being around $300. They wanted 10 items priced @$25-$40 for 10 regular games...
  3. byrd1956

    How to Host a Bingo Party with Prizes and Interactive Demos?

    A friend has asked me to be a party of a Bingo Party show; she sells 31. We will be talking specifics next week and will have 'retired' items for some prizes along with small shopping sprees. She told me I could do a demo and I am hoping to decide how I want to handle this. There is a minimal...
  4. K

    Motivating My Team with a September Bingo Game

    I am having to take off a little time in September, mostly from being in the field, but that means no team training. My director is going to invite my team to her meeting, and I'm pretty confident my team will go, but I want to do something for them as well. I was thinking of having a Bingo...
  5. thehaleykitchen

    Can anyone share a Bridal Shower Bingo game?

    I have a gal in my cluster looking for a bingo game to do at her bridal shower ~ anyone do this and have a copy of the game? I've never done it. Thanks! Karen
  6. I

    Director Learn the Rules for Blue Dot Bingo | Tips and Tricks for Winning!

    does anyone have the rules for Blue Dot Bingo?:help:
  7. R

    Where Can I Find the January Bingo Card for the Spring Into Action Event?

    I'm trying to get ready for Sunday's event. I read this in one of the messages that were sent. Spring Into Action Event notice from PC HO(Canada) Come to your event ready with : Your completed January Bingo Card – it will be an entry for a draw or two Where do we find this card?
  8. P

    Bingo Fundraiser Letter | How to Plan and Execute a Successful Event

    I thought I saw a post a while ago where someone had developed a Bingo Fundraiser introduction letter of some sort. I thought it was Scottcooks? Not sure -- am in need of a letter explaining how this type of fundraiser works. Can anyone help?! Thanks :)
  9. C

    Print BINGO Cards - Free & Easy!

    I need help printing BINGO cards - at least 30. It there a web site to do this for free?:chef:
  10. S

    How to Prepare for a Christmas Bingo Open House as a New Vendor?

    Hello Everyone - I am a new consultant getting started and looking for help on an upcoming vendor event. Next Saturday I am showing at a Christmas Bingo open house which will have 13 vendors on display. Guests do not pay admission to enter the event but pay $20 for a pack of Bingo cards (pk is...
  11. K

    Summertime Bingo Mystery: June's or July's? What's the Plan?

    Does anyone remember which summertime bingo we are supposed to bring to confernece? Is is June's or July's? And what exactly are they doing with them again?
  12. C

    Consultant News - Summer Bingo!

    Has anyone else read the June CN on line yet? WOW! So much incredible stuff for this summer - I'm so excited! I LOVE the Summer Bingo! I have the Director's Spring Products coming now, so I think I am going to challenge my team with a Bingo Contest! Everyone will get a Print-out of the...
  13. M

    Host a Fun Bingo Night at Your Party - Get the Template Here!

    Does anyone do a BINGO game at their parties? If you do can either post the template send it to me!
  14. pamperedalf

    Hosting Bingo Fundraisers to Raise Money & Build Business

    Some of you were wondering how we do our Bingo Fundraisers, so I'm posting how we tweaked it from an idea I saw on chef success. Last year we were looking for a way to get Fundraisers & increase our business. I had read on here how people were hosting these bingo nights & walking away w/ over a...
  15. C

    Basket Bingo Fundraiser Help Needed for Relay for Life Team

    I was on here last week and I found a thread that had an attachment with different types of fundraisers. This particular one gave instructions for the "Basket Bingo". If anyone has this could you please send it to me. My Relay for Life team are looking at different types of fundraisers and...
  16. tlag1986

    Planning a Pampered Chef Bingo Fundraiser - Safe Harbor/Victor Dana

    I am working on securing a Pampered Chef Bingo for our RFL fundraiser (team Safe Harbor/Victor Dana). I have some questions for anyone that is familiar with setting up Bingo fundraisers. Where can you find cheap:cool: daubers? Where can you find a cage to borrow? How many games is enough...
  17. C

    Join the Fun with Our Basket Bingo Raffle | Spice Up Your Chances to Win!

    Hi all I am doing a PC basket with several spices for a basket bingo event at a elem school and they said I could do a raffle. I am not sure what to do as far as raffle offers. Any Suggestions? Thanks In advance
  18. kisrae

    Friday Night Bingo: Successful Fundraiser with Pampered Chef Products Prizes!

    Pamperedalf aka: Amanda and I just had our first Bingo night on Friday and we had a blast. Everyone loved the idea and the school made some money and we have leads to do other fundraisers in our area. For our first BIngo night we covered cost, paid for half a booth and gave the school a good...
  19. J

    Request Support for Pampered Chef Bingo Event: Inviting Potential Sponsors

    Does anyone have a letter than can be sent to potential sponsors for a PC bingo event?
  20. candiejayne

    Bingo Night: Enjoy Fun Games & Prizes with Friends!

    The cluster I am in, every 3 months, does a Bingo Night. People volunteer to host a table, then they invite their friends to come to their "show". We put products up for display, and take orders for a half hour before the games begin. Next Friday night we will be playing 12 games of bingo...
  21. Intrepid_Chef

    Bingo Open House? Does It Have to Be a Big Event?

    My recruiter came up with an idea for a fall kickoff that would involve playing bingo. Since her church is only a few miles from my house, she reserved the church for this event. Now our A/D is having her own Bingo and wants everyone to participate. A future director wants to have one closer...
  22. dragonflyz

    Boost Your Business with Beach Blanket Bingo: A Fun Incentive for Consultants

    Just a quick blip...sometimes I sit on my butt and feel bad because I don't have all the shows I'd like or I waste time when I could be training or making customer care calls...I am guessing I am not alone...this month my director sent everyone a "Beach Blanket Bingo" sheet...we can earn $25 in...
  23. J

    Bingo Show - Has Anyone Tried It? Worth It?

    I have seen threads on having a bingo show, has anyone done this? is it worth trying if you can get the people together to do it? I think it could be fun but would like to know if anyone has tried it first and what kind of outcome you had
  24. MissChef

    Help!!! Catalog Host Bingo Question

    I have a catalog show host that just turned in a pretty large/nice catalog show. I included the catalog show host bingo game in her back and she has earned the 3 in a row, and she has earned the "T". Anyway my question is for people that offer this to their catalog show hosts..... if they earn...
  25. PCSarahjm

    I Am Wanting to Have a Bingo Night....but I Have Alot of Questions

    I am wanting to have a Bingo night....But I have alot of questions before I actually do it. So I was wonder if anyone else holds a Bingo night and what they do. How many consultants have done a show like this? Do you have a person host a table or do you just invite past host and customers...
  26. finley1991

    Bookings Bingo: Get Your Cards Here!

    Bookings BingoDoes anyone have bingo cards made up for the Bookings Bingo suggested in the November meeting planner? I thought I'd ask first before I spend my afternoon creating them! Thanks for your help!
  27. heat123

    Recruiting Bingo: A Fun Game to Boost Your Direct Sales Team

    Totally just brainstorming.. I want to start recruiting more since I signed #2 friday.... to get help get to Director perhaps.....?? Can anyone help me brainstorm a bingo type game for a recruiting speil? (To help me talk about recruiting at my shows, as I seem to have trouble doing it in...
  28. KellyTheChef

    Where Can You Find Bingo Cards for Sale?

    Our appreciation night is being planned by my cluster and we are doing a bingo type show. Looking online, I noticed that as SINGLE cards, we can get either plain paper types (they would need to bring daubbers/markers/something to mark off their numbers) or a die cut/push out card that they...
  29. KellyTheChef

    Bingo Host/Customer Appreciation Night

    Hi all! Our cluster has held a host/customer appreciation night for the past two years. This year, we are thinking of doing a bingo. I already searched here and there really isn't a lot of ideas...especially for a grouping of consultants going together and doing this. Any ideas...
  30. S

    How can I plan a successful Pampered Chef Bingo fundraiser for a good cause?

    Has anyone ever done a Pampered Chef Bingo party as a fundraiser? If so can you please give me ideas on how this works. I am planning one as a fundraiser for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk I am doing and am not sure how others do this. THanks. Sarah