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  1. S

    Hosting Bingo

    I am planning a Bingo Show for past host and preferred customers at the end of this month. I want to get the invitations in the mail by this Wed. Does anyone have any suggestions about the format for the show? I want to give tickets for different incentives (e.g. bring a friend-get a ticket...
  2. W

    Pampered Chef Bingo

    :confused: I have a question -- has anyone ever tried to have a PC BINGO for a fundraiser for a school or organization? Is anyone familar with Lonenberger and their BINGOs? I am curious to see how one would set up and do something such as this. Please respond or email at [email protected] if...
  3. DebPC

    Bingo Template

    Fun and Games Hi I came across this old email today (see below) and am using it at my meeting in August. This game is a great way to teach info in a fun way and to have several people yell out BINGO at the same time to illustrate the importance of excitement for success in all areas of our...