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  1. D

    Question about fundraisers

    One of my past hostesses is having a fundraiser for me this month. I understand the whole $ amount thing. She is having the fundraiser at work for a donation from the workers for the United Way. How would I set this up? I'm sure they would want to give the donation to the United Way because...
  2. krzymomof4

    Bookings from Fundraisers

    I was wondering how the host specials work if a show is booked off a fundraiser. Is the chairperson(s) allowed to purchase the monthly host special off those parties? Thanks
  3. D

    Commissions on Fundraisers

    What are the commission levels on FR., could not find it in Recipes for Success.
  4. K

    Letters for fundraisers

    Does anyone have a letter to an interested group about Pampered Chef fundraisers? There is so much I want to say and I can't seem to organize it all :rolleyes: ! I have one started, but could use some help! I have a meeting on Tuesday with the wives club for my husband's unit and we are all...
  5. queenjean

    Help finding fundraisers

    Hi! this is my first post so I am not sure what exactly I am doing. I would like to do more fundraiser shows but do not know how to find them. I always mention it at my shows. Does anyone have a generic letter they send to non-profit orgs to see if they are interested? Is this even a good...
  6. C

    Whip Cancer Fundraisers

    Hi...I'm new with Pampered Chef. I want to have a fundraiser for Whip Cancer. I'd like to do an open house. Can anyone give me suggestions or a invite that they have use in the past plus ideas on how to organize the open house? Thanks! :)
  7. C

    Who pays out for Fundraisers?

    Is it PC that donates a set percentage? Is it the consultant? What percentage usually gets donated and does the consultant still make anything from the fundraiser or is it a total donation? TIA! Caro in TO
  8. C

    Fundraisers Flyers

    I have a friend interested in a fundraiser for there sons softball team and Kindergarten class. Does anyone have any flyers and invitations?? Thanks I searched the PC site and was unable to find any info...