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What is fundraisers: Definition and 121 Discussions

  1. DebPC

    May Fundraisers: Who's Rockin' It?

    Who's rockin' in May? Fundraisers count too!
  2. mljohnson1123

    How Should I Enter Fundraisers on P3 as a New Consultant?

    I have my first fundraiser. I'm just now finding out that some consultants enter it as a cooking show on P3 and writing a personal check based on the sales. What does everyone else do? Or what is recommend?
  3. MissyPC

    How Do I Organize a Fundraiser for a Pee Wee Basketball Team?

    Hello Everyone. My son's pee wee basketball team (boys and girls club), is interested in new fundraiser opportunities. I have never completed a fundraiser. How do I market this to people? The team has 12 players. I mean how would each person get catalogs, etc. Do you offer the whole book...
  4. C

    Block Pools as Fundraisers: Making it Work!

    Has anyone done block pools as fundraisers? How does this work? I see that you can buy blocks for a certain amount..say $5 or $10. But how do you make this a show when products are not being purchased? If you could share you block pools too that would be great! Maureen Schoenberger
  5. K

    Fundraisers for Schools & Libraries: Are You Facing Competition?

    I would LOVE to start doing fundraisers to help out our local schools and libraries but it seems like everyone that I talk to - PTOs, School boards, etc. - declines because if they do a Pampered Chef fundraiser they feel like they'd have to do a Thirty-one party and a Scentsy party and on and...
  6. B

    How Much Do You Donate to Fundraisers?

    I've had someone e-mail me asking me to help with a fundraiser. She said she had a consultant work with her organization last year, but she wasn't happy with the amount they earned based on how much product they sold. How much do you personally contribute to fundraisers? Is it worth it to...
  7. VeronicaW

    Discover Mini-Flyers for Your New Fundraiser | Customizable Designs Available

    I'm looking for mini-flyers of the New Fundraiser. Anyone have anything made up?
  8. K

    Please Help With Hwc Fundraisers Foe Avon Walk

    Hi chefers! I need some help. I have someone who's interested in doing a HWC fundraiser to help with her Avon walk in a couple of months. I haven't done that many fundraisers so I'm nor sure how to go about it? How can I set it up so that she gets the money? Or does it automatically go to the...
  9. M

    Who Should I Contact for Organizing Successful Fundraisers?

    I am looking for a HUGE list of places and people who I should contact about holding fundraisers! I need to add to my business and I'm not sure who all to contact I have done the Day-care Centers and I am going to send letters to Scholarship Foundations...but I'm blank as to who else might want...
  10. K

    Raise Funds for the American Cancer Society - May Fundraisers!

    Ok ladies and gentleman! I've got 2 businesses lined up for May fundraisers...who wouldn't want the opportunity to help raise 25% for the American Cancer Society?! Just think...take a little PINK display to a business and leave it for a day and have them collect the orders...its a win win! :)
  11. M

    Sales Tax on Fundraisers for Tax Exempt Agencies

    I am a new consultant and doing my first fundraiser. It is for my mother's church. Do church groups and other tax exempt agencies pay sales tax? If not, what do I need to do to make sure the company does not charge them?
  12. M

    When Does a Fundraising Organization Receive Donations from Bookings?

    I have a question - I am submitting a fundraiser tonight and have a potential wedding shower and another fundraiser from this show. They have not set final dates but are serious about it. I know we can change the dates of shows and the host still gets the benefit and I'm wondering if that is the...
  13. G

    Does the host's order count towards the show total and receive a discount?

    Hi, So I am doing a fundraising show this weekend, and I know the host only gets the host special and does not earn free product, but she is wondering if her order counts towards the show total? Does she get the discount on what she orders based on the sales? I am a little confused about this...
  14. K

    Easy Fundraising with Cook Books: Simplifying the Process for Your Next Event

    I've seen several posts about these but I guess I'm a bit of a simpleton cause I can't figure out how you do it. I'm going to do a fundraiser probably in January for a friend's daughter's church group. I was wondering how to do this and if it's simpler than offering the whole catalog...
  15. A

    Booking Benefit for Fundraisers

    Does anyone know if a fundraiser is booked from a cooking show, does the cooking show host get a past host item on the fundraiser?
  16. C

    Maximizing School Fundraisers: Tips and Tricks from Experienced PTA Members

    Hi everyone, I have the opportunity to host a fundraiser through our elementary school PTA and would like any and all advice, tips, do's and don't, etc. I will read all the files currently on the forum as well - as I found everyone's advice really helpful when I did my first bridal cooking...
  17. P

    Sorority Fundraisers: Tapping into a Lucrative Market for Your Cause

    Being near a large college town and an ex-sorority girl, I wonder if anyone has ever set up fundraisers through sororities? Every sorority raises money for certain charities throughout the year. I wonder if this is a market worth tapping into? Has anyone ever held a cooking show at a sorority...
  18. pamperedbecky

    Do Hosts Get Booking Bonus for Fundraisers?

    I don't know why I'm having a brain fart on this. This situation hasn't come along in a while and I forget. One of my hosts from this weekend (a regular Cooking Show) will likely have a booking from someone wanting to do an online fundraiser. It'll be an official FR for her son's baseball...
  19. L

    Sending Evites for HWC Fundraisers: Need Help?

    How would I go about sending out the evites designed for HWC fundraisers on behalf of my host? I don't see the option for that on my website? Can my host do this herself?? Thanks so much for your help!
  20. J

    Find Local Fairs & Fundraisers: Tips & Resources

    I am very interested in doing a booth at local fairs, etc. but I have no idea how to find them. I saw an add in the paper once for vendors needed but when I called they said they already have a PC person. Is there a website, or any tips anyone can give on finding local fairs, fundraisers, etc?
  21. K

    Need Help With Two Very Different Fundraisers

    Morning Chefers! I've bee approach to do two very different fundraisers. The first one is for a preschool. The director wants to do an actual kitchen show. She has rented out a place and invited about 100 people. She also wants to hand out packets to the students with about 10 orders forms...
  22. C

    Support Local Animal Shelters with Fundraisers | Find Shelters in Your Area

    I went to a local craft fair that was centered around support for the local animal shelters. I was shocked at how many shelters there are. All of them need support and like most types of fundraisers. Do an online search for shelters in your area.
  23. D

    Need Tips on Booking Fundraisers?

    Hey, I'm pretty new to PC and I'm looking for some tips on how I can land some fundraisers. I don't have children in school and my church does not do fundraisers so are there any suggestions?
  24. N

    Can I Use Gift Certificates for Fundraising with Pampered Chef?

    I am doing a fundraiser for a Race for the Cure team. I will have a table but figured it would be easier to just sell gift certificates. I want to do some sort of "receipt" with the team's logo. How can I do this? Any suggestions?
  25. N

    Need Help in Doing School Fundraisers!

    :):)Hi! I'm a brand new consultant and work for the school system. I would like to do fundraisers for each of the schools but have no idea where or how to get started! Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Debbie in McDonough, GA:):)
  26. M

    How to Get Started With Fundraisers

    Hi everyone, I have a potential fundraiser booking and I need to know how to get started. I also have a call in to my director to fill me in, but thought I could get some tips here first. I know NOTHING about how to do them! Where do I begin? Thanks! Meredith
  27. T

    Overcoming Fundraiser Roadblocks: Strategies for Success

    Everytime I've offered the fundraiser opportunity to certain groups or organizations, they've said NO because then we would open the doors to similar offers. So they don't want Mary Kay, Avon, Party Lights, etc.. coming and offering them a fundraiser opportunity as well. Apparently, if they...
  28. C

    Maximizing Fundraisers: Tips for Contacting Businesses and Organizations

    I have decided I'm missing the boat by not trying to get more fundraisers. I would love to contact some local schools, pre-schools, churchs, etc. but have a couple of questions: 1- If you're approaching a business, etc. where you have no personal contact/relationship, how do you go about...
  29. mspibb

    aDifferent Way to Do Fundraisers

    At conference a couple of years ago I met someone who said she does fundraisers as a regular cooking show. All the orders are paid in full. She chooses one person to get the "free" product (although that person has paid for their order). By doing it this way the amount that is owed on the...
  30. mspibb

    Fundraiser Success: $1600 Raised for Soccer Team with Online and Paper Orders!

    My co-worker asked me about doing a fund raiser for her son's soccer team to earn some money for a tournament entry fee. I thought the online orders were pretty good but today she brought me the paper ones. $1600! AND I didn't have to tote a thing! Well I did stay up late one night printing...