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  1. Steven and Teresa King

    Anyone have the 3 month flyers with December

    Does anyone have the 3 month specials with December added? I think the member "kam" usually posts them. They are awesome!
  2. kam

    Flyers with October

    Here are my flyers updated with October!
  3. C

    Dim Sum/Stoneware Flyers

    Dim Sum/Stoneware/Meals in Minutes Flyers Does anyone have flyers for the Dim Sum party, a Stoneware party, or a generic "Meals In Minutes" party? I've seen the "Stoned In Sept" (very cute :) ) but was wondering if there is anything else out there before I recreate the wheel. Thanks, Sandy
  4. P

    Flyers for work

    I just signed up and i was wondering if anyone had flyers or ideas for monthly catalog shows at work. there is another lady at work selling avon and i just found out that we can put information/catalogs in mailboxes. i was thinking i would put a catalog and a flyer in everyone's mailbox this...
  5. K

    Mailbox-Grocery Store Flyers

    I have been with Pampered Chef since April and I am looking for a flyer that I can use to advertise my business any suggestions?
  6. J

    New Product Flyers

    Here are some new product flyers for you. Please feel free to change the info and make them your own. There is one other document that I could not upload; too big! you can find that at yahoo groups welovepamperedcheftoo under the docs section called Fall 2005 Products Biz Pamphlet.doc. Jenn
  7. P

    I am a little confused. Can we hang flyers to promote our business?

    I am a little confused. Can we hang flyers to promote our business? and can we make our own business cards with the downloaded PC Logo? and can we put an ad in the newspapers? Sorry for so many ? This advertising is a little confusing to me. Thanks in advance
  8. D

    How to print available flyers

    I love some of the Theme Show Flyers and ideas found under this websites files. Specifically, I would like to use the Hawaiian Luau idea for summer bookings and the Jimmy Buffet Theme (I know a lot of Parrot Heads); however I am having trouble printing these flyers. Does anyone know how to...
  9. 8

    Help! Flyers

    I was wondering if anyone has done a show like the Christmas in June or July like some of the store do. If so does anyone have any flyers idea. Crystal Wallace
  10. S

    Open House Flyers

    Hello All, I am hoping to have an open house as my boyfriends condo the first Saturday in June. I know that personal invitations are best, but he is a little concerned about me "invading people's privacy" by knocking on their unit door. He would rather that I just leave a flyer in their...
  11. D

    Flyers with Photos

    :confused: How do you all create those beautiful flyers with photos. Are you able to download the images from The Pampered Chef website or do you scan photos from catalogs, consultant news, etc. I've tried to copy-paste images but it always says "image not available". I would love to create...
  12. C

    Fundraisers Flyers

    I have a friend interested in a fundraiser for there sons softball team and Kindergarten class. Does anyone have any flyers and invitations?? Thanks I searched the PC site and was unable to find any info...
  13. T

    I need flyers

    Does anyone know where I can find flyers for Bridal Kitchen Shows and Fundraisers? I am just getting started and wanted something to be able to show at my parties. Thank you so much in advance! :)