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What is april: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. kam

    What Are the April Specials on Our Updated Flyers?

    Here are the flyers updated with the April specials.Update: Mini-catty now posted!
  2. chefjeanine

    April 2020 Host & Guest Specials

    Kathleen,Sorry I'm so late with posting this.Thanks for all your efforts in making me and others look great!Jeanine
  3. kam

    What are the April specials on these flyers?

    Here are the flyers updated with the April specials.
  4. chefjeanine

    Discover Exciting April 2019 Specials from Kathleen - Flyers Available Now!

    Kathleen,Here are the flyers for April.
  5. kam

    What Are the Latest April Specials on Our Flyers?

    Here are the flyers updated with the April specials!
  6. Sarah Mitson

    April Discounted Items: How to Save on Special Consultant Products

    A couple weeks ago I read that there will be some kind of special consultant product discount in April (and 3 months after signing up) but I can't find where I read that nor do I know when exactly it starts or how to take advantage of the discounted items. Can anyone help me, please? Sorry, I'm...
  7. kam

    What Are the Highlights of the April Specials in the Updated Flyers?

    Here are the Flyers updated with April specials.Note: I updated the mini-catty flyer for Feb/March with the new spring products revealed and placed it here: https://www.chefsuccess.com/threads/flyers-with-march.84464/
  8. kam

    Does Anyone Have the Pdfs for April Specials?

    I would like to update my 3-month and mini-catty flyers, but I need the pdfs of the April specials. Also, I think that the March host special had a "mystery" (i.e. new) product, so if that flyer has been updated, I would need that one as well to make the updates.Would someone be able to post...
  9. kam

    April Specials: Check Out Our New Flyers!

    Here are the flyers with April specials added:
  10. stephaniekocala

    Need a Stylish Shopping Cart Tote for Just $10? Interested?

    April Special Shopping Cart Tote available. $10-plus shipping (post if interested along with zip code and I'll message you with total cost). Very cute, just don't need...
  11. F

    April and May Flyers: Share Your Designs!

    Has anyone done a flyer with April and May that they can share? Kam usually does one but I don't see it. thanks!!
  12. F

    April & May Specials: Get Your Flyers Now!

    Hi- has there been a flyer with the April and May specials created yet? Thanks!!
  13. kam

    April Flyers: What We Know So Far

    Here are the Flyers with April that I have done so far.Note: The April Guest flyer is not out yet...don't know why they are holding that one. But, I was provided the info from the Consultant News, so I hope it is right.I will most likely wait until the pdf comes out for the April Guest special...
  14. F

    Discover April Specials in Our Mini Catalog - Limited Time Offer!

    Has there been a mini catalog flyer posted with April specials yet? thanks!
  15. MissChef

    Trouble Ordering April Grow With Love Special on Beta Site

    On the April Grow With Love Special, it says at the very bottom that it can be ordered as a future party pick and even gives numbers, but in the Beta Site, when I try to enter that number it won't take it. And when I do it by the description and the picture, it only brings up one picture to...
  16. L

    April Host Letter Search: Help Needed

    Does anyone have an April Host Letter? I've searched here, FB, multiple team training pages but to no avail. I cannot figure out how to copy the image from the April Host Flyer to create my own. I love sending the host letter with the monthly host and guest specials. Can anyone either post...
  17. kam

    Flyers With the April Gardening Special Included

    Here are some flyers that include the April gardening special.
  18. E

    What Are the OOFs for February, March, and April?

    I just added them. You should be able to find a February OOF, March OOF and April OOF.Be sure to add your personal contact information in the appropriate places.--------------------------------------- *****Look for the revised April OOF. The one here has a mistake in it. It is labeled "revised".
  19. kam

    April Specials: Check Out Our New Flyers!

    Here are my flyers with April specials added: **Just added the mini catty flyer **Just added the April host/guest on one page
  20. ChefJWarren

    Iso 30 Day Challenge Flyer April

    I'm looking for a 30 day challenge flyer for april I can send to a possible recruit. Thanks!
  21. kam

    Mini Catty Flyer With Just April

    Here is a mini catty flyer with just April host/guest and Mother's Day Special. Not sure if anyone can use this. Thanks!
  22. kam

    April May Flyers Updated With Md Special

    Here are a few flyers with April/May specials that I add the Mother's Day Special. 4/2/13: Added another version of the 2month April/May with MD special.
  23. ivykeep

    Host/Guest Specials for March April May

    Attached is my flyer for March/April/May guest and host specials.
  24. ChefPeg

    April 2013 OOF: Check for Errors

    Here's an OOF for April 2013. If you find any errors, please let me know. Thanks!
  25. K

    Signing up in March Versus April

    I have a friend that is signing up soon. She has 2 shows already planned for mid-April. She went to a team meeting to decide if she wanted to sign up and they talked about the new product line. I was trying to get her to sign up in March for my recruit but she really wants to wait until April...
  26. kam

    Updated April Host/Guest Flyers

    Here are my flyers updated with April! **2/18/13 Update: Added April host/guest on one page!**
  27. kam

    April Specials PDFs on CC - Why the Wait?

    Does anyone know why they are waiting until Feb 11th to post the April specials? This should NOT be a spoiler as I have received my Feb Consultant News (and it is available on CC) and it lists the April special. But it does not contain the full page specials. Someone had mentioned that...
  28. DebPC

    Kitty Litter Cake: April Fools Fun Recipe!

    Couldn't resist this- could this be adapted to a show? Great April Fools recipe for sure. http://img46.imageshack.us/img46/6822/104sh.jpg Kitty Litter Cake Serving Size: 24 Notes: This is a fun cake! It might look gross, but it does taste good! Kids and adults alike enjoy...
  29. S

    Prospective Host Wants to Host in April 2013

    I have a prospective host who wants to host a show in April 2013. She was not at a recent party but placed an order and indicated she wanted to have a party. I tried calling her but the number she gave was incorrect-so I emailed her and let her know about the great Dec. host special. She replied...