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What is signing: Definition and 126 Discussions

  1. K

    Is Now the Right Time to Sign Up as a Pampered Chef Consultant?

    Hello everyone! I am a longtime Pampered Chef customer and I even was a consultant briefly about 20 years ago. I am considering signing up again as a consultant. However, I am hesitant due to the very long wait times that people are reporting for their products. I also had my own recent...
  2. K

    Signing up in March Versus April

    I have a friend that is signing up soon. She has 2 shows already planned for mid-April. She went to a team meeting to decide if she wanted to sign up and they talked about the new product line. I was trying to get her to sign up in March for my recruit but she really wants to wait until April...
  3. C

    Need Apron Charm for Signing - Will Purchase from You!

    I have someone interested in signing in December but in case she doesn't I want to purchase the apron charm from someone! I will have earned all the others and don't want to be missing one! If you will have one and don't want it please let me know! Thanks! [email protected]
  4. esavvymom

    Signing a New Consultant (Beta System)

    I have a lady who wants to sign-up as a consultant. I'm nervous about it because of the beta system, etc. I was told by my hospitality NED that: they DO sign up in the new Web, but once they receive their cons. number, they can go to Start Your Own Business and plan kitchen shows at...
  5. kdangel518

    March Signing Bonus: Find Out If the New Consultant Promotion is Here Yet!

    Is the March new consultant promotion out yet? I had gone inactive and am re-signing under my prior recruiter. I was going to order my kit tomorrow, but I don't really need any cookware... not to say I couldn't use it as a generous raffle prize! But I'm curious if the March bonus is more...
  6. P

    Soup & Slippers: Spice Up Your Host Gift Signing!

    I've been doing the passing around the SB and having guests sign it for host deal for my host's gift. Thinking about changing it up tonight at my soup and slippers show...any creative suggestions??
  7. K

    Sign Up for Success: Get Your Consultant Number and Start Exploring Today!

    Hi all! :) I'm super excited to be signing up very soon but my question is, if I signed up this afternoon or over the weekend...would I not get my consultant number and whatnot and be able to login and surf around until Monday? Thanks for any help! I've got 3 parties already booked and more on...
  8. C

    Signing Someone Who Lives in Your Home??

    Anyone know where I can find where it says we aren't supposed to sign someone who lives in the same house as us? I have looked the policy over several times and can't find it. Thanks!
  9. P

    Signing Up for a Website Without a Debit Card: Tips and Suggestions

    Any idea how you can sign up for a website if you do not have a debit card. I signed up about a week ago and have a had a few people ask if they can order from my site, and I have requested my card but not sure when it will be arriving. So I wanted to do my site up now. Any ideas would help...
  10. Hunter Mom

    Signing the Deal: My Story of Last Night's Show

    I had a show last night, it was ok. Then the host started asking me all sorts of questions. When we left, I told her I'd drop more info off (had cleaned out my bag and left the DVD out). Today, she texted me and wants to sign! We've both got sick kids today, so will get together in the next...
  11. C

    What Can I Do to Prepare for My Pampered Chef Launch in April?

    Hi fellow PC lovers, I am so excited to be starting PC in April ( I will be going on vacation in March so that is why I am starting in April). I am getting my shows lined up. My friends and acquaintances seem excited too. It seems like their are so many creative ideas here. I can't wait...
  12. A

    Are you ready to join the PC Consultant team tomorrow?

    Hi gang! My name is Anja, and I'll be signing up tomorrow to become a PC Consultant! I'm so excited! My trainer is fantastic and I'm so appreciative of this forum. Ultimately, I had been on the fence for nearly a month regarding this new addition to my life, but everyone here on this...
  13. B

    Sign Your First Recruit This Weekend | Exciting New Beginnings"

    I am signing my first recruit this weekend so I am excited. Hoping to continue with this and be able to continue the momentum going forward.
  14. S

    Signing 4 Consultants This Weekend!

    Thank you Pampered Chef!! I will have a team of 9. Would have 11, but 2 have dropped off. I am so excited!! :)
  15. P

    Success! 95% Sure She's Signing This Weekend

    I had a gal find me on facebook a few weeks ago ... long story short, she is interested in signing. We chatted last night and I told her about the 50% rebate special and she is 95% sure she's going to sign this weekend. Can you all cross your fingers too :) !!
  16. B

    Recruiting: Questions to Ask Before Signing On

    What is the purpose of the interview when you are trying to recruit someone? I received an outside order today for one of my shows that I am closing tomorrow and she marked that she might be interested in the business. Do I just meet up with her and get her to sign or is there really questions...
  17. C

    October New Consultant Signing Incentive: Details and Information

    Does anyone know if there is an October new consultant signing incentive? If so, where can I find this information? Thanks!
  18. chefjeanine

    I'm Signing up for Facebook Right Now

    and first they had a list of people that I might want to friend (or something). This was a list of people who I recognized their names (all but one). Does this mean they've looked to see if I was on Facebook? Okay, now it wants to look at my email addresses. I have over 700 addresses (most...
  19. B

    New Consultant to Be -- Signing in One Week

    Hello everyone! My name is Brooke and I will be fulfilling something I've been thinking about for along time when I sign on with TPC next week. I love the product and I'm not in it to get rich by an means. I lost my job as a high school chorus teacher due to budget cuts at the end of the...
  20. lindy0116

    Understanding Your Recruiter's Responsibilities After Signing

    How much contact with your recruiter is normal after you've signed and you're new? I signed the end of April and she's been completely MIA. I've tried calling and got her once but she said she was having bad reception and would call me back in 5 min. That was a week ago. I also had an open house...
  21. K

    I Am Signing up in April to Be a Pampered Chef Consultant!

    I am so excited. I found Wendy Love here who live close to me. Wendy is lovely!! I am going to sign up under her towards the end of April. My first kick off show is May 1rst and I am having a Cinco De Mayo themed show. I need help getting more bookings. I am going to start asking, wearing...
  22. M

    Signing My 4Th Recruit Today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So I'm really really really excited.....my goal is to be director before National Conference in July .....but I can't help but feel a little overwhelmed....this has happened really fast!!!! I work full time but I am LOVING Pampered Chef and having so much fun! Any advice would be awesome!!!!:)
  23. etteluap70PC

    Grrrrrr.... Aquaintance Partying and Signing With Someone Else.

    I'm flippin ticked! The mom of one of my former scouts (who I did ask to host when she was involved with my troop) I just found out via FB that she is having a party, well good for her... and is signing up... ugh... I was already a bit miffed when her daughter rejoined scouts this year with a...
  24. ChefCKHall

    Is Giving Chef Success as a Signing Gift a Good Idea?

    Hello all. I have signed on my first consultant. Driving home, I decided to give her the first year of Chef Success as my thank you and also to help her get started. I mentioned this to my AD and she thought it was a good enough idea to share with all! I have learned so much here that I...
  25. leslieprichett

    Ready to Join the Team? My First Recruit Just Signed Up!

    my first recruit. She came to a party I was doing tonight and she said she has been thinking about signing up for the past year and her hubby told her to go ahead and do it! So after the party we got on the computer and she filled out and submitted her agreement! :thumbup::D:D:D
  26. chefsteph07

    aNewbie Signing Before Qualifying?

    Hi all! I have a new consultant signing w/ me on Feb 28. She informed me last night that she has 2 people who are interested in signing under her! :thumbup: My question is, can she sign these friends if she has not qualified yet? I told her I wasn't sure if she had to qualify before signing...
  27. Mel92504

    Opportunity for Collaboration: Joining Forces with a Former Consultant's Sister

    I did a show for a friend a few months back & she had expressed to me that her sister (a former consultant) was interested in starting back up again...of course I said great & contacted her sister! She had said that she was thinking about it again but wasn't sure what she wanted to do & when...
  28. M

    Two Shows and Both Hosts Intereste in Signing

    but maby after they se me do the show. they both had maby down onther slips and i have talked to them both. what to do to get them to sign in one month and they re both here in jan. one week apart. so what do i need to know and fallow up on? I really need this. So happy and loving my...
  29. C

    Sign Up Now: Dec Promotion Benefits at Dec 28 Signing Event

    I am hosting a signing event on December 28th and was wondering if anyone had a flyer they could share outlining the benefits of starting in December and taking advantage of the promotion. Thanks for any help!
  30. Tropicalburstqt2

    Boost Your PC Party Bookings: Tips and Tricks for Success!

    I've decided (& convinced my husband) to resign with PC today!! I already have 2 definite bookings on the calendar & have phoned everyone that I can think of that would be even remotely interested in having a PC party. What can I do to get more booking? I'm pretty certain that my MIL's...