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What is charm: Definition and 69 Discussions

  1. Dale C

    Ready for a Second Chance in Direct Sales? Join CS Dale!

    Hello, I was a consultant in the 90's and left for a variety of reasons. Since then I have held parties and bragged on the quality of the products. In Oct, I decided to kit-nap the large kit. I had no plans to hold parties, much less Virtual Parties. I was getting the products for my daughter...
  2. S

    Are You Ready for Your Third Pampered Chef Consultant Number?

    Hi, I am Sharon Zwald and I am from Colusa CA. I am on my 3rd consultant number. Love Pampered Chef! Thanks for this forum - so important to share!
  3. 1PamperedMommy

    Anyone Want a Pampered Chef Italian Charm Bracelet?

    I found my PC Italian Charm bracelet in my jewelry box, and was just wondering if anyone's interested. I can take a pic, if so, but wanted to gauge interest first.
  4. S

    Key Chain and Sterling Silver Whisk Charm

    UP for trade.. Pampered Chef Key Chain and Sterling Silver WhiskLooking for Blue Collapsible bowl, garlic peeler, or dripless wine pourer stopper, Korean BBQ Rub, or SW Seasoning Rub. Might be open to any other trade also, just ask.. TIA!!
  5. F

    Charm Bracelet, Necklaces, Bracelet and Chef Earrings for Sale

    pair of chef hat earrings. $10 Logo bracelet and necklace - $10 each or $15 for both. charms, bracelet and necklace all for $40 Shipping is free. Private message me if interested.Thanks.
  6. C

    forSale Charm Bracelet Plus 11 Charms

    For Sale charm bracelet with 11 charms. $100.00 includes insured shipping.
  7. doughmama

    Fs - Charm Necklace With 5 Charms

    Selling the new charm necklace with five charms. Only charm I don't have is the one for recruiting. $50 + shipping. Paypal to [email protected] if interested.
  8. BebeRogers

    Iso September Necklace Rockcrok Charm

    Please let me know if you have one you'd like to sell! Thank you!
  9. doughmama

    Fs - Necklace With Classic Batter Bowl Charm

    FS - new P Chef necklace and October batter bowl charm. $18 plus shipping. paypal only.
  10. P

    Charm Bracelet and 4 Charms - No Longer Available

    Charm Bracelet and 4 Charms Last years charm bracelet plus 4 charms: Quick Stir, Chopper, DCB and Cookware! List Date: 6/6/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Charm Bracelet and 4 Charms -------------------------------------- This item is no longer available...
  11. A

    Pampered Chef Charm Bracelet - Sold

    Pampered Chef Charm Bracelet Pampered Chef Charm Bracelet with Stock Pot, Quick-Stir Pitcher and DCB Charms. I use flat-rate priority mail with USPS, as that is usually cheapest and includes tracking and insurance. Shipping weight is approximate. Shipping cost will be determined with buyer's...
  12. doughmama

    forSale - Charm Bracelet With 8 Charms

    For sale - never worn - looking to sell this together - $60 for bracelet. email me at [email protected] if interested. Paypal only.
  13. Bren706

    I Would Love a Pink Ribbon Charm

    I saw this on the Pink Ribbon Facebook page, and it made me think that it would be a nice incentive to earn a pink ribbon charm to add to our bracelets for May or October.
  14. S

    Fs: Charm Bracelet + 2 Charms

    BRAND NEW Pampered Chef Charm Bracelet. The charms included is the Deep Covered Baker & Covered Stockpot with a black drawstring bag. It has never been worn. $25 plus shipping. PayPal only please! Contact me at [email protected] - I don't always get notifications from this website...
  15. F

    Charm Holders/Star Charm/100,000 and 50,000 Pins/And More

    Been in biz LONG time and cleaned out drawer full of charm holders, star charms, pins, etc. $50,000 - glitzy glam bar pin - $10 $100,000 - glitzy glam bar pin - $10 Old Pampered Chef Round Stone Charm Holder - $10 PIN Charm Holders: Qty 5 - $1000 Show Charm Holders - $3 each Qty...
  16. L

    Buy Iso Charm Bracelet - Affordable & Stylish Options Available!

    I would like to buy the charm bracelet if anyone wants to sell theirs. Thanks
  17. J

    Pampered Chef Charm Bracelet With 2 Charms

    I have a brand new Pampered Chef Charm Bracelet. The charms included is the Deep Covered Baker & Covered Stpckpot, The bracelet comes in a black drawstring bag. It has never been worn. PayPal only please! I will ship within 2-3 business days of receipt of a cleared payment. Asking $20 plus...
  18. ChefCKHall

    Fs: Complete Charm Bracelet - Bracelet With 11 Charms

    FS: $150 Complete Charm Bracelet - Bracelet with 11 charmsOffering complete Charm Bracelet: Apple Wedger Charm and Charm Bracelet, Exclusive Director RUFH Trivet, Food Chopper Charm, Stainless Mixing Bowl Set Charm, Deep Covered Baker Charm, Quick-Stir® Pitcher Charm, Mix 'N Chop & Covered...
  19. J

    Charm Bracelet and Charms for Sale

    New, still in packages == Bracelet with DCB and Food Chopper charms. Have been holding since January for someone who wanted them. Their loss is your savings! $25 including postage!! :chef:
  20. J

    Charm Bracelet and 7 Charms for Sale

    I am selling my bracelet and 7 charms. $55 inlcudes shipping
  21. C

    Quick Stir Pitcher Charm Wanted

    ISO Quick Stir Pitcher Charm. I earned all the charms and it was stolen when they broke in our home. HO does not replace so I am piecing it back together. Any help is appreciated. Won't be back on till Tues. Thanks (reasonable price only please)
  22. J

    F/S Charm Bracelet, Food Chopper and Dcb Charms

    Bracelet and Food Chopper and Deep Covered Baker Charms. Selling for $35, including postage.
  23. O

    Complete Your Charm Bracelet - $20 PayPal Gift!

    Looking for the sizzle charm and my bracelet will be complete!! Surely someone out there wants to make $20.00!! I have paypal and will be your everlasting friend! :love: Contact me at [email protected] Have a very Happy New Years!
  24. straitfan

    Where Can I Purchase an Apple Wedger Charm?

    The screw end of my bracelet came apart this weekend while visiting relatives out of state and my charms and bracelet pieces scattered everywhere. Searched and searched but could not find the apple wedger. :cry: Would be interested in purchasing one. TIA
  25. luvtocook868

    Fs: Bracelet and Deep Covered Baker Charm

    For Sale....... Bracelet and Deep Covered Baker Charm.... $25. (includes Shipping). Please message me! Thanks!
  26. C

    Looking for Apron Charm: Willing to Buy!

    I have someone interested in signing in December, but if by chance she doesn't I am interested in buying the apron charm! I will have earned all the others and don't want to be missing one. If anyone has or will be getting one they don't want please let me know. Thanks! [email protected]
  27. C

    Need Apron Charm for Signing - Will Purchase from You!

    I have someone interested in signing in December but in case she doesn't I want to purchase the apron charm from someone! I will have earned all the others and don't want to be missing one! If you will have one and don't want it please let me know! Thanks! [email protected]
  28. naekelsey

    Where Can I Find Charm Bracelet Charms for a Chef Theme?

    I have seen that some of you are turning the Charm Bracelet into necklaces. How are you doing that?
  29. C

    Limited Edition Mixing Bowl Set Charm - Available Now!

    I wasn't able to get the stainless bowl set charm due to the hurricane. I know they are making adjustments, but I think it will be really hard to get 4 shows in January! Is there anyone willing to sell theirs? Thanks!
  30. K

    Charm Bracelet Slipping - Is This Normal?

    I love the charm bracelet we're getting! So cute! But my charms keep slipping right by the spacers. Does anyone else have this problem? I thought maybe it was just the apple wedger charm but I'm finding it's all the charms I have so far. I don't want to call if it's just the design and...