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What is whisk: Definition and 28 Discussions

  1. S

    Key Chain and Sterling Silver Whisk Charm

    UP for trade.. Pampered Chef Key Chain and Sterling Silver WhiskLooking for Blue Collapsible bowl, garlic peeler, or dripless wine pourer stopper, Korean BBQ Rub, or SW Seasoning Rub. Might be open to any other trade also, just ask.. TIA!!
  2. Admin Greg

    Spring Coil Whisk: Discuss Tips, Complaints, Praise & More

    Please discuss the Spring Coil Whisk. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  3. frozenchef

    Find the Durable and Versatile Iso: Spiral Whisk for All Your Cooking Needs!

    This is supposedly an older stainless steel whisk that a customer flat-out said she was pissed at ME because Pampered Chef no longer sold it - very loudly in front of everyone...classy...anyways...not the style of the nylon whisk in the specialty tools, but actually a spiral all the way from the...
  4. RMDave

    #2482 Stainless/Silicone Flat Whisk

    I know my way around kitchens and kitchen tools. I love whisks. My standard whisk has happily been in one of the kitchen drawers for 20+ years. Then I bought a set of Executive Cookware. So I bought the Stainless/Silicone Sauce and Flat Whisks. Sauce whisk is fine ... but what is the actual...
  5. Dotty

    Iso Spiral Whisk From Specialty Set

    I have a customer who'd like to purchase just the spiral whisk from set #2326. Does anyone have one they could sell me?
  6. H

    Help Needed: New Balloon Whisk Wanted - Heather in Maine

    Have a customer who said she really has to have a new balloon whisk. Any one have one to sell?? Thanks, Heather in Maine
  7. finley1991

    Director Did They Discontinue Silver/Gold Whisk for Consultants?

    It's still listed in the policies that consultants will get the silver whisk when they hit $15k in career sales but for some reason I'm thinking that they discontinued that and the gold whisk for promoting to director. I don't know why I think that though... did I dream it? I can't find...
  8. wadesgirl

    Cleaning Tarnished Silver Whisk - Help Needed!

    I finally got a chain for my silver whisk and when I went to take it out of the box, it's all tarnished :cry::cry::cry::cry: Does anyone have any idea if I can clean it? Or should I call HO?
  9. R

    No Mini Whisk in Canada: Trouble Finding HWC Products?

    Do we not have the mini whisk here in Canada for the HWC products? I have all of the other products showing but not this?? Does it show up for anyone else?:confused:
  10. F

    Mini Whisk: Unique Features & Benefits

    How is it different from the "regular" mini whisk?
  11. Cindycooks

    Rachel Ray Is Using a Metal Whisk

    in her non-stick cookware. She is beating it to death and it is making me cringe!!!
  12. C

    Is Silicon/Stainless Flat Whisk Safe for Teflon Pans?

    A client just emailed me this question. Is the answer yes? I was looking for a whisk to use with Teflon pans. Pampered Chef shows a Stainless/Silicon flat whisk. My question is: Does "silicon" w/ stainless mean that it is safe to use on Teflon? Thank you for your help. Wanda
  13. jrstephens

    Stainless Whisk, Item #2475 on Back Order

    Just saw this when I went to CC. It may have been discussed already, I haven't been on much this weekend. I wonder what is up with all the BO's these days?
  14. KellyRedHead

    How Did Kelly V. Lose Her Silver Whisk After Achieving $15,000 in Sales?

    I just reach $15,000 in career sales (took me awhile almost quit once - stupid I know!) Got my silver whisk last night at the cluster meeting, I was so excited to finally get it! I put in on 1st time tonight around 5pm, checked it about 7pm it was still there and now it is gone!!!:cry: The...
  15. J

    Celebrating 15K - When Will the Whisk Charm Arrive?

    Ok, I reached the 15K mark back on December 15th. Yeah for me! However, when does the whisk charm arrive? I'm dying to get it!!!
  16. wadesgirl

    Unlocking Success: My Journey to $15,000 in Sales with Silver Whisk

    I got my silver whisk in October for hitting $15,000 in sales. What did you do with yours?? Mine is still sitting in the box. I've heard of people wearing them as necklaces but I don't wear necklaces. Thought I would see what anyone else came up with.
  17. pckelly

    Need a Nylon Spiral Whisk? We've Got You Covered!

    Looking for the Nylon Spiral Whisk they sell in the set of 4. A customer wants one really bad but doesn't want to purchase the set. Prefer new if you have one. Thanks
  18. StacieB

    Received My Silver Whisk Tonight.

    I had my cluster meeting tonight and I received the silver whisk for reaching $15,000 in career sales. I am also in CN so that is exciting. What does everyone do with their whisk? Wear it on a necklace, on the Chef's hat, or leave it in the box?
  19. feather18

    Looking for Help Whisk Cancer Mini Spatula?

    Hey if anyone has an extra help whisk cancer mini pink spatula, let me know!! i always loved that!! i should have bought it then!!
  20. DMB75

    Where Can I Buy Individual Nylon Spiral Whisks?

    My grandmother wants some Nylon Spiral Whisks but she doesn't want the whole Specialty Set. Does anyone have a couple Nylon Spiral Whisks just sitting around they can sell without the rest of the set? Donna
  21. dannyzmom

    NC-Ready Crocs: Customize with Chef's Hat & Whisk Jibbitz!

    ...the chef's hat and whisk jibbitz for my crocs so I can wear them at NC!!
  22. K

    Transforming Your Silver Whisk into a Stylish Pin: Tips and Ideas

    My hubby gave me a heart pendant for our first Valentine's day and yesterday he gave me a pink sapphire Journey necklace. I earned my silver whisk but I don't like wearing it as a necklace does anyone know how your might convert it to a pin or something???? I am proud of it but I prefer the...
  23. jrstephens

    I Got My Whisk in the Mail Today!

    Yahoo!! My silver necklace is waiting for it at home. I will be wearing it tomorrow!! Or tonight!:D Have the rest of you that just hit $15K got yours? My director also sent me the letter she got from HO with the whisk.
  24. DebbieJ

    Silicone Sauce Whisk Backorder--Get Your Orders In!!!!

    Dear Consultants, As you are aware, the Stainless/Silicone Sauce Whisk is on backorder. All current backorders will be fulfilled by Dec. 22. Unfortunately, due to continued high demand for this product, as of midnight Central Time tonight we are unable to guarantee holiday delivery for new...
  25. S

    Silver Whisk Charm for Necklace

    I have the silver whisk charm for a necklace you receive when you reach $15,000 in sales. It is still in the plastic/box. I have never worn it. I will sell it for $5 plus shipping. Thanks!
  26. K

    Director's Gold Whisk & Silver Bookmark

    I just realized these two items have been lying around unused so I thought one of you might have a use for them. The gold whisk is still in plastic and box. The silver bookmark (in beautiful black box) is the gift we received at this year's Dir. event at Nat'l Conf. I'll sell both for $17...
  27. P

    Stainless Steel Whisk: Understanding the Change to a 3-Year Guarantee

    I noticed in the F/W catalog the Whisks are listed as a 3 yr guarantee now instead of the Lifetime. Does anyone know the reason they changed it? Has anyone found other items that are different?
  28. P

    Why Did My Whisk Fail Me While Making Touchdown Taco Dip?

    The other night I was whisking together my cream cheese, sour cream, and seasoning for Touchdown Taco Dip, and it all basically stuck inside my whisk. So I ended up having to dig it all out with the edge of my mini spatula. What could I have done to prevent this? Thanks. Paula in TN