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What is canada: Definition and 86 Discussions

  1. Maria Harrison-Edge

    Introducing... Maria the Pampered Chef (Canada)

    Hi Everyone, I am so excited to be part of the Pampered Chef organization AGAIN. I was first introduced to their products 8+ years ago. Loving the quality of the products and spirit of the company, I joined as a consultant. Unfortunately, as the saying goes Life is what happens to you when...
  2. Deblyn

    Free Canada Day Flyer: Download Here!

    Does anyone have a Canada Day special flyer?
  3. D

    How Long Have You Been with Pampered Chef?

    Hi All this forum seems so big and new to me...as a Director with Pampered Chef I thought I would see what kinds of things we are chatting about these days. Cheers, Daiana
  4. DebPC

    What Seems to Be the Hot New Product in Canada?

    Here I would definately say the most buzz has been about the Egg Cooker! But when everyone gets their products and has a chance to play- that could change.
  5. C

    What Would You Do? I Have a Person From Canada Who Is Trying to Place

    What would YOU do? I have a person from Canada who is trying to place an order and have it sent to the US......but.....she only has a PO box in the US. She wants to use MY address and then meet for pick up.....I live 50 miles from the Canadian border. And she wants to use her host discount from...
  6. Melodiem

    Ready to Rock Your Pampered Chef Business in Ontario, Canada?

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to introduce myself. Just ordered my new consultant kit today and I'm so excited to get it! Love this website and am hoping to find lots of unique ways to make the most of my Pampered Chef endeavor as well as make some friends :)!!
  7. C

    Wedding Registries in Canada: Questions for Consultants

    I'm a new consultant and haven't yet set up my website. I see a lot of people on here talking about wedding registries - are they available on our websites in Canada? Or are they only on American consultant websites? Thank you!
  8. KateInTheKitchen

    Discover the Latest Merrill Specials in Canada | PC Newswire November Edition

    I just got my PC Newswire, and it includes the November Merrill specials. When I click on the link though, it tells me to go back and access it through the Pampered Chef intranet. I've logged in and looked all around, but I don't see it. Does anybody know how to access it?
  9. cmdtrgd

    Director Iso Toronto, Ontario, Canada Director

    I met a bright and excited potential consultant who lives in Toronto. I think she could be a superstar with an active director in the area. Anyone want me to introduce you to her? Also, she has asked if she could be a consultant in Canada as well as in Buffalo, NY. I know we can't sell to...
  10. PampMomof3

    Director Vacation Plans: Canada & Hawaii Trip Packages

    Has anyone received their trip package yet for Canada or Hawaii? For us going to Canada, we'll be there in less than 2 weeks and wondered if anyone has gotten theirs already? Thanks and SOOOOO looking forward to VACATION!!!
  11. C

    Pampered Chef Recruitment: Expanding to Canada from the US

    I have a question. I was at a quarter auction yesterday (which by the way, was super fun!) and the very first person to come to my booth was a nice lady who immediately picked up the 12" executive family skillet at my table (another by the way, I came THIS close not to bringing it b/c it's...
  12. R

    Where Can I Find the January Bingo Card for the Spring Into Action Event?

    I'm trying to get ready for Sunday's event. I read this in one of the messages that were sent. Spring Into Action Event notice from PC HO(Canada) Come to your event ready with : Your completed January Bingo Card – it will be an entry for a draw or two Where do we find this card?
  13. PampMomof3

    Director Planning Your Toronto Trip: Car Rentals and Extended Stays

    Good Afternoon! I just received my email congratulating me on earning Toronto! YAY!~ A Few Questions though and I thought it would be good info for those of us that earned it to ask things back and forth.... 1. We're thinking of renting a car in Toronto but wasn't sure of the laws since...
  14. wadesgirl

    Navigating Your First Trip Earn: Cash, Passports & Canada

    Okay first time trip earner here: When do they let us know for sure?When flying will they send us from our local airport? I live in a town that has an international airport but it's not always the cheapest to fly out of. Most of the time people drive 2-4 hours from here for the best...
  15. C

    Looking for a Consultant in Calgary (Canada)

    Is there anyone on this board who is in or knows someone in Calgary, Alberta? I have an outside order who is wanting to host a party... Thanks!
  16. C

    Maternity Leave (In Canada) and Pampered Chef Income

    Hello to all Canadians, I'm just about to start my maternity leave through EI, and realized lately (through a host who was thinking about signing up but decided not to because of this issue) that any income I make through PC will have to be reported and will decrease (or take away completely...
  17. C

    I Got My Cool & Serve (In Canada)!!!

    I'm in Alberta, and my Cool & Serve tray finally arrived today, just in time for my first June party (next Tuesday)... I'm so excited about the product, and hope that the guests will be as excited about this as well, and that it will help keep my June busy! Anyone else in Canada get their tray...
  18. KayPT

    Shipping to Canada: The Ultimate Guide for International Orders

    I have a friend from Canada who wants to order but she wasn't given the option on my website. Is this not a possibility? Thanks!
  19. C

    Filing Taxes in Canada: Tips for Commission-Earning Professionals

    Will we be getting some sort of tax slip with our commission to use when filing our taxes? Or do we just print off the commission statements from the website? This is my first time filing taxes since I've started PC... I haven't been that great at recording my expenses regularly :( For this...
  20. S

    Can a Usa Consultant Hold a Catalog Show in Canada?

    I live in the Seattle area and am just getting started up with PC. My sister has recently moved to Canada and become a Canadian citizen and would really like to help me reach my goals within my first 30 days by hosting a catalog show. Has anyone ever done this before? Can we do this or would...
  21. A

    Where Is Our Consultant News (Canada)??

    Okay, so why isn't the Oct. Consultant News up???? (In Canada) did I miss something? I'm dying to see the new promotions!!!:cry:
  22. M

    Canada: Explore Tasty Tidbits for Consultants!

    I am curious if Tasty Tidbits is for Canadian Consultants as well and if there are flyers with canadian prices, it all looks so great!
  23. C

    Weekday Dinners Done Cards - Not in Canada??

    I was excited about the Weekday Dinners Done recipe cards in the US consultants lists of new products, but then just realized a couple days ago that I hadn't seen anything like that in our new products!! :confused: I would have loved to use and sell this... any idea as to why we wouldn't have...
  24. M

    New in Canada? Learn About Monthly Recruiting Bonuses

    hi I am new and in Canada just wondering if there is a recruiting bonus every month or if it was just a special in June? Thanks!
  25. P

    Iso Audios Not Available in Canada

    We only have a limited number of Audios here now for some reason. I'm looking for these: Success Speeches Double Digit Recruiting *** Really want this one
  26. P

    Mini-Kit Announced in Canada: What's Working and Need to Double Team?

    So the mini-kit was announced in Canada today for May - July. How have you all been doing with this? What seems to be working? I need to double my team this year!!!
  27. S

    How much does it cost to mail Mini Catalogues in Canada?

    Does anyone know how much it costs to mail the Mini Catalogues in Canada? Just curious if I want to use them for Invitation or not....
  28. A

    Is There a June Sell-a-Thon Happening in Canada?

    Do we have news about JUne Sell a thon in Canada? Just curious--- I am guessing we'll have the same July-August specials? Can't wait to see all the details!
  29. smilesarepriceless

    Can a US-Based Host Accept Orders from Guests in Canada?

    Ok, does anyone know...Can a host of a show ( here in the USA) have guests order that live in Canada?
  30. cla519

    Finding Free Receipts in Canada: Everything You Need to Know

    Does anyone know the number for the free receipts in Canada?