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    Fundraiser Fundraiser in Canada

    Good Day, I live in Ontario Canada, I am looking at 2 fundraisers, for 2 different organizations. I am trying to find letters and ideas from people whom have done fundraiser. I am new to this and trying to understand it all. One fundraiser is for a little boy who is rather sick and have some...
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    Need large PC Banner (Canada)

    I am looking for a large PC Banner to use at fairs, trade shows, etc. My director thinks they have been discontinued. So if you have one collecting dust and taking up valuable space, please let me know. Since I live in Canada, I would like to get one from Canada to reduce the postal and duty...
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    Bookings Anyone in Canada

    Just curious to see how many of you are consultants (or want to be consultants) in Canada, and where? :p Michelle
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    Potential Customer in Western Canada

    I have had a lady from western Canada contact me from one of my e-mail lists because she cannot find a way to buy PC products where she lives. I am not sure how to approach this as I live in the US. I figured if nothing else perhaps I could find someone closer to her from this forum to help...