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What is trip: Definition and 191 Discussions

  1. Jasmine

    Who Is Going to the National Conference?

    Who is going to the National Conference? I am! :D
  2. A

    What Was the Hotel for the 2004 Rome Italy Incentive Trip?

    Hello. I am a former pampered chef consultant and I am trying to find the name of the hotel from the 2004 Rome Italy incentive trip. Any help is appreciated. I am planning a trip.
  3. L

    Recipe Ideas for Mission Trip Fundraiser

    I am getting ready for a fundraiser for a group doing a mission trip to Guatemala. I would like the recipe to be something native to the country but it is a 9:30 am show and I don't have any great ideas. Anyone have any ideas for me? The students that are going on the mission trip will be...
  4. 3

    Audit Results: When Will HO Notify Us of Trip Qualification?

    Not sure where to post this, but does anyone know when HO lets us know if we qualify for the trip after the audit? Thanks!
  5. C

    Director Did You Receive Your 2014 Incentive Trip Package Yet?

    Spoiler Alert!!! Please don't read if you haven't gotten your package or had a chance to open it. Who got their package? What do you think?
  6. L

    Earn Your US Incentive Trip: Find Out Where & How!

    Was just wondering where the US incentive trip is this year and what you have to do to earn it.
  7. DebPC

    Director December Meeting: Before, During, or After Trip?

    Who's having a December meeting this year? Are you doing it before, at the same time, or after the Trip Announcements?
  8. nikked

    Get Double Trip Points for Irresistible Destinations 2012 - Limited Time Offer!

    For some reason, it's not on the flyer, but in the "See Rules" link of the recruiter side of the promotion on CC, it references DOUBLE TRIP POINTS... Just stumbled across this but hadn't seen a discussion about it, so I thought I would share. It says: Note: You will receive double points...
  9. J

    Fs - 2010 Maui Hawaiian Trip Aloha Shirts!

    2 Hawaiian Shirts from PC Maui 2010 Trip -- GREAT for Hawaiian Theme Shows -- Jimmy Buffet Parties -- Grilling Shows Have PC Logo on them.NEW Never Worn - Men's XL -- $25 + shipping Like New -- Women's M (worn once) -- Red Floral -- $25 + shipping (pics attached)Contact me via PM. PayPal accepted.
  10. cookingwithlove

    Director Celebrating Excellence: Heading to Miami for the Silver Trip!

    Just earned Excellence in Sales!!! Wahoo. Heading for Miami for the Silver Trip tomorrow.
  11. Ginger428

    Blue Cheese & Cream Cheese Delights: A Trip Down Memory Lane

    Does anyone remember this, it was awhile ago. Had cream cheese,blue cheese, crushed peppercorn & garlic.... TIA!! I think it was in a CN....
  12. C

    Tracking Dublin Trip Costs: Need Help?

    Question? Hopefully I am not the only one? Is there a tracker/calculator for the upper level trip to Dublin? Just curious! Thanks!
  13. F

    Director Incentives Calculator for 2012 Trip: Coming Soon!

    Here's the response I got this morning re: incentives calc. Thank you for contacting The Pampered Chef. The Incentive Trip Calculator for Irresistible Destinations 2012 should be available very soon. Sorry for the delay in having this posted on Consultant's Corner. Have a good day!
  14. chef131doreen

    Have you registered for the trip incentive yet?

    Registration for the trip incentive opened today What trip did you register for ? I am going on the Bronze cruise taking my 15 year old daughter . Hubby and my son are going to go on there on little trip Can't wait have my flight info so far . They will assign cabins next
  15. B

    Consultant News Spoiled Incentive Trip Suspense

    Did anyone else receive their January Consultant News before their Back to Business meeting? I did! I was surprised to even get my CN news before the end of the month like I usually do, but to see the incentive trips listed on the front cover made my meeting last night just so, so. On the...
  16. kristina16marie

    Celebrating My First Pampered Chef Incentive Trip: Bronze Cruise!

    I've earned my very first PC Incentive trip!!!! My shows this weekend have put me over the top for the Bronze Cruise!!! WAHOO!!!
  17. nikked

    Religion Brother in Egypt on Missions Trip

    Egypt Coptic church decries attacks on Christians | General Headlines | Comcast.net My brother is on a two-week conference/missions trip to Egypt right now (just started a few days ago). Right now he's in Alexandria, but will be returning to Cairo sometime between the 13th & 15th. If you...
  18. C

    Unlocking the Benefits: Incentive Trip Points for Promotions

    Does anyone know if you get incentive trip points when you promote? I know we used to because I did when I promoted to Director. I couldn't find anything about it on the website. Thanks!
  19. mountainmama74

    Last-Minute Beach Trip: Myrtle Beach and Chicago Getaway

    I'm going to Myrtle Beach! On FRIDAY! I'm pretty excited - it's really sudden! My kids are going to see their father (he wasn't going to be taking them this summer, but suddenly he is), so I'll be all by myself for the 4th. My boyfriend is going to MB with his mother and daughter, and said I...
  20. ChefCKHall

    Back to Reality: Exploring Chicago After an Incentive Trip to Hawaii!

    Back to reality...next stop CHICAGO!! Loved my first incentive trip with The Pampered Chef! Amazing time. Every detail taken care of. AWESOME Hawaii Floral Shirts! Turned the corner the first day and there standing all by themselves....Doris, Jean, Marla....YEP Photo ensued. Haha, could...
  21. A

    Personal Fundraiser for Missions Trip

    I'm new to Pampered Chef. I've always been a "junkie", so I figured why not sell it! The business has been doing very well. I think in May I want to try to hold a fundraiser for a missions trip I'm planning to take to India in January of 2012. Some of the money is due at the end of May and...
  22. PampMomof3

    Director Vacation Plans: Canada & Hawaii Trip Packages

    Has anyone received their trip package yet for Canada or Hawaii? For us going to Canada, we'll be there in less than 2 weeks and wondered if anyone has gotten theirs already? Thanks and SOOOOO looking forward to VACATION!!!
  23. PampChefJoy

    Heading Out on a Camping Trip with the Girl Scouts

    Hey everyone - I am headed out of town this afternoon to take my Girl Scout troop camping. I'm still at work right now so I can't get any updates done with the new recruiting special but I'm going to try to squeeze it in before I leave town, if I can get out of work here early. If I can't get...
  24. N

    Personal Planning a Disney Trip? Get Advice on Resort & Budgeting

    Planning a Disney trip in November. Seeking advice on which resort to choose. Want to stay at either a moderate or deluxe but hoping to spend around $4k for the dining/ticket/lodging package. DH is a homebody and will no doubt want to spend some time relaxing in the room with his ESPN. We...
  25. chefsteph07

    Can We Deduct Anything From the Disney Trip?

    I have alot of toll fees/mileage for driving to Fla, can I deduct these from the trip? I know I can't deduct the hotel, etc.
  26. wadesgirl

    Okay One More Trip Registration Question

    Am I supposed to actually complete anything when I register for the trip? It allows me to put my personal information in and view our flight and hotel stuff but it looks like I should be able to complete it further but it never gives me the option. If I go back and click "Change Profile"...
  27. P

    Director Just Got My Notification for 2010 Trip!!

    Aloha Maui!! :sun:
  28. P

    Director When Is the 2011 Trip Announed for Us?

    When does the US trip announcement happen? I'm in Canada so I'm just curious!
  29. C

    Director Taking the Cash Instead of the Trip?

    Does anyone know from past experience when the Gift Card would be sent if you decide to take the cash instead of the trip? And also - When/How would I tell PC that I want the gift card, not the trip???
  30. wadesgirl

    Navigating Your First Trip Earn: Cash, Passports & Canada

    Okay first time trip earner here: When do they let us know for sure?When flying will they send us from our local airport? I live in a town that has an international airport but it's not always the cheapest to fly out of. Most of the time people drive 2-4 hours from here for the best...