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What is camping: Definition and 19 Discussions

  1. esavvymom

    Urgent Really Ripe Bananas - What to Do When Camping

    Ok...situation is my grubmaster for our camping trip on Friday just called to say that there are alot of really ripe bananas in the boxes of fruit he got (he has two boxes if I heard him correctly). He said some are fine, but a few too many are really ripe, and by Saturday's breakfast, will be...
  2. PampChefJoy

    Heading Out on a Camping Trip with the Girl Scouts

    Hey everyone - I am headed out of town this afternoon to take my Girl Scout troop camping. I'm still at work right now so I can't get any updates done with the new recruiting special but I'm going to try to squeeze it in before I leave town, if I can get out of work here early. If I can't get...
  3. lockhartkitchen

    Last Minute Camping Disaster: Forgot the Tent at 11 PM

    Family left at 6 PM to camp (I have a show Sunday so didn't go). 11 PM son text me that there are no campsites, they had to stay in one reserved and leave tomorrow. Midnight, husband text me that he forgot the tent. 2 AM, family arrives back at home.
  4. M

    Camping Salad Ideas: Easy & Refrigerator-Friendly!

    I'm "in charge" of a salad for our second day of camping. I'll have a small refrigerator, so don't want a lot of ingredients. I guess I could make a potato salad ahead of time...?? ugh.. or does anyone have another suggestion?
  5. leftymac

    Planning a Camping Dinner Party for 8-9 People: Ideas & Suggestions

    I'll be camping this weekend (it's at a gay campground so not like we're roughing it -- I'll be at a site with a full kitchen lol). I'm in charge of dinner on Saturday night for 8-9 people and need some ideas. I've got two ovens available, a stove, and grill so anything goes. Any suggestions...
  6. ChefPaulaB

    Delicious Camping Breakfast Recipes for a Memorable Trip!

    Hi, we're planning our camping trip for the year and trying to plan our meals. I wanted to make something a little different than the usual for a big breakfast. I don't want something that needs to bake (we have a very small oven and doesn't work well). I was thinking maybe one of the...
  7. kcjodih

    Any Cheffers Camping in Lake George Ny?

    Or know their host/customer was going? We arrived here Saturday night and it was raining. I went to walk up to the store and it was only drizzling. I saw a trailer enroute to the store that had a PC box sitting on the ground beside the trailer. I thought hmmm....fellow consultant or...
  8. C

    Is Camping in New York City Possible?

    My daughter and I are going camping in New York City in August! I am really looking foward to it!:) Okay, not really camping. We are staying in a hostel. However, there will be 12 of us in six bunk beds...
  9. S

    Party Sticks & Camping Ideas - Chef's Guide

    :chef: Looking for the party sticks link, and camping ideas, can anyone help?
  10. C

    Easy and Delicious Camping Recipes for a Fun-Filled Adventure

    I want to do Power Cooking for Camping in April. "Pamper Your Camper". I want people to realize that camping is supposed to be fun and all our products can make cooking at the campsite quick and easy. I have some recipes for camping but I was hoping that I could get some more ideas. I...
  11. C

    Family Camping Trip & Show Prep - Life of an Artist!

    Hey All! Just got back from a wonderful family camping trip! It was so great - and now I have to get back into the swing of things because I have a show tomorrow night, and also one Thursday........also came home to a phone message that my show for Sat. cancelled - bummer - I'll have to call...
  12. mommyhugz1978

    Camping Gear for My Weekend Trip: What Should I Buy?

    My DH and I are huge campers..... We have a tent ... so what are some produtcs taht I could use for camping? We are going this weekend... I think I probley had a post earily about this one...... but I am lazy these days....:D some any suggestions would be great. TIA!!
  13. melindag

    Camping Theme Show Flyer: Design & Print Tips by Melinda

    I threw together a little flyer today for a Camping theme show....what do you think? I saved it as a pdf file as I used PrintMaster to create it. Thanks! Melinda
  14. mommyhugz1978

    What Products Are Good for Camping

    My Dh and I are avid campers and so I am starting to put together stuff for our camping gear.. and I am curiors what others use in their camping kitchen...
  15. G

    Delicious Camping Recipes - Try Something New This Season!

    Just wondering if anyone has any good camping recipes to share with me. Camping season starts next weekend and I want to try something new this year that will be a hit! TIA
  16. G

    Looking for Camping Recipe Ideas?

    Just wondering if anyone has any good camping recipes that they'd like to share with me. Camping season opens next weekend and I'm looking for new recipes! TIA~:)
  17. D

    Camping Must-Haves: Find the Perfect Game!

    I am working on a campground show where I will be displaying our great products good for camping. Instead of doing a demo, I would like to find a game that I could play with the crowd that would highlight the products that would be must haves for their campers. Does anyone have anything already...
  18. T

    Quick Stir Idea - Great for Camping

    I made pancakes from scratch in the quick stir. I added all the liquid ingredients, mixed. Then added the flour a little at a time and mixed in between. No spoons, no bowls, and easy pouring NO MESS! Great idea for campers. Also it stores great in the refrigerator until the next morning...
  19. P

    Essential Items for College Students and Campers

    I could not find the original thread where I said I'd post this, so I started a new one. Attached you will find a list of items college students and campers might need.