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  1. J

    What type of games should I play?

    Friday - I'm having a party of about 10 people and making one reciepe. I'm looking for a game to play, anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  2. A

    Hello. I'm looking for any new, fun, exciting games that we can play

    Hello. I'm looking for any new, fun, exciting games that we can play at my Kitchen shows. Does anyone have any idea's? I want my guest to have a great time. Thank you, :) Amanda :)
  3. I

    Favorite Games

    What are some of your favorite (and least complicated) games to do at kitchen shows? I have my first and want some way to lighten things up and ensure the ladies have FUN at my party! Thanks!!! Susan :)
  4. D

    Camping Games

    I am working on a campground show where I will be displaying our great products good for camping. Instead of doing a demo, I would like to find a game that I could play with the crowd that would highlight the products that would be must haves for their campers. Does anyone have anything already...
  5. L

    Balloon Games

    I read on this website a while back of a game to play with balloons at the beginning of a party to help get the excitement going at each party. The guests blow up balloons, then pop them, then what? I was thinking about putting a piece of paper in each balloon and whoever pops the balloon with...
  6. J

    Ice Breaker Games?

    Hi. I am going to be doing my first party in early May. I am looking for some ideas for some quick ice breaker games to do at the beginning of the show. My recruiter had one where you give yourself points for different things in a poem - like so many points if you have blue eyes, etc. It was...
  7. N

    Seeking Games!

    Hi! First time poster here. I am in my second SS month, and now that I have figured out the basics, I want to make my shows fun! I feel like I'm not getting as many bookings from shows as I would like. How do you make your shows fun? I'm looking for games and other ideas. Thank you SO much!
  8. C

    Games to play

    I am new to Pampered Chef and I am trying to find ways to get my guest more involved in my kitchen show. I have been to other direct sales parties where the consultants have played games which made the party fun and entertaining. Are there games that people have used during their kitchen shows...
  9. R

    Party Games

    I am looking for new ways to make my shows more fun and different and interesting. Does anyone have any games or the like that they do to get the guests involved and laughing so it seems more like a party than a demonstration? I remember a consultant that presented a few shows at my house a...
  10. P

    Does anyone have any fun, unwinding games to play at shows. I had

    Does anyone have any fun, unwinding games to play at shows. I had one that was a story about Pampered Chef, but I cannot find it. It hit on hosting, recruiting, etc. You may e-mail me if you do! Thanks! Debbie