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What is games: Definition and 130 Discussions

  1. Doraine

    Cooking Show Games: Need Ideas? Let's Get Creative!

    Hello and thank you for accepting me.. I am doing my first cooking show and I am not sure what to do for games... can someone please give me some ideas?? Thank you
  2. Sara Dawn

    New & Exciting Games for Facebook Groups

    I found a lot of games in different groups I am in on Facebook but I am looking for something new that I can do. I have two shows open right now and using the same games over and over is getting old for me. Anyone got something new and exciting?
  3. Sara Dawn

    What are some fun games to play at an Open House for Pampered Chef products?

    Each new season I host a open house where I play games with my guests, have the new products on display and feed them food. I used to demo something but I just stopped when people started losing interest so I just went with all games for Pampered Chef prizes or logo items I order for Merrill...
  4. N

    Fun Games for a Mommy and Me Show with 8-9 Year Olds

    I have a mother wanting to do a mommy and me show with 8-9 year old. I think we are going to do brownie sundaes but I am looking for some games to play with them. Something to keep the girls involved while the brownies are cooking and I'm talking to the parents? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. S

    Launching a Party: Kitchen Themed Ideas & Games!

    Hello All...I am going to have a launch party for my first booking. I am nervous I am going to screw this up. Any ideas or suggestions for a theme what games to play prizes etc. I love anything to do with kitchens everything! but im afraid I wont be god at this at all. Please Help.:confused:
  6. P

    Fun and Festive Bridal Shower Games for a Cinco de Mayo Celebration

    I am getting ready for my first bridal shower on Sunday. I'm a little nervous about it. The wedding is on Cinco de Mayo- So I am keeping the theme and making the chicken Fajitias in the baker and making the fresh salsa to go along with it. I also am going to use the new drink mix and make up...
  7. L

    Fun Christmas Games: Left/Right & More for Your Holiday Show!

    Does anyone have a fun Christmas game to play at their shows. I was wondering is there is a Christmas version of the left/right game. Thanks for your help
  8. B

    Share Your Favorite Games To Play During a Show!

    I've heard of people using various games during the show. Anyone have any they want to share?? Thanks!
  9. N

    Director Boost Team Morale with These Fun and Engaging Meeting Games!

    Anyone have any? I usually have 7-10 at my meetings and I want to start doing more fun games....my meeting is next Monday, planning it today and tomorrow.
  10. afultz4912

    Mardi Gras Games to Play While the Recipe Cooks!

    In honor of Mardi Gras which is on March 8th, at my parties next weekend instead of giving out tokens, or tickets, I will be giving out beads. And whoever at the end of each game has the most beads, will get a prize. But I need some games to play! Does anyone have some games I could play while...
  11. frozenchef

    Minute to Win It Games @ Nat'l Conf: Details Requested

    If you were at National Conference this year and went to Pauleen's executive director team time could you help me out? I loved the Minute to Win It games we did and how she tied it to different aspects of Pampered Chef (booking, recruiting) - does anyone have the details on that? I've been...
  12. winklermom

    Planning a Mega Show - Food & Games for 80+ Guests

    This may have already been covered but I haven't seen it. Someone gave me the idea this past week to do a Mega Show. I'll invite five to eight hosts who will be responsible to bring (Not just invite but have confirmed) ten to 15 adult guests. Each host will be her own show and will, in turn...
  13. A

    Discovering New Games for Your Show - Amy's Quest

    Does anyone have any new games that they are playing at their shows. I feel like I do the same ones over and over again. Thanks, Amy
  14. pampchef.angel

    Tie Games: How to Handle Unexpected Winners

    Has anyone ever had a tie for the winner of a game? I've had this happen twice in the past week (never before then, so I was totally unprepared) and didn't have 2 equal gifts to give. How would you handle?
  15. J

    Bridal Shower - No Games, No Demo..what to Do?

    I have a bridal shower this weekend. I love the family (I was classmates with the oldest son), but have not yet meet the bride. I was told that there wasn't a plan to do any games and that they would prefer that I did not do a demo. I agreed to make a recipe beforehand and bring it to the...
  16. S

    Fun Bridal Shower Games: Ideas and Suggestions

    I am looking for some fun games to play at a bridal shower. I have searched on here in the file section and only came up with 2 games. What does everyone else play or have any suggestions? Thank you,
  17. B

    Superbowl Sunday Fun: Recipes, Games & Twixit Clips!

    So this will be my 3rd show and it's on Superbowl Sunday afternoon. I'm trying to think of fun stuff that goes with football or superbowl sunday. Once the teams r final too I might be able to get some team creativity in there as well. Any recipe ideas? Or game ideas even? I'm gonna give...
  18. darlinclem

    Pampered Chef Games: How to Earn More Entries for Your Shows Without Registering

    Okay, I admit, I am confused. I have a call into HO on another matter and plan on asking this too but don't hold out much hope of them knowing. In reference to the "Pampered Chef Games": We already participated in the "games" if we did as part of the booking blitz. Can we still get...
  19. baychef

    Instant Winners in Pampered Chef Games: Celebrate with Carolyn & Deb!

    Hey it was great to see names like Caroyln's and Deb's (I know I missed some) for being instant winners in the PC games!!!:party:
  20. raebates

    Fun Baby Shower Games for a Worthy Cause | Church Group Activity Ideas

    I'm very excited. I requested permission at our church to hold a baby shower for Mary, the mother of Jesus. The idea is that women bring an unwrapped baby gift. The gifts are donated to a local crisis pregnancy center. It's a way for us to spend a little social time while focusing our attention...
  21. M

    Get Ready for a Fun-Filled Open House: Game Ideas & More!

    need game ideas. I have an open house on tues night and need games and ideas what to do. and make for it. i have tickets not doubble ones though. Thanks.
  22. J

    Fun Wedding Shower Games for Your July Celebration

    Have a shower coming up in July and have never done one. Do you play any cute wedding type games during? Thanks in advance
  23. K

    Maximizing Bookings: Tips for Collecting Drawing Slips at Your Party

    How do you get people to fill out the drawing slips? I have a big party tomnight and I am setting myself up to get two shows. I really really want to get the bookings tonight.
  24. C

    What are some fun and creative games for kids to play at a Pampered Chef event?

    Hi everyone! I'm new here and am just beginning to get my feet wet! I love all the new info! Does anyone have any ideas for kids to play at a PC event? I am working on a proposal for my son's school and need to get my ideas to the head of the PTO soon. We are looking at setting up a...
  25. D

    Ice Breakers & Party Games for Cooking Shows?

    Hello! I was just wondering if you all could suggest some ice breakers & party games for my first cooking show? Thanks for any and all ideas! :)
  26. J

    Question About Booking Slide and Potential Games!

    Okay, so I have my first show this Friday! YAY! Anyway, I keep hearing about this "booking slide" and am wondering what that is! Can someone please explain? Thanks. Also, what are some good games to play? I know about the one where you have a product and people pass it every time you say a...
  27. C

    Fusing Fun & Miss America: Party Recipes & Games

    Saturday evening is the Miss America Pagant. I also have a show that evening. My hostess wants to combine the two and make it fun. So what kind of recipes should go with Miss America & games? Thanks, Shannon
  28. pampermejolene

    Unleash the Fun: Top Wii Games for All Ages | My Family's Favorites

    I finally broke down and bought a Wii (after hunting for it for a couple days). I am having so much fun with it already! Just wanted to see what you or your family's favorite games for it are. I have We Ski (FUN, I've never gone skiing in real life, but love this game) Wii Play is on...
  29. Jennie4PC

    Fun Bday Party Games for 6-7 Yr Olds!

    I am doing a bday party for my son on sat and I need a few game ideas. We are doing home made pizza and then the kids will be making thier own cupcakes as the cake since I dont have time to decorate a cake due to my schedule. But I need game ides. The kids are 6-7 yrs old. TIA.