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What is play: Definition and 48 Discussions

  1. chefjeanine

    Considering a "Kids Area" With Play Dough. . .

    At my fair booth, I'm thinking about setting up a flexible cutting mat, bakers roller, and the new cookie cutters. I don't have any play dough (no kids) so will have to purchase. Has anyone used it with these products? Does it work okay? Is this a bad idea? :rolleyes: Please let me know if you...
  2. C

    Director Learning How to Play: A Guide to It

    Could someone explain to me how this works? I've seen it mentioned on here several times (Can't remember where now) but I have no idea how it's played.
  3. Jolie_Paradoxe

    Suyb 2011: Week3 Action Plan - Play Sheet

    Use your Play Sheet for Session 3 to help you practice & strengthen your recruiting skills: • Make 3 contacts a day You’re building the 3 contacts a day habit. If you need help, ask for a buddy to keep you accountable. Check your calendars now and schedule time to make contacts. LOVE :love...
  4. B

    Share Your Favorite Games To Play During a Show!

    I've heard of people using various games during the show. Anyone have any they want to share?? Thanks!
  5. kam

    New Pampered Chef® Exclusives for Mother's Day - Get the Details on March 22!

    Coming soon...More Pampered Chef® exclusives to make this year extra special for Mom! Your Consultant will have all the details on March 22.(From the Mother's Day Flyer) Since there are only a few more days to go... What do we think it is????
  6. afultz4912

    Mardi Gras Games to Play While the Recipe Cooks!

    In honor of Mardi Gras which is on March 8th, at my parties next weekend instead of giving out tokens, or tickets, I will be giving out beads. And whoever at the end of each game has the most beads, will get a prize. But I need some games to play! Does anyone have some games I could play while...
  7. J

    ifYou Play "Queen of the Shoppers" at Your Shows...

    when during the show do you do it? I did it for the first time at a fundraiser I did last night and they ladies really seemed to love it (there were a few issues that I need to fix) but I didn't know where in the show to put it. I made a trifle for the demo so I just did it after that was...
  8. S

    Play the Hawaiian Island Game & Win a Special Prize!

    Since this year is a trip to Maui I have been playing a game at my show and the thing is it has really increased my sales at my last two shows. People are thinking about how they are helping me earn a trip to Hawaii and are placing larger orders PLUS I have got quite a few bookings. Here is...
  9. nikked

    Product Review: Melissa & Doug's Multi-Activity Play Table

    I have been looking at play tables for the kids for a while, for play and for therapy activites. I do not believe in coffee tables because they just become one more clutter spot for me :yuck:, and they really needed a higher level than the floor to play on! Decided on the Melissa & Doug...
  10. F

    What Do You Think of This Interactive Snowman Game for My January Show?

    Okay, so I need opinions about this game I am trying to come up with... At the end of January, I have a show with the same "circle" of friends that was at a show I did last Spring. At that time, I did the love it, like it game, but now I would like to change it up. So, I was thinking...
  11. P

    Anyone Know How to Play the "Name That Tool" Game?

    There is a consultant on our team that wants to play the game called "Name that Tool" for an all guys cooking show. Has anyone ever played the game or know the rules of the game? I myself have never heard of it but would love to hear all about it too! Thanks!
  12. K

    Maximizing Bookings: Tips for Collecting Drawing Slips at Your Party

    How do you get people to fill out the drawing slips? I have a big party tomnight and I am setting myself up to get two shows. I really really want to get the bookings tonight.
  13. peachey

    Should I Advertise in a Play Program?

    The daughter of a friend of mine is in an upcoming play and they are asking for people to buy ads for the play program. I have looked at the policies and procedures and can't find anything that would prohibit me from doing an ad, but I wanted to see if anyone had experience with this. Any...
  14. lockhartkitchen

    Did Play Pampered Chef Dollars Increase Sales and Bookings?

    I just went to this other company's party this week and using play money she booked 4 shows! I'll explain later. Does anyone have play money they have created in text that I could use?
  15. etteluap70PC

    Is MyGroceryDeals.com the Answer to Frustration with Other Coupon Services?

    I want to know more... I just discovered you have to Pay for this service! Is it worth it?
  16. PampMomof3

    Pop Tops & Go Play From Nestle...

    Hi guys! I wondered if anyone has pop tops from soda, veggies, formula health drinks, or any pop tops lying around. We're collecting them for our school and with 3 kids in school, I'd like to help out. I know some people collect them but arent' sure what to do with them. I'll be happy to take...
  17. PampMomof3

    Pop Tops & Go Play From Nestle...

    Hi guys! I wondered if anyone has pop tops from soda, veggies, formula health drinks, or any pop tops lying around. We're collecting them for our school and with 3 kids in school, I'd like to help out. :) I know some people collect them but arent' sure what to do with them. I'll be happy to...
  18. C

    Wicked Wed Night Play: Reviews and Ticket Info

    Is anyone besides our group planning on seeing the play? It's expensive, but I heard it was good.
  19. S

    Discover Fun Mystery Host Games | Tips for Your First Show

    For anyone who has done a mystery host show, do you play games? If so, what games do you do? This is my first one and it is this Friday night. Any help would be greatly appreciated! TIA!!
  20. P

    Looking for Games to Play With Guests

    I'm new to all of this and was wondering what kind of games people play with their guests at their shows. Please share. Thanks!
  21. KellyTheChef

    Ideas for 2.5 Year Old...what to Play?

    Oh my goodness...my little guy is driving me NUTS today! :eek: :eek: I have played with him (roll the ball) given him rides on my back, whatever! All he is doing is WHINING and all I want to do is toss him (nicely!;) ) in his room and close the door for an hour! If you have ideas, that's...
  22. M

    "Kitchen Play Dates"/Cooking With Kids

    I'm sure many of you saw this on the Today Show this morning. Lauren Dean wrote a cookbook and craft idea book called "Kitchen Play Date"...looked like many neat recipes and craft ideas to do with kids in the kitchen...sounds like a ready made show to me! I wanted to pass it along as I'm sure...
  23. chefkristin

    Play Tic-Tac-Toe and Win - Fun & Addictive!

    Tic-Tac-Toe You begin by clicking on one of the boxes, & then a question appears. If your answer is correct, that box will get an X. If incorrect, an O. When you get 3 X's in a row, you win. Warning...this is addictive!!! Here is a different way to play...
  24. I

    Maximize Your Kitchen with Mix & Chop: 3 Uses and Cross-Selling Tips!

    List 3 Uses for each product minimum... and then one you can cross sell it with (use the actual verbage). For instance Mix & Chop * effortlessly chop up ground meats in pan * chop the tomatoes in there too * make guacamole (mashing avocado) fast too cross sell Then you will want to...
  25. jewls243

    What Are Some Fun Games to Play at Shows?

    I am in need of some games to play at the shows I have coming up. I hve the Queen of Shopper game, but thats the only one that I have. Could anyone give me any ideas please???
  26. J

    Fun & Versatile Dough Play for Kids: Ideas & Tools

    I posted an idea for this on another thread, but it really got me thinking. This would be so fun for little kids. You could make the dough or several different doughs -- edible, scented, etc. Then, the kids can play with the dough with various tools (egg slicer, baker's roller, creative...
  27. dannyzmom

    Discover New Uses for Handi-Scraper and Other Kitchen Tools: A Fun Game"

    The first person will name a products and ONE use for it. The next person has to name ANOTHER use for that product...then start again by naming a different products and ONE use for that products...the goal is so that we come up with TWO uses for every product. I will start... Handi-Scraper...
  28. L

    toPlay a Game or Not to Play a Game

    I was hoping for some feedback from everyone. Do you play a game at your show or not? I am an "in and out" type of girl. I don't like dumb games that you have to play at parties, at showers etc. PC is my second job, and my sales are typically strong for my shows. I start promptly, and can...
  29. yummy4tummy

    Should family loyalty trump supporting a friend's business?

    (what would you do or say) Here is the scenario: DH's cousin's second wife (I hope I haven't lost you yet) is having a catalog show for me. She sent e-invites to 2 grown step-daughters but they told her that they would not buy anything because they have a friend that sells and has sold PC for...
  30. T

    Family Feud: Questions & How to Play!

    Has anyone done the family feud game? I need questions to ask and how to play it! Thank you so much!!!!