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What is dollars: Definition and 139 Discussions

  1. Intrepid_Chef

    Did I Miss Out on a Free for All Promotion After a Successful Show?

    Grrrr!So I just did a HUGE show. How huge? It ended up being $1,490 commissionable!The show was a January show and the "past host" ordered cookware, so she got $780 in free product.As happy as I am with the paycheck, I'm a bit irked that I missed Free for All because the show was held on the...
  2. L

    Tracking Pampered Chef Dollars: Are They Income or Expense?

    I'm a new consultant and I'm wondering how to keep track of Pampered Chef dollars. Are they considered income? Can I claim the supply orders that I pay for with PC dollars as expense?
  3. J

    Director $100 Pampered Chef Dollars From Marla

    Just wondering if anyone has theirs yet?
  4. J

    Pampered Chef Dollars: How to Earn and Use PCD | Expert Tips and FAQs

    I am on the website trying to find the rate of earning PCD and I just can not find it... Can someone be so kind as to give me the information or to point me in the right direction? Thanks -Jody
  5. morgieloo88

    Can Pampered Chef Dollars Be Used for Kit Enhancement?

    I am a new consultant and just got PC dollars.. Can they be used in my 40% off kit enhancement in April? Thanks!
  6. N

    Pampered Chef Dollars From December

    Does anyone know when they will credit? I am assuming payday, but thought I would check, I need to submit a huge supply order.
  7. KateInTheKitchen

    Spending Your Pampered Chef Dollars: What They Are & How to Use Them

    Hi – I just earned my 200 PC Dollars for qualifying in my first 30 days. So, what exactly are these... how do I spend them? :)
  8. Kjurich

    Submitted to Show Last Night - How Long for Pampered Chef Dollars & 50% Refund?

    I submitted to show last night which should qualify me!!!!:love: Does anyone know how long it will take for that to show so me to get my PC dollars and my 50% refund for my kit credit. I want to use that to order some extra supplies and stuff. Also how will it take for my "outlet" to open on...
  9. S

    Have You Upgraded Your Team Dollars for Meetings?

    Hi everyone. I am in charge of revamping our out of date team dollars that we use for meetings. The old ones are hiddious and have been around for like 15 years. Does anyone else use a team dollar that they would like to share? I know some of you do a WONDERFUL job in designing flyers and...
  10. kristina16marie

    Pampered Chef Dollars for Sell a Thon?

    This is my first year earning the $6000 level for SAT and I haven't received my PC Dollars yet. Has anyone else earned that level and gotten theirs deposited yet? I need to make a BIG supply order SOON! =D
  11. Sheila

    Director Excellence Award Pampered Chef Dollars ...

    ... have been deposited!!! http://unforgettableimages.ca/oct07moms/images/smilies/woohoo2.gif I'm so ready to go on a shopping spree, but don't want the boxes to arrive while I'm gong for NC. So I guess I'll just start with my wish list for now. ;)
  12. California Girl

    Best Dinners Under 10 Dollars?

    does any one know any dinners that are 10 dollars or less?
  13. V

    Pampered Chef Dollars Deposit Timing Question...

    As a newbie, I have a question about the deposit of PC Dollars. I called the Solution Center, and, for the second time since I started this venture, I have gotten an answer that I suspect the representative is unclear about himself (have had a couple of very concise answers the other two times...
  14. ChefCKHall

    Woohoo Pampered Chef Dollars Are Back!

    Wahoo! Can you say shopping? $489.00! April Kit Enchancement here I come!
  15. pamperedbecky

    Director Pampered Chef Dollars Have Posted!!

    Woo hooo!! My question of whether or not I'd qualify for those PC dollars because I was only paid as a TL in January is answered!! Woo hooo!!! I have 447 PC $ thanks to my team. :) I'm SOOOO happy. I haven't had that many since I earned TPC a LONG time ago.:):):) I can't even imagine...
  16. vanscootin

    Pampered Chef Dollars -January Incentive

    Has anyone gotten their PC Bucks put into their PC Dollar account yet? The fine print says they will be deposited on the 8th, but mine aren't there yet.
  17. kcmckay

    January Pampered Chef Dollars?

    Does anyone know when the PC $'s will be credited for January sales?? I want to do a supply order and would rather use them than money but I need stuff now.
  18. ChefShalon

    What to Spend My Pampered Chef Dollars On.

    I am wondering what I should spend my PC dollars on. I am going to get some biz materials but which products do you think I should deffently get.
  19. kam

    Pampered Chef Dollars for Recruits

    Where on CC is the info for how much in PC $$ new recruits can earn - based on qualifying, # shows, etc. I am NOT looking for recruiting PROMOTIONS. Just the "normal" stuff if a recruit signs up under NO promotion. I have looked and looked and can't find a thing. Not even in the join us...
  20. K

    Order Pampered Chef Dollars & Reward Your Downline!

    Can we order pc dollars and have them deposited into our downline's account? I'm working on a new incentive and would love to do that for them.
  21. lockhartkitchen

    How to Use Pampered Chef Dollars?

    I got $5 PC dollars from my director. I want to submit a supply order and redeem these. When I type in $5 PC dollars on my payment then the remainder on my PC debit card everything looks fine, but how do they know I really have $5 PC dollars? There is nowhere to type in the serial number...
  22. donnajocooper

    Using Pampered Chef Dollars at Merrill's: A Guide

    I didn't know if Pampered Chef Dollars could be used to purchase items through Merrill's, for PC logo wear, etc? Thank you!! :o
  23. sherri lynn

    What to Do With Pampered Chef Dollars?

    This may be the dumbest question of all, but what else can we use PC dollars on besides paperwork? I've looked on consultant's corner and cannot find any place where it shows anything else to be purchased, just paperwork. Any info would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!!
  24. A

    Pampered Chef Dollars Burning a Hole in My Pocket!!

    Hey everyone! I am so excited because I just earned ANOTHER $100 in PC dollars. It is burning a hole in my pocket and I want to spend it on product. I have been alternating between business supplies and product. I have a lot of the smaller things but I am wondering what your recommendations...
  25. B

    Using Pampered Chef Dollars at P3: Error or Not?

    When you use PC Dollars in P3, do you have to use them in increments of 25 or can you use it just like real money? My order can to $104.33 but I am getting an error on the PC Dollars
  26. HealthNut

    Using Pampered Chef Dollars - Get 20% Discount?

    question - once we receive our pc dollars and decide to use them...do we get our 20% consultant discount still?...
  27. J

    Director Date Pampered Chef Dollars Will Be Deposited??

    I earned free Conference as Level 1's incentive last year and then earned it again from the monthly incentive when we could earn it with sales. They are supposed to deposit $225 into my PC Dollar account...does anyone know when?
  28. raebates

    Purchasing Pampered Chef Dollars

    Is it possible for Team Leaders to purchase Pampered Chef Dollars? I can't figure out how to do that. I'd like to use them as incentive prizes for my team. I figure that way they can easily spend them on new products and/or paperwork. TIA!
  29. Rosebud

    I'm Inactive - Can I Use My Pampered Chef Dollars?

    Ok I have a dilemma. After some long hard thought and a new position at my day job I've decided to hang up my apron. Problem is I went inactive last month and I don't have any shows on the calender for this month and one potential bridal shower for late August (which another consultant who is a...
  30. Jen1409

    Earn Rewards Points: Shows & Dollars Converting to Points

    You earn them for every 4 shows and/or every $1250 right?