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What is recruits: Definition and 160 Discussions

  1. byrd1956

    Finding Info on Recruits After Logging in at Pampered Chef.com

    I know there is a way to find this information, but I cannot figure out how. After we log in at pc.com where do we find the information on our recruits?
  2. O

    Credit for New Recruits: Qualifications and Deadlines Explained

    Can someone please tell me when we get credit for a new recruit? If someone signs in December, does that count toward the 2013 trip or the 2014 trip. There is much discussion about this and we cannot seem to find the answer. Some say that we have until Dec. 2013 to sign a recruit for the current...
  3. DebPC

    Should You Do Your Recruits First Pampered Chef Show or Not?

    This is an age old debate. I wanted to see what the current thinking is on this? What do you think?
  4. naekelsey

    Email or Invite: What's the Best Way to Reach Out for Party Orders?

    We are doing a Grand Open PC party for my new recruit on Sat.. We have posted an event on Fb. I would like to give her good advice so need to ask.. Should she be sending an email to each person who can't make it or the ones who maybe can make it? With regards to placing an order or hosting...
  5. C

    Director Double Points for July Recruits: Get the Details!

    Did anyone save the flyer from CC about this? Either I am blind or they already took it down! I am trying to figure out with the double/triple points, since my July recruits had an extension on their 30 days if they qualify in that time, do I still get double points even though they will...
  6. naekelsey

    Do I Need to Make Customer Care Calls to My New Recruit's Friends and Family?

    I have several people who ordered off of my hosts party and that host is now one of my recruits. Do I make Customer Care Calls to them or leave them alone because they are her friends and family?
  7. P

    Director Celebrating 90 Recruits and $200K in Sales!

    when you open CC and there is a new consultant signed that you didn't know was coming :love0010::money::money::love0010: #6 for me this month and 11 total for my personal team, another 2 in my 1st gen!!! That make 10 for me this year so far!!! And by a strange coincidence, I have 89 personal...
  8. K

    2 Potential Recruits. I'm Still a "Newbie" Needing Help!

    I have 2 potential consultants that I am meeting with tomorrow. Never done this before and am a little nervous. ALOT nervous. Anybody have any advice? I began Pampered Chef in October and still feel a little "newer" than I probably should. Any advice is appreciated!
  9. finley1991

    Director Successfully Onboarding Long-Distance Recruits

    Just wondered your thoughts on this. I'm loving the intro show idea from Lydia Martin and did my 2nd one last night... I have 2 more to do this month! My question is about long-distance recruits... how do you all handle this? How do you help new long-distance consultants get off to a...
  10. P

    Did 2 recruits already qualify for the Excellence Award?!

    I noticed the Excellence Award tracker updated today. And I was shocked it shows that I have 2 recruits and only need 13 more. I have signed 4 since May 1 - but those haven't qualified yet. So, I was wondering how it showed that 2 had qualified?!?! I looked up the earning requirements...
  11. M

    Director Welcome New Recruits: Celebrating Qualification with Poems

    Does anyone do anything special for when a consultant qualifies, besides give her the pin? I've heard different poems read, does anyone have one they use to wecome new recruits in front of everyone? I've heard of a lifesaver one and a rose one, but not sure if there are others?
  12. Bwildered

    Recruiting for the First Time: What Should I Say to Potential Consultants?

    Hi everyone! I did a booth tonight and had three people ask about being a consultant! WOO HOO! But I've never recruited before! :-( Give me your best advice of what to tell them, send them, etc! I want to nail it! Thanks!
  13. NooraK

    Question for Those With Multiple Recruits in a Month

    Where do your recruits come from? Do the majority of them come from shows? If so, how many shows are you doing per month? What's your average attendance? Do you have anything in particular you feel contributes most to the number of recruits (such as an activity at the show, doing interviews...
  14. B

    When Do Your Recruits Appear on Consultant Corner?

    I just signed my first recruit last night and wondered how long it is before they show up on my grid?
  15. Hunter Mom

    Do We Still Get Pampered Chef$ for Recruits?

    Hoping we do. :)
  16. K

    Recruits Want to Sign - No Babysitters - Looking for Solutions

    Hello everyone! I have two sisters who are both interested in signing up as consultants. They live in different cities and both have children. One is a military wife and her husband is currently overseas. The other has a husband that travels very frequently with his job. I suggested that they...
  17. S

    Changeover Date for New Recruits

    Does anyone know the date for new recruits to receive Spring/Summer catalogs vs. the Fall/Winter catalogs. I'm sure I read it somewhere but cannot find it.
  18. kam

    Pampered Chef Dollars for Recruits

    Where on CC is the info for how much in PC $$ new recruits can earn - based on qualifying, # shows, etc. I am NOT looking for recruiting PROMOTIONS. Just the "normal" stuff if a recruit signs up under NO promotion. I have looked and looked and can't find a thing. Not even in the join us...
  19. NooraK

    Want to Get a 50% Rebate on Your Recruit Kit?

    I got an email that is offering a 50% Rebate on the kit for recruits who sign October 15-17. The recruiter will receive a copy of the anniversary cookbook, signed by Doris. The rebate is available on both kits! http://www.pamperedchef.com/images/public/us/pdf/rp_10oct_recruit.pdf
  20. Tropicalburstqt2

    How Can I Support My Pampered Chef Recruits for Success?

    I'm signing my first 2 recruits this week & the one is signing a girl this week too! I've got 3 more prospective also! Wahoo! We are getting our camcorder. Now, a few questions, what do you seasoned directors/team leaders do for your recruits to help them achieve success? Also, what does...
  21. S

    Is there a guide for using the new Succeed with Us workbook in recruitment?

    Is there a guide for us to use to help a new recruit work through the new Succeed with Us workbook. Or do they just fill it in on their own? I looks like it matches up with the New Consultant Training Booklet. TIA, Sandi
  22. Sheila

    Can you believe it? 17 recruits in just one week since I arrived in Tokyo!

    It's been ONE WEEK since I arrived in Tokyo (where the military just moved us). I've had one potential that I spoke to prior to the move from Okinawa decide to sign & TWO indirect recruits sign! Three new team members in Okinawa in the one week that I've been in Tokyo! That makes 17 in my...
  23. H

    What are some ideas for an itinerary for a Grand Opening?

    Does anyone out there have a itenerary for a Grand Opening? My 2nd recruit is having her Grand Opening this Sat. Just looking for ideas.. Thanks! :chef:
  24. wadesgirl

    How can I help my new recruit with booking parties?

    My newest recruit just called to say her first recruit just got her kit! We are meeting tomorrow to do new consultant training! One thing my new recruit expressed a concern about was bookings. Since her first show outside of her own kickoff show was this host (her sister) who just signed...
  25. K

    Do recruiters lose benefits if new recruits go inactive?

    If a new recruit goes inactive before she qualifies, does the recruiter lose the benefits for her (2000 trip points?). I know that's how it was in the old system, but I get so confused in the new system.
  26. S

    What should I give my host when 3 recruits sign up at a party?

    Had a CRAZY party tonight! 1 recruit signed, meeting with 2 more tomorrow (they would have signed tonight, but silly me didn't have enough consultant agreement forms with me!). So, 3 recruits from one party. Sweet! :D Here's the issue: one host (it was a co-hosted party) is a bit ticked...
  27. Sheila

    Success Stories of My Rockstar Recruits: Commissionable Sales and Promotions!

    Recruit #1 who signed 7 months ago & is doing PC VERY part time around her full time job with the military. She's staying active EVERY month with catalog shows & has only done FIVE cooking shows. Commissionable sales on Cooking Shows: #1 = $552.23 #2 = $331.70 #3 = $998.00 - the host...
  28. Sheila

    What motivated these 3 recruits to join my team in just 6 days?

    This 50% off rebate opportunity was apparently too good of an incentive for them to ignore! :D #1 signed on 2/20, is new to the area & looking for her 1st show. #2 signed on 2/23 & has a Catalog Show for a little over $300 that she'll submit before midnight so she'll be "active" for Feb. She...
  29. plrodriguez73

    How Can I Help My New Recruits Succeed While Waiting for Their Starter Kit?

    I need some help looking for the info on "waiting for your starter kit, what to do while i wait!" I can't find that info ANYWHERE! Please help!! I want to be a good leader and these two recruits are soooo excited, I just want to help them acheive their goals!!!!!
  30. lockhartkitchen

    Make $50/hour with Flexible Hours: Learn about this Opportunity Now!

    A friend on Facebook posted that she really needed some income. I posted back a question to her: How would you like to know more about a job that can pay $50 an hour and you pick your own hours? I said they would need to email me for information. I have had two of her friends contact me...