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What is recruit: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. byrd1956

    Your Future Recruit Can Win a Rockcrok

    I have tried to find the rules by following the link in the e-mail, but they do not come up. Are they somewhere on the PC site? When I click 'read the rules' it takes me to survey monkey to fill in the entry form.
  2. Intrepid_Chef

    From Recruit to Senior Consultant: The Journey of Success | SoMy Recruiting

    So now I am a senior consultant, and the person under me is also a senior consultant.What does that make me, other than lucky?
  3. mrslulu2012

    Is Hosting a Pampered Chef Party Essential Before Becoming a Consultant?

    Hi Everyone! I am new to this forum and am so intrigued by The Pampered Chef business opportunity. I love to cook and host dinner parties. And I also enjoy trying new recipes. I have never hosted a PC party before, but have attended a PC party like 10 years ago. I have been searching online...
  4. byrd1956

    Where to Find Recruit Info on New Web?

    I got a call from my director last night and I have a recruit! They found me doing a search;she lives about 30 min. away. My director is giving her guidance, but I want to talk with her too. I asked my director if I would get an e-mail from the home office about this. She said no (so had she...
  5. kam

    June Recruiting Special: Flyers with Bonus Offer

    Here are some flyers with the June recruiting special. For the 3 month, I have included a version with the June bonus and a version without the June bonus (if you want to use it for later in the month). Thanks!
  6. N

    My First Recruit: Navigating the Journey

    I'm so excited and nervous all at once because I have my first recruit. Would you consider them your recruit once they sign up or after they qualified? I know I talked tooo much (nerves got the better of me) but my brain was all over the place..lol Any suggestions??? Right now I am...
  7. A

    Can I Recruit My Husband to Sell Pampered Chef?

    My husband asked me today if he could sell pampered chef, and he was serious! Can I recruit him?
  8. kam

    Are You Ready for May's Recruit? Check out My Flyers!

    Here are my flyers with the May Recruit info:
  9. DebPC

    What Is the Oddest Way You Got a New Recruit?

    I got a call in the hospital two days after an emergency appendectomy from someone who wanted to sign. This was before online sign up- so she had to wait til I got home. I got another one at our State Fair. He stopped by the booth on a day I was working and was going to have a show. Due to...
  10. ChefJWarren

    Possible Recruit - Only Day Show?

    I have a possible recruit that says nights and weekends are pretty much out for her. I know there is a day market out there, but i don't know anything about it. She can also do catalog and online shows. Can anyone give me some words of wisdom to pass along? Thanks.
  11. M

    Fundraiser Kick-Off for Church/School: $1,276.50 & Potential Recruit!

    I had a fundraiser kick-off this morning for a church/school for their senior youth to go to a meeting this summer. We have $1,276.50 in orders right now and they are collecting orders for another two weeks!!! On top of that, I have a potential recruit who is very excited about the opportunity...
  12. M

    Host & Recruit: Get Your Black Table Runner!

    Iso: Black table runner that was a promotion last year or the year before. One side is hosting and the other side is recruting
  13. DebPC

    How Did You Meet Your Last Recruit?

    Recruits are everywhere! How did you meet your last one?
  14. kam

    March Recruiting Specials: Get the Best Deals on Flyers Now!

    Flyers with March Recruit Part 2Here are a few more flyers with the March recruiting specials. Since there is a March early bonus (just added), I have created 2 versions of each flyer, one WITH the March bonus and one WITHOUT the March bonus. This is where the other flyers with March...
  15. kam

    March Recruiting Specials: Flyers for Your Success - Limited Time Offer!

    Flyers with March RecruitOops! The title should read MARCH (not May) Recruit! Here are my Flyers with March Recruiting 2013 specials added. Since there is a March early bonus (just added), I have created 2 versions of each flyer, one WITH the March bonus and one WITHOUT the March bonus.Here is...
  16. C

    Congratulations! Onboarding a Recruit: Checklists & Welcome Packets

    Yay! I finally got a recruit! Are there any instructions available on getting started using the beta system? Has anyone made a checklist/welcome packet recently?
  17. kam

    Ready to Join Our Team in February? Check Out These Flyers!

    Here are my flyers with the Feb recruiting special:
  18. O

    Need Canadian Consultant for Potential Recruit

    Canadian Consultant wanted, ideally from the Eastern part of the Greater Ontario area. I'm assisting a potential recruit in finding a strong recruiter with solid FB show experience, and ability and willingness to coach/mentor for success. I don't know her personally but she's sharp enough to...
  19. Sheila

    Recruit Lead Fled Today, That's New! Lol

    I'm awful about doing in person interviews. I usually hand people recruiting info in person when I first meet them & then follow up by phone or e-mail. But in following up with someone who was interested in hosting, she said she was considering the business opportunity & wanted to meet to...
  20. C

    Babysitting Issue for Prospective Recruit

    I think I may have my first recruit! She seems to be really interested and her husband is on board but... she has some concerns about babysitting in order to get to parties. She works days and her husband works nights, so I am trying to ease her concerns. I told her that I do her first party...
  21. kam

    November Recruiting Special: Flyers in 3-Col, 4-Block, and Mini-Catty Formats

    Here are my flyers with the November Recruiting Special. 3-col format, 4-block format (with Jan) and a mini-catty version.
  22. P

    Can a Us Consultant Recruit a Canadian Now???

    I met a girl last night who would be AWESOME at this...but her mom is a consultant in the US. She said her mom told her that she could recruit her now - that there's "a way around it"....any ideas? As far as I know, we can't cross borders. I don't want her to miss out because her mom is...
  23. O

    Embracing Diversity: Recruiting a Muslim Candidate from Jordan

    Good morning! I have a possible new recruit who is Muslim , from Jordan. She will be excellent if she decides to sign, but is so very apprehensive as she feels that folks may not feel comfortable with her due to her ethnicity. Is anyone here a practicing Muslim or have anyone on their team? Let...
  24. M

    Need Help Fast Possible Recruit

    this is what she is asking and what do i tell her? national conference and other ones that they have metings. how to make money in this and trips. i am talking to her now
  25. kam

    Oct Recruit Flyers: Get the Latest Updates Now!

    Here are the flyers updated with Oct Recruit info.
  26. P

    How to Keep a New Recruit Excited and Engaged Before They Start?

    Does anyone have a letter that they use when they have a recruit that wants to sign up but cannot start for a month are two. Something to welcome them to the team and help you stay in touch with them. How do you keep them excited? How often do you contact them? By phone, e-mail? Thank you for...
  27. P

    Possible Recruit on Public Assistance

    I am wondering if anyone else has come across this issue. I have had two potential recruits ask me about this. The latest one.... She gets food stamps and free medical insurance. She's not too concerned about the food stamps. But they have twin girls, almost 2, and are due with their 3rd...
  28. kam

    Sept Recruiting Special: Flyers for 3 Months

    Here are some flyers with the Sept Recruiting Special included... ***Update: added a "3 month format" with Sept Recruiting. Not sure how many are using these flyers with the Recruiting info...***
  29. kam

    Are You Ready for August Recruiting? Check Out My Updated Flyers!

    Here are my flyers updated with the August Recruiting Info:
  30. kam

    July Recruiting Flyers: Host/Guest & Bonus Updates

    Here are some of my flyers updated with July Recuit. I have even included one updated with the July Bonus items. MiniCattyInsertJulRec12_fillable: Mini catty insert with July Host/Guest and July recruit. JulRec12_fillable: 2 month flyer format with July Host/Guest and July recruit...