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What is public: Definition and 23 Discussions

  1. P

    Possible Recruit on Public Assistance

    I am wondering if anyone else has come across this issue. I have had two potential recruits ask me about this. The latest one.... She gets food stamps and free medical insurance. She's not too concerned about the food stamps. But they have twin girls, almost 2, and are due with their 3rd...
  2. cookingwithlove

    Apology to Intrepid Chef: A Public Statement of Regret

    Intrepid Chef I few months ago I “yelled” at you in public on Chefsuccess. Since I did it publicly the first time I thought I should send this publicly as well. I apologize; it was inappropriate of me. I am very passionate about The Pampered Chef and my business. I was very frustrated...
  3. J

    Cooking Show at the Library: Tips from Experienced Performers

    Has anyone ever done a show at their local library? My library offers all types of cooking programs, etc. and I would like to offer to do a show just not sure how to go about ir and I am looking for some advice from people who may have done one or heard of someone doing it. Thanks
  4. C

    Director Pampered Chef Group: Public or Private? Fact Check

    Hi all! I took Facebook training and I cannot remember if there are any restrictions on groups. Do you remember if there are any restrictions to making my Pampered Chef group public or if I need to keep it private. I think I remember it can be public, but want to make sure first. Oh, I do...
  5. PampChefJoy

    Public Service Announcement About Fireworks

    Make sure they are ABSOLUTELY extinguished before leaving them and going to bed. These "safe and sane" fireworks, just a small package with about 5-6 fountains, were dunked in water and left in a container on the side of our house, behind the fence. Over 2 hours after that (after my husband...
  6. esavvymom

    Public Service Announcement- Re: Zicam Cold Products

    Just got this from my SIL, and wanted to pass it along. I had heard something about the kids products recalled this summer, but not the 'why', or that it affected others. Here is the email i received, and the legitimate link to the FDA website with the Consumer...
  7. DebbieJ

    Sightseeing in Chicago via Public Transporation

  8. chefkathy

    Public Trans From Dia to Downtown--Info Inside

    You may want to check out this option--Denver SkyRide http://www.rtd-denver.com/skyRide/ You can take the AF route from the airport for $10. You can catch the bus at several locations outside baggage claim at the airport. Get off at the Market St Station, then you can get on the free...
  9. krzymomof4

    Religion forThose That Have Kids in Public Schools

    I received this email that I thought I would pass along. If you have children or grandchildren, work with children at church, or you have neighborhood children whose parents you know, please take note of the information below and pass it along to others. Schools are distributing this book...
  10. krzymomof4

    The title could be: A Heartwarming Story of Forgiveness at 98 Years Old

    This is my goal........... human interest story...(brings a tear) All women should live so long as to be this kind of old lady! Toward the end of Sunday service, the Minister asked, 'How many of you have forgiven your enemies?' 80%...
  11. PampChefJoy

    aLittle Public Service Announcement About Lamb Breast...

    Don't buy it! I picked up lamb breast at the supermarket last week... I love lamb and I thought 99 cents was a bargain! Then I get home, google it, and find out that I've wound up with a cut of meat that is normally reserved for dog food! So I throw it in the slow cooker to try to cook it...
  12. JAE

    Lying Boy Faces Public Punishment

    Lying boy faces public punishment. Not a bad idea. Here's the video: http://video.woodtv.com/?video_id=11597 Hey, BeckyD! Did you see this boy standing on the corner?
  13. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Should Cs Remain Public or Go Private?

    I don't know if anyone has noticed, but anyone can log on to this site and read all of the posts. They cannot answer without being a member, but they can read everything. Formerly, anyone who logged in could read about two lines, then big red letters asked them to pay their five bucks and join...
  14. janetupnorth

    Just a Pampered Chef Public Service Announcement...

    ;) For those rushing to get your 2nd July show in by August 5th... Don't rush so much that you forget to enter it as a JULY show and lose out on your pan (and 500 points if you went to conference). Check and double check and triple check before you submit... This public...
  15. DebbieJ

    Public Trans From Airport to Hilton

    Found this on Hilton's Site: Directions to our Hotel When taking public transportation to the Hilton Chicago from O'Hare International Airport: Take CTA BLUE LINE TRAIN (TO 54TH/CERMAK) to JACKSON/DEARBORN. Take CTA BUS # 7 HARRISON EASTBOUND to CONGRESS PLAZA & MICHIGAN. Walk 0.1 mile S...
  16. K

    Meeting the Public Cd - Anyone Have an Extra

    I loaned this to a new consultant and she seems to have lost it and now it is no longer available on Supply Order Help!
  17. Stampaholic1961

    Dilemma: Transferring From Private to Public High School

    Here's the situation. My son (16) is currently enrolled in a private college-prep school in another town. He's finishing up his sophomore year. He's been there 2 years. Now he wants to transfer back to the public high school where all of his friends from junior high school & his robotics...
  18. DebbieJ

    Public Transportation Directions From Airports to Hotels

    Can we make this a sticky, Greg? I used the trip planner at www.transitchicago.com and this is what I have. I will double check these and make additional suggestions later, but I wanted to get some info up here for everyone. FROM O'HARE: Take the Blue Line Train (follow signs in the...
  19. mandydollie

    Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking as a Consultant

    My possible 2nd recruit just told me that while being a consultant seems interesting she has a fear of talking in front of people!!! HELP!!!!! I told her that I do too (because I do) but that I always feel more like I'm talking with my friends than just trying to sell products. And that...
  20. pampered1224

    Fairs and Other "Public" Venues.

    I was just wondering! I do our state fair every year in August and have rarely gotten any real leads from this venture. I get lots of names but most just want a catalog and then I send them and then nothing. Not even an order. I do the follow up phone calls adn everything. Even the Free Show...
  21. C

    A Heartfelt 'Thank You' to Rita: A Stranger's Kindness

    Just wanted to publically thank Rita for the help she has given me. Rita doesn't know me at all, but (correctly) dedueced a problem I might be having based on some of my postings on this board. She took the time to call me, a stranger, just to help me out and offer a very useful suggestion...
  22. M

    How About a Park or Public Place?

    I thought about having a 'mystery host' party at a public park on a nice day. Get a few friends out, set up a picknick table and do demonstrations (of easy prep no bake goods, or at a park that has those bbq's next to the tables) Also buy a 'pampered chef' table cloth so all the...
  23. C

    Overcoming Public Speaking Fears in Direct Sales | Tips & Advice

    Hi all. I am in the beginning of my second starter month and have a terrible fear of kitchen shows! I am not a shy person, but I recently gave a speech for a business plan competition I was in (PC is a side biz to help fund my biz...I am starting another biz altogether) and although I did...