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    Public Thank You

    Just wanted to publically thank Rita for the help she has given me. Rita doesn't know me at all, but (correctly) dedueced a problem I might be having based on some of my postings on this board. She took the time to call me, a stranger, just to help me out and offer a very useful suggestion...
  2. M

    How About a Park or Public Place?

    I thought about having a 'mystery host' party at a public park on a nice day. Get a few friends out, set up a picknick table and do demonstrations (of easy prep no bake goods, or at a park that has those bbq's next to the tables) Also buy a 'pampered chef' table cloth so all the...
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    Public Speaking Woes

    Hi all. I am in the beginning of my second starter month and have a terrible fear of kitchen shows! I am not a shy person, but I recently gave a speech for a business plan competition I was in (PC is a side biz to help fund my biz...I am starting another biz altogether) and although I did...