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What is extra: Definition and 127 Discussions

  1. byrd1956

    Looking for a French Fry Cutter - Anyone Have an Extra to Sell?

    A customer has contacted me wanting to get a French Fry Cutter; she is disappointed she can't find it in the catalog. I don't want to get rid of mine and personally I wish they would have kept it in the catalog but come up with a way to keep the protective piece on. (I use a rubber band around...
  2. ritabenson

    Size Large and Extra Large Logo Wear

    I am looking for logo wear L or xl.... Please send me photos and prices shipping would be to 16350 please. :)
  3. C

    Extra Item Available - Free Shipping!

    For some reason I have an extra one of these. If someone wants it, it's yours. Just pay to have it shipped to yourself.
  4. C

    Fs Dots Collapsible Picnic Basket W/O Extra Insides

    I am selling this item. I have used it twice and really like it but have nowhere to store it. It is just the basket, not any of the extras that came with it, I gave those as a door prize. Please let me know if you are interested by email. [email protected]
  5. C

    Find a New Home for Extra DCB Lid!

    Somehow I ended up with an extra DCB lid. If anyone needs it and wants to pay shipping I would be happy to be rid of it!
  6. F

    What Are the Extra Slots for Bamboo Knife Set?

    So, I am about to use my saved PC bucks for the large Bamboo Knife set during my Kit Enhancement month. But question, what are all the empty slots for? I was debating on order the extra items that are missing but it looks like ALL, but the steak knives are included.
  7. K

    What Extra Items Do You Bring to Shows?

    I'm preparing for a show I have tomorrow night. It will be my 4th show overall, and my 2nd show outside of my home (I had 2 grand opening shows). With each show I do I learn a little bit more!It's been a few weeks since my last show, and my inventory of PC items has seriously increased since...
  8. minjoe_bri

    Help Needed: Extra HWC Pins for Fundraiser in August

    I placed an order for the HWC pins for a Fundraiser I am doing in August. I thought I place it for 3 bags of 10... I only placed it for 1 bag. Does anyone know where I might get some extra pins? Thank you.
  9. S

    8 Quart Stainless Mixing Bowl for a Customer. Anyone Have an Extra on

    8 Quart Stainless Mixing Bowl for a customer. Anyone have an extra on hand in your PC cupboard? Let me know. Thanks! Schel
  10. M

    Maximizing Extra Catalogs: Creative Uses and Solutions

    I have a big handful of extra catalogs from each season since Fall 2009. I'm trying to figure out what to do with them. I am saving a few of each, and I have cut some up for different posters I use (I have an example of what my "average" host earns with pictures). Any other ideas?
  11. V

    Extra Fall/Winter Catalogs Available

    I have 2-25ct packs of brand new (in plastic) Fall/Winter 2010 catalogs. Selling for $15ea + shipping or $25 for both+shipping.
  12. ChefCKHall

    Anyone in Phx With an Extra Chef Success Button?

    Of course, I procrastinated and was not sure if I would wear one....but....I WANT ONE NOW!
  13. babywings76

    Book Now & Get an Extra $15 in Products at Your Show!

    I did a booth where if people booked right then and there and held their show, they would get an extra $15 in products at the close of their show. For some very odd reason, my brain just isn't functioning correctly right now. How do I total things up for her? How should I calculate what I'm...
  14. D

    Need an Extra Pampered Chef Banner for My Fair Booth - Nov 13

    Is there anyone who have an extra PC banner? I'm having my first fair booth in November 13. Thank you.
  15. C

    Frequent Missing and Extra Orders: How is it Handled?

    Is this frequent? I am new to PC, my 30 days was up yesterday. I had an order that was missing one item. I filled out the form online and within days it was here. My host of my biggest show thus far, received the orders from her show and is missing 4 things, but received an extra garlic press...
  16. D

    Does Doing a Little Extra Really Make a Difference?

    I have just finished tying 150 baby spoons to 150 mini catalogues with ribbon for an Expecting Mother show I am doing next week. It took a couple of hours but I have the time, so that's ok with me. I guess I just wonder if I am doing too much sometimes. I needed to put together the giveaways...
  17. emiscookin

    Anyone Have an Extra Hwc Apron??

    I've seen lots of threads about this, but it seems like whatever offers were there are now taken. :( I joined PC a little too late to earn my HWC apron, but would LOVE to have one for my May shows!! Anyone have an extra one they would be willing to sell at a decent price to me? I saw one...
  18. NooraK

    Extra Donations to Hwc/Acs (Dave, Look Here!)

    I was chatting with RMDave in the ChatBox last night about his frustration over not being able to accept donations at his shows via credit card. John posted instructions to pull up the FAQ, and it mentions extra fundraising. There's this about credit cards: I'd set one up last year, but...
  19. S

    Funny Extra in Sample Box Yesterday

    I received my sample box yesterday (had to wait until March 31 to order). Anyways, I was unpacking it and saw something kinda grey. It was a glove. I thought it was so funny!! Someone at the warehouse is walking around with only 1 glove like Michael Jackson!!
  20. ShelbyMichalek

    Should I Offer Chair Massages at my Open House for Extra Attendance?

    I'm having my Spring Open House this weekend. I've sent invites to my whole customer base and LO100. I'm going to do a phone call to each of them that haven't already contacted me today and tomorrow. I was lying in bed last night, sleepless as I sometimes am, and thought of a great idea!! My...
  21. C

    Do You Have an Extra Tracker? I Need Your Help!

    Does anyone here have an extra tracker from last months Consultant news? I love to hang mine in the kitchen and have the kids help me track where we are, but my three year old tore mine into several pieces and I can't tape it back together. :cry: If you have one would you mind mailing it to...
  22. C

    Need an extra spot for your Disney trip? Contact me!

    I earned Level 2 Disney, trip for 4. We are a family of 3, and due to schedule conflicts for others, we will not be using our 4th ticket. Thought I'd put it out there for someone else who earned the trip and needs another spot for their child or relative, etc. Contact me via email to work...
  23. C

    Need an Extra Ticket to Disney? Earned a Free Trip but Can't Use All Tickets?

    I earned Level 2 Disney, trip for 4. We are a family of 3, and due to schedule conflicts for others, we will not be using our 4th ticket. Thought I'd put it out there for someone else who earned the trip and needs another spot for their child or relative, etc. Contact me via email to work...
  24. Rosebud

    New Consultant's Dilemma: Get Extra Supplies for Just $36

    I'm a new consultant Joined end of December. I got the flyer in my kit that lets me get extra supplies for just 36 dollars and i have 60 days to use it. My question is if I wait it use it until after the spring catalogs are available for sale will they send me the new spring/summer catalogs or...
  25. J

    What should I fill the extra slots in my knife block with?

    I am new, and I had an outside order for the knife block back in October. The customer later asked (through the host) why he had empty slots in his knife block. I assumed it must be for the steak knives and maybe the carving set. Is that right? The info. says that there are 16 slots, leaving...
  26. NooraK

    Troubleshooting Icontact: Extra Lines in Newsletter Preview | TT Help Forum

    Hi Joy! I wanted to post here in case anyone else is experiencing the same issue and might have insight. I use the functionality on TT to download my newsletter into iContact, and then go edit it. What is happening is this: each time I save, or switch over to "Preview" and back, extra...
  27. J

    Questions for Earning Disney: Dining Plan & Extra Tickets

    Ok, so, I've earned (once the system updates tomorrow) Disney!!!!! Wahooo! But, I have a few questions. Is there a way we'll be able to purchase the dining plan????? That is the cheapest way to eat when you stay down there, so, I'd really like to get in on it. I'm pretty sure you have to...
  28. B

    Yesss, the Extra Touch Pays off

    I'm doing the happy dance. I had an HO lead online order this summer for $165 incl. the DCB. Thankfully she provided an address and e-mail. I sent the DCB baker recipes along with a note saying "next time you want to order over $150, let me know and you'll get a discount" and I added her to my...
  29. kcmckay

    Mystery Host With the Extra Host Specials

    So we are house hunting and a recipe tasting or open house of sorts just isn't a good idea. So to earn my October incentives from my director I've decided to do a Mystery Host show and my own catalog show. I want the knives too!:D My question is this though since there are 3 levels for the host...
  30. pc_jessica

    What Should I Do with These Extra Items in My Shipment?

    okay so i mentioned yesterday that i sort my host's items and then deliever them to my host...well i got an order in today and sorted it...at the end of sorting i have some things left over...(i of course went back through all order forms, and P3 to make sure I packed bags right) however these...