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What is banner: Definition and 53 Discussions

  1. Margaret Raitt

    Garden Flags, Aprons, Banner, Charms, Cards & More

    I sold PC for 12 years and have a lot of items that current consultants might want. Aprons Garden flags T-shirts with logo Vinyl banner for events More... Please inquire and I will take pictures. Need to know interest first.
  2. Mcarlsen49079

    Iso Table Runner or Table Cloth and Banner

    If anyone has any they are looking to sell please email me [email protected] thanks!
  3. PChefAdriel

    Affordable Banners: Get Quality Without Breaking the Bank

    looking for a banner, but not looking to spend too much. Thank you :)
  4. pcTracey

    What Business Supplies Do You Need for The Pampered Chef?

    Hey y'all! I'm semi-new to the company and I'm looking for a few items to use at my parties/vendor events! Let me know what you have! Below is just a few examples of things I am looking to buy!Banners and Signs Recipe Cards Anything to use for giveaways Catalogs Table Cloth/Runner Pens Money Bag
  5. C

    Iso Pampered Chef Table Cloth, Runner or Banner

    New Consultant ISO table cloth, runner or banner to use for vendor shows. Really like the one pictured here. I'm located in Central VA. Thank you!Catherine
  6. Michelle Hebert-Voudren

    Iso Tablecloth, Banner, Runner, Etc

    I am new to TPC and am looking to start vendor events. Does anyone have items for sale to create a great looking table?
  7. L

    Need a Banner and Tablecloth for Vendor Events?

    In search of a banner and tablecloth for vendor events.
  8. K

    Looking for Booth Items? Anyone Selling Unused Iso Tablecloths, Banners, Etc?

    I am looking for items to help my booth. Anyone who has stopped being a consultant or just doesn't need them? I would LOVE to have them...will pay :)
  9. N

    Pampered Chef Banner Needed ASAP - Can Pay Tomorrow!

    If you have a PC banner, any style I need one for next weekend. Can pay tomorrow if you can ship no later than Monday. Thanks in advance!!
  10. C

    Looking for a Pampered Chef Banner for Just $10?

    This is the light blue banner Merrill had. Just $10 plus shipping, I'm cleaning out!!!!! Let me know!
  11. esavvymom

    Attaching the Banner to a Skirted Table??

    Any suggestions on how to best do that? We have a half-booth (no walls - just half-walls that are skirted), and then two tables. I wanted to put my cranberry banner on the outside of one table. It is skirted. The "walls" aren't very stable, so I don't want to even utilize that. How do you...
  12. P

    Troubleshooting: Changing Facebook Page Profile Pic to February Banner

    I am trying to change my Page's profile pic to the February banner but it keeps saying "pick something closer to a square" Anyone know how to fix this? It worked before!
  13. winklermom

    Iso New Apron, Banner, Tablecloth

    I would like to purchase the new, black apron, a banner that is still in good condition and a cloth tablecloth (not vinyl). If you have any of these items, please email [email protected] TIA!
  14. aried

    Krista's December Profile Banner: Showcase Your Business with Style!

    saw that Krista had this on her business page. Thanks for sharing.
  15. higoobs

    How Can You Hang a Banner at a Booth Without Damaging the Tablecloth?

    I just got my Merril cranberry Banner today and I was wondering if anyone had a creative way to hang in front of the table without poking holes into the table cloth. Is there anyway of using it on the table cloth as it hangs over the front? (velcro, to sided tape. etc...?) What has worked well...
  16. C

    Interested in a Pampered Chef Banner for Sale?

    I am reposting this because apparently the sale fell through. If you are interested, I am asking $15 plus shipping. Please just let me know. I do have paypal if that helps! Thanks!
  17. C

    For Sale: Light Blue Vinyl Pampered Chef Banner - $15 + Shipping

    This is the light blue vinyl PC Banner for sale. I am asking $15 plus shipping. Let me know if you are interested! I do have paypal so I can ship it as soon as it is paid for.
  18. C

    forSale Pampered Chef Vinyl Banner

    I have a Pampered Chef banner to use for booths or fairs for sale. Checking to see what price I should ask.
  19. alabama pc cons.

    Looking for a Pampered Chef Banner?

    I have a perfect condition banner for sale..... $20.00 plus $5.00 shipping... Email me at [email protected]....
  20. NooraK

    Is Pampered Chef Taking Over the Internet?

    Is it just me, or have y'all been seeing more banner ads on websites for PC? I just saw one today on Etiquette Hell, and it actually keeps coming back for me even when I close and re-open the page: Things Aren’t Always As They Seem
  21. vanscootin

    forSale: Logo Banner Never Used

    Hey all. I am selling my Logo Banner... It's never been used and has been folded up in my closet since I bought it. It retails from Merrill for $18.95. I'm asking $15.00 which includes the shipping.
  22. D

    Need an Extra Pampered Chef Banner for My Fair Booth - Nov 13

    Is there anyone who have an extra PC banner? I'm having my first fair booth in November 13. Thank you.
  23. T

    Fs: Pampered Chef Merrill Banner

    This Banner says... The Pampered Chef Welcomes You! This is brand new... never used! I'm asking $18, plus shipping. It will be shipped in a tube, so I can't imagine it would be too expensive. Thanks. [/IMG]
  24. ChefJWarren

    Fs: Tote, Apron, Banner, Misc Supplies

    *UPDATED* 11/1/10 I need to sell this stuff!! Knife Case $10 - Never Used PC Merrill Banner $15 - Never used (Shipping $8) **SOLD** Wedding Shower invites $1 - 1 pkg+ Chocolate Bliss Cooking Show Invites $.50 - 1 pkg Misc Notecards and Envelopes $.50 - older styles PC Money Bag $3 PC...
  25. sluna75

    Looking for Pampered Chef Banner

    Exciting new! I was contacted today by a local church whose secretary had a copy of my catalog. They wanted to know if I would be interested in setting up a booth at their bizarre next month. "Absolutely!" I said. This comes at a perfect time because I was just telling my husband how I would...
  26. Kenzie09

    Iso Large Pampered Chef Banner & Binder

    Title says it all. The Binder I'm talking about is a leather one that says Pampered Chef on the outside. I know my recruiter has one and it looks very nice and professional looking. If you could message me if your interested in selling with a price, it'd be greatly appreciated :] :chef...
  27. C

    Help Me Create a Catchy Slogan for My Email Signature Banner!

    I was hoping some of you creative and wordy people could give me a hand with something. I'm trying to create an animated banner to be put in my email siggy. It will have a few pictures of some of our products and I need a catchy slogan for it. thats where I'm drawing a blank. I'd appreciate any...
  28. babywings76

    Vista Print Banner and Yard Sign

    I took a picture of these to share since a few people were curious about the quality. I'm sorry about the look of the banner. I had it rolled up and so it's still has the bumps in it. I took a picture of the corner of it, so you can see how on mine some barcode thing got printed on it...